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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 


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I thought the point of problem 2 was to duck the A. I don't know if it's a good play but it would be necessary if declarer held KQ76x, AQx, x, KQJx in order to deny declarer the 2nd entry to dummy to strip West of s and ...
A mistake made against me (or, how do we teach counting and inference)?
With xx and QJxx declarer would not finesse into the danger hand. Declarer has several combinations adding to 9 tricks without extra diamonds.
A mistake made against me (or, how do we teach counting and inference)?
Partner's defense makes sense with AK109xx. With A and A1098... a second underlead is more likely.
A declarer play poll
By the way Craig, doesn't the play line described in your post (cashing the K before leading the J) also fail against East's Q109872, x, 108xx, xx?
A declarer play poll
Partly true about the 6142 hand - I overlooked the squeeze chance. Nonetheless I did give a logical reason to discount that distribution. I did not overlook your claim in the OP that we cannot read anything into the opponents spots. I simply do not buy the legitimacy of such a ...
A declarer play poll
I ruff but I think it's a shade better to cash A,Q before the A. When LHO fails on the trump, the K is quite safe and I expect to see LHO's 2. If so that confirms my analysis that RHO having no heart void and no ...
A declarer play poll
You overlooked the 2 bid.
How do you play the diamonds?
I thought writing a correct formula might get the conversation on track. Why did you offer a couple of incorrect ones?
How do you play the diamonds?
5/8 = 38.43/61.57
Play 6NT
Mike, you are right that I ignored the information from LHO's choice of suit to lead. I was aware of that and other artificialities of my calculation but, given paying tasks elsewhere on my desk I wasn't motivated to get tedious. Andrew -- close. The 44% occurred because I ...

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