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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 

United States of America

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Grand Nationals 3/4 (1975), Crockfords Cup 1st (1970)
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1NT is tough to defend
I'm a little surprised that declarer didn't lead the 8 to the second round of the suit. Admittedly it's unlikely to matter but it seems natural if declarer had Q 10 and 7, especially if 5 long. Who knows, North might cover from AJ9x. That's a ...
Your Trick 1 Play
Of course the J can't be necessary to prevent a blockage -- on the contrary it causes a blockage if partner has KQ10 (posssible?). But did consider whether the J would be helpful to save a partner who has led from KQ104 from fearing a Bath coup. In the end ...
Best Line in this Slam- and can you reconstruct the defenders hands.
How about K, J, K, H!A, Q discarding 8, 7 (keeping the diamonds intact). Maybe there's some edge to gain by not leading the 4th trump if not necessary but I don't see it. to J loses, win A, A, A. Then ruff leaves x ...
What is the Best line in 6NT?
If all follow to two rounds of clubs I suspect 43% can be refined. I have in mind that defenders probably do not randomize the play of the top card from Jxx or 10xx as they theoretically should because the situation has not been widely discussed. Among other things, even ...
What a lot of discards
Frances - I agree that declarer can make the heart play at trick 2, but if declarer has a spade (regardless whether it is the K or not) for a dummy entry, what's wrong with postponing the play? (Of course if holding -- Kxx solid J, declarer would make ...
What a lot of discards
South's discarding seems reasonable to me. From South's point of view declarer might have remaining K Kx x in which case declarer's obvious continuation is overtake the K and lead toward the K, down 1 on South's actual carding.
Pop History: Goren remembers Somerset Maugham (Sports Illustrated, January 17, 1966)
A very nice column. Goren's rendition of trumping Maugham's ace implies, but does not state, that he mucked up the defense. It looks to me that he is being gallant. 4 still should have been beat, shouldn't it? As near as I can make out, the ...
Name this squeeze
It's certainly a [i]variant[/i] of a strip squeeze, but not your everyday strip squeeze. It's novel to me. The same position but no trumps would be just another strip squeeze. The fact of trumps seems to me an extra element. To make that feeling concrete I ...
How do you play this slam?
(Quibbling) 44.5% is close but 51% for the A line seems low. The K drops in 2 of 32 combinations, or in effect 1 of 32 combinations in which the finesse loses. That's nearly 3% in addition to the 50% chance for the finesse.
Nickell vs. Lall - Last Board
Yes, that clearly answers my first question. Given Rodwell's actual hand isolating the heart threat looks like suicide. And it follows that the failure to continue a low heart should not fool declarer -- declarer should be credited with seeing the straightforward real reason(s) behind switching. Now I'm ...

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