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Cenk Tunçok
Cenk Tunçok
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Jan. 19, 2011
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15 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

I'm a bridge professional from Boston, MA area. I currently offer teaching and playing services online or live at nationwide or international events. I also work as a part-time software engineer.

Feel free to inquire or just say hi! :) I do my best to reply quickly.

United States

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Karen McCallum, Sam Dinkin
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Amesbury Duplicate Bridge Club
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Gold Life Master
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Odd-Even Discards
I didn't quite see the discarding issue with spade spots. Wouldn't it have been much more practical and helpful for East to start his discards with Q of diamonds and follow with 10 once partner discards a diamond on the second trump? That gets spades in the picture ...
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334. just saw this. good luck with the grant.
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: AK T KQJ73 AKQ53
I am not going to be able to bid my 2 suiter and make a healthy decision between 2S and 3N after opening 2C if partner bids 2H. And I won't worry about the hands partner would bid 2D GF since he likely would not pass over 1D, given ...
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: AK43 AKT4 A K985
I'd probably open 2C and then bid 2N, at least give it a higher chance of finding a 4-4 major fit on hands partner might pass 2NT and certainly might pass 1C
What should the defense be?
from partner's point of view this hand s/b real simple w/e signals you play. If all you play is std attitude then you'd think outside the box a little and encourage diamonds since it's obvious a return rates to be terrible, looking at 2 ...
What should the defense be?
Partner can put you off the OS suit @ T1 just so you would cash out, regardless of his holding in the suit you led. I don't know the hand but partner looking at Kx, K, and 4-5 small diamonds would be a very good example
What should the defense be?
fwiw, I used to have a problem with the definition of OS in the past. After some discussion we used: - I can stand the obvious shift - I can NOT stand the obvious shift It often helped the decision when you constructed hands for partner and tried to decide how you ...
What should the defense be?
I currently play SP as primary signal however, one of the basic agreements I used to have with KTM when we played obv shift was: 1. dummy's source of tricks can never be the OS 2. dummy's shortness can never be the OS they were not the only ...
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: A92 A54 Q2 AKQ73
Imho 2N or w/e upgrade available from 18-19 balanced description is clear-cut. Final contract does not have to be 3NT even though will be majority of the time. I also have a great hand for either 4M with Axx, a side A and a running side suit. Having 7 ...
Adam Grossack's bidding problem: KQ732 KT72 A A98
"strong sound-bidder partner" swung my vote to 2NT Adam. I was worried about implying no stopper in diamonds. Since partner is "sound" 3NT might still be a pretty nice contract which might be harder to get to over 3C

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