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Casper Blaauw
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Sept. 24, 2015
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Oct. 16
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Two lead problems
With only 2 spades i think you should have leaded a club anyway.
Double-Barreled Assign the Blame
Might be better to play 4 as Majors and 4 as diamonds + a major. So 4-p-4(ask the major)-p-4 and now west has a huge hand. He should move to 6 atleast.
EBL Convicts Fisher-Schwartz
Han, I am sure most people will sometimes do unethical stuff when the wrong circumstances are there. Thats a light form of cheating. The heavy stuff like FN, PS, BL, BZ and FS for example did i am not so sure off.
You Judge - The Whole "Whole Story"?
Kit, So you think Ted Bundy was innocent because he was very intelligent? Just because he intelligent he will think for sure that he can gey away with it. 4+5 I think the EOC got it right, but they didnt make a mistake big enough for the BOD to ...
Statement from legal counsel for Fantoni/Nunes
Thats why there should be laws for what a lawyer cant do in defence.
You Judge - The Whole "Whole Story"?
I think they kept their 3 + 1 at the other table. I am not sure how the pro's reaction was when they found out. Maybey MP didnt tell them.
Statement from legal counsel for Fantoni/Nunes
He must be the only one that thinks they are not guilty after seeing the video's:)
An "offbeat incident"
Hi Gary, I cant wait for your article and what you have found out what happened.
An "offbeat incident"
I think it wasnt the Germans who bombed Pearl Harbor!
How would you rule as director
East passes only once, for West there is not much to gain if 2 is realy that strong so East has to have a minimum.

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