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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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Alas, no time to play in several years. 

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In another part of the forest
Declarer will ruff high, but meanwhile Michael's hope that declarer learns clubs are 2=7 comes true. Therefore declarer, having played 8 from 108x on the first round, will be equipped to play East for 9 singleton and run the 10. However, when I sat East hand declarer's ...
Play problem in 4!S
If LHO is short in pulling 3 trumps & finessing the 2nd round of usually works. If RHO is short in I don't see a line that usually works unless RHO errs -- e.g. A, to dummy, off & a 3-trump RHO can collect 2 ruffs ...
Interview with Jill Meyers
Terrific conversation Jill & Oren; nice mix of non-bridge. I wonder why it is that I agree with Jill's postscript. It's related to believing that Oren is particularly good at thinking -- I get that part. But then what?
Buffett's & Gate's World View
"*Fortunately* for so many" -- please!
Decidedly a most unusual hand.
How can East withhold the K at trick 1? At best it would not be clear to East how it gains, or to be so confident that West would not lead from the Q or even (assuming West has K9x...) the J8x... . Even if East has all the kings, from ...
Decidedly a most unusual hand.
We must play first, before they can attack the dummy entry - claim 6 if break or 10 drops. If not, we're still ok with finesses if it's Kxx or shorter onside. (If are held by East, an alternative to consider is a red suit ...
Defensive thoughts?
Yes, exactly as you say: AKJ10, Q109x, xx, Kxx. But I'm missing your point about the exact spade holding. Rodwell played a club, then stuck in the 9 on the 3rd round of clubs. Still wondering if he had a plot.
Defensive thoughts?
West-East are Hamman & Bramley. 2 was alerted; assume Drury. Your carding agreements are omitted because the VuGraph operator commented that he wasn't sure of the spots.
How do you respond to this question?
It's not very tedious, it's "pretty tedious." For most people, up to and including the PhD level in number theory, needing the result of 7x17 in the midst of a conversation or speech will be a noticeable hiccup.
How do you respond to this question?
Not as useful for me because while I know instantly which suits are red and even which ones are majors, it takes me effort to piece together which suits are "rounded". Note that for the purpose of distinguishing hearts and spades, "rounded" and "pointed" are horrible terms. If I start ...

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