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Oct. 12, 2015
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Nov. 22
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Dogged participant in Richard Pavlicek's monthly competitions. Life Master (USA) after 50+ years.
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Defensive carding: "let declarer tell me what he has". General principle: "The most effective sign-off is `pass'."
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Three-card major suit openings by Jais and Trezel
My impression is that Sims often played high-stakes rubber bridge. Perhaps he encountered Meredith on a visit to England.
Three-card major suit openings by Jais and Trezel
PS. I'm aware that this pair used a canape style, so comparison with other pairs is not relevant.
Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl
In THE GREAT BRIDGE SCANDAL, Alan Truscott says that he was keeping knowledge of the Reese-Schapiro accusation confidential while covering the 1965 Bowl for the NY TImes, his editors used a story from another source that was "so inaccurate that it later became the basis for legal proceedings in England ...
Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl
If the Times is right, neither Stone nor any other player was the first to complain about showing hands to spectators. Thanks for this.
Jump minor rebid in 2/1
Thanks to all who responded to what seems to have been a foolish poll. In my brief examination of one of Max Hardy's books, it seemed to me to fall short of the level of detail in "Kaplan-Sheinwold Updated" or in Richard Pavlicek's notes on his version of ...
Avarelli's Pass
Perhaps relevant is an early deal from the 1974 Bowl. Kehela opened 1, Forquet overcalled 2 on a hand with AJxxx, xxx and about 15 HCP. Murray made an agressive jump to 4. Bianchi raised to 5 with two aces and xxx for a terrible ...
Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl
Thanks. It seems the Argentine comeback started in round 5. In another post (I think yours) the high-profile confrontation with Stone was described as occurring in round 7.
Prelude to Bermuda Bowl-1959
See my article "Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl"
Prelude to Bermuda Bowl-1959
I'm working from memory of a Bridge World article whose main point was conditions of contest that encouraged deliberately losing matches or indvidual hands. I think this related to the 1958 Bowl, apologies if I'm mistaken. Italy had built up leads against USA and Argentina. The conditions of ...
The disappearing evening club game
Perhaps, for some clubs, active involvement in arranging car pools, might help with the drive-at-night problem.

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