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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 

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Experiment for master thesis
In science I think it's optional, English or native language, but I look forward to authoritative answers from Dutch & others. Of course in Holland & other small European countries English is no problem. This week I happened to call an Amsterdam business for some information. A man answered in (I ...
A Robot Compromise
Dan's idea solves the problem with the present dealing method while roughly achieving the same objective. The present method is apparently to deal 4 hands then rotate them to give the human the best hand, thus providing the human with an offensively interesting hand but unfortunately perverting the game ...
Plan your play16
Straightforward: A, to the K. Assuming it loses & a is returned, ruff. Next to the A, back to the Q, and guess the . Making if run or 3-2. Down if 4-0 (probably) or if 3 trump losers plus a diamond. If West followed J ...
Papi is back!
"Not even close" reminds me of the disclaimer of a fellow symposium attendee, a small slightly built man, when several of us confessed his appearance reminded us of Woody Allen. "No, I don't look like him at all," he objected, but then qualified, "Well, I suppose if you put ...
Papi is back!
With Italians it's not straightforward to know if they have a doctorate. In my experience their business cards always say Dr., exactly the same whether doctorate or not.
Papi is back!
Garozzo looks like the one on the left.
Which card do you discard?
With Ax declarer might usefully pitch a club if we don't get busy, other than that there's little to gain. If partner has 4 hearts declarer can't both enjoy the 4th spade and ruff a club. Anyway why place declarer with the A?
Was thought process wrong
The options seem purposely written to not encompass all possibilities. I'm ok with pass and 4 as the only choices, but adding the condition about 4 is gratuitous. I would bid 4 planning to play , not to pass 4NT which would be bid with xx.
Thought processes?
If the K is wrong, why not play the same way? A and hope 3 ruffs brings down the J. That's nominally 50+% for the J times nearly 80% for the finesse - about 3/7 chance given the K wrong. Net of 60% assuming that the opening lead ...
Thought processes?
Granted that "we had only 21 hcp" is, by itself, a poor reason not to bid slam. But citing it gives this reader the impression that you are using it as evidence that all excuses not to bid the slam are poor.

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