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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 

United States of America

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Grand Nationals 3/4 (1975), Crockfords Cup 1st (1970)
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Overtrick guess
Alan - Double dummy 11 tricks are easy (after ducking trick 2) as you're vulnerable in three suits. For example declarer can throw you in with either minor to endplay you in . If instead you win trick 2, of course declarer can never try both for the squeeze and ...
Overtrick guess
If declarer is QJxxx, Kxx, Axx, J9 you'll probably never take another trick (minor suit squeeze) and even if holding KJx declarer might guess a winning line rather than the losing finesse. What was the layout that your club return cost a trick?
Overtrick guess
A club seems obvious as it is necessary if partner has the obvious Ax and declarer the likely A and KQ. Even if deeper study finds some theoretical layouts where the club return is wrong I don't see how that would sway the choice. Ok - If, at the table ...
Bridge is a sport. What else? by José Damiani
"Duplicate bridge is unquestionably a sport. What else? There is no alternative view surely" is the best argument in the piece. Everything else is a rambling masquerade of reason; this at least is a pithy masquerade of reason. (Edited for blatancy.)
You be the Judge
This thread lost me at the mention of 800 as I do not see how that result is supposed to happen. If the line of play under discussion is the table line through the first 6 tricks (A, to West, ruffed, to East), then it ...
Bundesliga jewel: Bridge over broken hearts
Good article. I like the writing.
You be the Judge
It's a bit harsh to say that in finding matchpoint redemption of -300 when -1400 was in the cards, declarer played "terribly".
You be the Judge
I considered the suit preference implication of the J but still blamed mostly East (because of not unblocking clubs). I just don't think it's wise to place total reliance on exact spots, i.e. on signals. From West's point of view, mightn't it be just slightly ...
Bidding disaster
2 is too delicate. The 2 bid obliged 3 and 3 on momentum and now 3NT is unreachable. Granted it's not desirable but only because no game is; imagine West with a little more. My choice is 2. Then if I next bid 3NT ...
Declarer problem
The 8 (from remaining K986) almost surely denies the K. Without the Q that leaves West with Qxx,Ax,K1098xx,Qx if East found the low club exit from 10x, and even less if not -- hence more of a 2 opener, if that's an option, than 1 ...

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