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Charles Blair
Charles Blair
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Oct. 12, 2015
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Jan. 4
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Dogged participant in Richard Pavlicek's monthly competitions.
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Defensive carding: "let declarer tell me what he has". General principle: "The most effective sign-off is `pass'."
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> I have a copy of it, foolscap typescript with corrections Thank you. Just to make sure: both the sentence about "maladministration" and the sentence about dropping R and S after a match against Ireland are part of this letter?
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Harrison-Gray's "All Sponsors" letter sounds interesting. Can you provide a reference?
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> -he did tell Jane and myself that after both he and Schapiro were dead there was a document that would be published, all I know was that it never happened. After Reese's death, David Rex-Taylor reported that Reese, subject to a secrecy condition, told D R-T that he and ...
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> That section of Truscott's book is no more than a farrago of tittle-tattle and gossip, supported by zero hard evidence. It is a matter of record that Reese and Schapiro were originally selected as members of the 1950 team to compete in the European Championship, and that this decision ...
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> The reason for the last question is that, according to Bobby Wolf and other sources, the WBF Executive Committee was already in possession of copies of the tape by early May at the latest From page 201 of THE LONE WOLFF: "... after reading an English transcription of the tapes, Jimmy ...
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> I don't like the argument "world class players know when there is cheating" we have heard over the course of this presentation If the letter as described was sent, I find it significant because of the specific people involved. Crawford and Stone had a great deal of experience playing ...
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> In 1956 GB won and the first rumours about Reese and Schapiro began t circulate Reese and Schapiro were suspected of cheating by some English experts before the 1955 world championship. See Truscott's THE GREAT BRIDGE SCANDAL
Double Dummy problem 6N
Help Wanted CEO ad for the ACBL
"demure" ?
Conditional probabilities and Bayes' Theorem
In THE EXPERT GAME (also published as MASTER PLAY) Terence Reese says Alan Truscott wrote about Restricted Choice in an article in "the early 50's".
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