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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 

United States of America

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Grand Nationals 3/4 (1975), Crockfords Cup 1st (1970)
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Active ethics: A Step too Far?
If the laws were silent about obligation to reveal ones revoke, I can understand that there could be an argument that "the spirit of the laws" are to reveal the revoke. But when the laws explicitly say there is no such obligation, asserting an obligation by "the spirit of the ...
What is the result of this claim?
"has to ruff high in dummy to avoid three off" Does it even help? Defense took the first 4 tricks. Now A, A ruffed -- down 2 so far. A ruffed with dummy's J, perhaps generously we allow the finesse & pulling trumps ending in hand, leaving only KQ4 1098 ...
Jay Whipple District 9 Elected President 2018
Congrats Jay. Glad to hear it.
Play in 1NT
You seem to concede upthread that Schmidt's argument, which you take as definitive, is based on nothing more than whether partner is more or less than 50% to have tripleton support, an argument founded on numerous simplistic assumptions. Clearly that closes the issue for you but it will convince ...
Play in 1NT
I agree that comparing these very different cases is a futile argument. Nonetheless I'll compare them to argue opposite from your view. Roughly speaking the chance of a 5-2 fit is about the same, around 1/3, in both cases (transfer over 1NT, or bid 1 then 2 ...
Play in 1NT
Interesting. I calculate that opener having three hearts is a 2:1 favorite assuming (a) Opener never raises on 3, (b) Never rebids 1NT with a singleton, (c) hasn't four spades. Those assumptions (especially a & b) are probably more true in some parts of the world than others. But ...
Claim Rules
Kit, I made several points, of varying vagueness, so I'm not sure which you refer to as a vague example. The first few are about rules complications. I think that by introducing this new concept of blind bridge (to settle claims), you open Pandora's box for needing to ...
Grade this call II
I don't take "down 1 is good bridge" to mean always overbid by a trick.
Claim ruling poll
Did the same thing happen with Billy Eisenberg as claimant? I thought I recalled Albert Morehead or possibly Edgar Kaplan employing the same sarcastic line.
Tell Me I'm Right
Perhaps it was. Strangely I was struck by a similar possible humorously intended sleight of hand - subtly "forcing" the notion that it shows a stopper - but I overlooked the similar trick of 4-point ranges.

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