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Charles Blair
Charles Blair
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Oct. 12, 2015
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July 4
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Bridge Accomplishments
Dogged participant in Richard Pavlicek's monthly competitions. Life Master (USA) after 50+ years.
Favorite Conventions
Defensive carding: "let declarer tell me what he has". General principle: "The most effective sign-off is `pass'."
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Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
I can't log into bridgebase
Thanks to everyone for their quick responses (I could have e-mailed the BridgeBase people, but got lazy). I'm pretty sure Peiyush Jain is correct about the cached old url and look forward to trying the fix he suggests.
Martin Hoffman 1929-2018
I never met Hoffmann or Markus, but I have a hard time believing that Rixi could make such a mistake, unless perhaps she was in poor health at the time.
Debate on Fast Arrival
I actually lied. My hand was AQx x AKxxx KQxx. Perhaps I should have rebid 2 instead of 3. I passed partner's jump to 5, and was relieved to find we were off two aces. For what it's worth, another "Fast Arrival" experience ...
Debate on Fast Arrival
Thanks to Paulo Blum, Henry Sun, Tom Peters and everyone else. I did not remember the Bridge World article exactly, but I had the exact auction cited by Henry: 1-1-3-5 (guessed partner had a minimum but was unhappy), which led me to post the question.
Comments on the CAS Report
In the third-from-last paragraph, should "(or maybe in later opening leads)" be "(or maybe in later leads)", i.e., leads after trick one?
Showing the Joker
> I have a copy of it, foolscap typescript with corrections Thank you. Just to make sure: both the sentence about "maladministration" and the sentence about dropping R and S after a match against Ireland are part of this letter?
Showing the Joker
Harrison-Gray's "All Sponsors" letter sounds interesting. Can you provide a reference?
Showing the Joker
> -he did tell Jane and myself that after both he and Schapiro were dead there was a document that would be published, all I know was that it never happened. After Reese's death, David Rex-Taylor reported that Reese, subject to a secrecy condition, told D R-T that he and ...
Showing the Joker
> That section of Truscott's book is no more than a farrago of tittle-tattle and gossip, supported by zero hard evidence. It is a matter of record that Reese and Schapiro were originally selected as members of the 1950 team to compete in the European Championship, and that this decision ...
Showing the Joker
> The reason for the last question is that, according to Bobby Wolf and other sources, the WBF Executive Committee was already in possession of copies of the tape by early May at the latest From page 201 of THE LONE WOLFF: "... after reading an English transcription of the tapes, Jimmy ...

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