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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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Alas, no time to play in several years. 


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Sportsmanlike dumping???
Other: Even though it's strategically correct I wouldn't "dump". However I also wouldn't play my hardest in this match. I kibbitzed the world championships in about 1989 I think. It was in Seattle. The French team was in a position where it would be beneficial to lose ...
Tricky grand
K at trick 2 is safe unless East found a pass and a wily spot play from QJ10xxxx. That allows a discard in order to ruff the 1st round of clubs, protecting against the small chance of a singleton with West.
Kantar Wins 2017 Lazard Sportsmanship Award
Well deserved recognition. Using his quick wit if necessary, Eddie always finds a way to enhance the enjoyment of everyone around him.
A Haunting Combination
Low to the J gains when East has Q10xx but running the J gains against the same holdings with West plus more. So it must be better. If the J is covered I'd finesse again since while Q10x and Qxx are equally likely to be dealt, Q10x seems more ...
Which Way
I dislike using "overbid" to mean "exaggeration". If it was once a witticism, through endless repetition (and worse - seemingly obligatory repetition) it is now thoroughly worn out.
Diving Duck Blues Played with Finesse
If LHO plays an honor, run the 9. It's inferior to the diamond finesse against LHO's AJ10(x) and the diamond is onside. It's superior against LHO's AJ, A10, J, or 10 with the diamond offside. (Against other lies they can't cash two spades so ...
Setting the record straight: the French pair did it
Magnus, thanks for the fascinating insight into Borel. Somehow it never occurred to me connect Borel who authored the bridge book with Borel sets. However now I've looked him up and see a small mystery. He produced a handful of PhD students until 1920 (and there are a quite ...
Trump guess?
I wasn't figuring that West asked about the trump Q, though even if so while an ask holding Qx may be a standard ploy, I venture that asking from Qxx breaks new ground.
Trump guess?
I infer from the questions that East has the spades. Holding Qxx and A West would likely lead without questions. (Not for sure - maybe West wonders if the 4 bid means the A won't live.) This inference assumes it was West who first asked -- supported by the idea ...
Misconceptions on automatic false cards
There's supposed to be a difference between doing something 2/3 of the time and doing it with probability 2/3. You point out correctly that the former may be impossible. But the latter and you can easily effect by glancing at your watch, and it's the relevant ...

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