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Charles Bennett
Charles Bennett
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Sept. 2, 2012
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June 8
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bridge player

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Dave Westfall - Charlie Bennett
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Warren Watson - Charlie Bennett
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David Corn - Charlie Bennett
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Highest Opening Bid You've Ever Made or Witnessed?
6 with only 12 cards makes on a bad claim.
Is it Restricted Choice?
When you look at a-priori odds, you don't have to play the "cut in half" trick. I find it far more intuitive, others may differ. Looking at a-priori odds, we treat the card as H, and don't care if it's a Jack or a Ten.
Alerting a Stolen Bid
If a double of a suit shows a specific suit, but not that suit it should absolutely be alerted. I wholeheartedly support John Adams' attempt to eliminate 'Stolen Bids' from our club!
Continuation of "First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey"
I played against a convicted cheater in New Orleans in 1983 or 1984 in his first National event after two years off. It was disgusting.
Matthew Campbell's bidding problem: 872 AKQT932 --- AK2
Don't want to give opponents free bidding space over 2D. Will bid 4D followed by 5D.
What is your bidding plan?
Nothing other than 1C then 1NT appeals. Not good enough to shade a reverse on this possible misfit.
Established Revoke?
I would have gotten this right, but the law makes it clear that no acceptance of the play from the wrong hand by the opponents is necessary to constitute a revoke.
Paul Lewis's bidding problem: AKJ98 KJ8763 6 7
Hard to conceive of any hand that can bid 2NT and not have a play for 5H, so I trot out RKC.
My first solos as director
John, thanks so much for filling in. I am sure you are a natural.
Hand from Reisinger
I would clearly bid without the UI and clearly pass with it.

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