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Cathy Chua
Cathy Chua
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Aug. 5, 2011
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March 24
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm an Australian living in Switzerland and consequently my bridge is on hold. I learned bridge in Adelaide while at uni and as I've moved around: for the Interstate championships, I've played on the Open team for SA, Victoria and NSW, winning in the case of Vic and NSW. Also played on the Women's team for those three States, winning on the SA and NSW teams. Best in the Open Juniors was second. I have largely declined to play women's bridge, but have played on the Australian women's team a co


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing the Italians in the NOT final.
Bridge Accomplishments
Many Australian Open and Women's titles.
Favorite Tournaments
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
BZ match against Turkey EBTC 2014. Crowd-source volunteers wanted to watch videos and record gestures.
Is there something I'm not getting here? I see that hands are observable with the screen open and therefore the direction of a card placed on the table, but unless that hole's been made a large amount bigger than it used to be (when I last played with ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
In Adelaide around 1984 Sue Lusk (from memory) organised strong invitational event(s) which were run to permit any system to be played so that those in Adelaide interested in Regres and FPR had somewhere to play. But mostly in Australia in that period lots of us let anybody play ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Having gained my education at the strongest rubber school in the world, the system was splendidly natural bidding, you really got an idea how to use judgement in place of science. Simply structured yes, poorly executed no. Many's the time we'd have duplicate experts ride into town thinking ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Ping Hu "Suppose you just invented a game called chess (thinking this was a century ago). You have a rule that said white first move has to be e4 and black e5. You limit what opening player could play...." This whole comment is most elegantly put, Ping. I would add ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Wish I could like this comment more than once, Monty!
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Paul Elstein: "Where is the evidence that young people are turned off from bridge because of the lack of innovation? First of all they would have had to play for a while at a relatively high level before they would even be aware of this." You will find in this ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Mike Nelson: "I agree with the spirit of this, but the chess analogy is not apt. Neither the Giouco Piano nor the Sicilian Dragon have any recognition in the laws of chess" That is precisely the point, Mike. They don't. Could have but don't. The Laws of Bridge ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Dave Kresh: "Most folks think in terms of very light bids to apply pressure. That is very reasonable, but not the only way to apply pressure. We play strong 1 level bids (been called Stone Age) and intermediate 2 bids. Most of these bids are stronger than their 2/1 ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
John Uchida: "There was a NYT article from 2005 that estimated 25 million people know how to play bridge in the USA. There are < 200K ACBL members so home bridge is still king. I don't know how they determined that 25M number as that sounds very high to me ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
I was once playing an international tournament of no particular consequence - the Commonwealth - when this also happened. An opponent complained during a match that we were playing an illegal method and we were forced to change. The method was that opening at the two level showed a limited but values ...

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