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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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Alas, no time to play in several years. 


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Visualize the deal (1/2)
83% estimate either way sounds right. To refine it a little, I'm inclined toward pessimism about the minor suit finesses on the bidding -- especially if West always passed with a singleton . I noticed that if the minor finesses are reckoned to be under 50% by some amount p ...
Trick One Defense
Playing the 10 does give declarer the luxury of winning the A from AJ without cost. I haven't figured out how declarer manages to use that freedom to advantage, but at least it's not obviously "nothing."
Opening at the 7-level
My partner at rubber bridge opened 7 with AKQJxx,AKQxxxx -- not 100% sure about the J. After p,p,7H he of course bid 7S which made. I recall wasting some private musing time later wondering whether it's better to open 7 in the first place.
Bid and play: BBB(m) in BWS
I would start on clubs, not diamonds. If you begin with then at best they come home and you still need a club trick. The winning play is to endplay West out of the K but why would that be preferable to simply playing East for the K? Therefore ...
Who has what left ?
Michael - fair question. Apparently I did libel poor East.
Who has what left ?
K and A both with West (assuming our play matters) According as East was dealt 1) KJ542,A2,xxx,xxx -- must play 2) J54,A952,xxx,xxx -- must play 3) K542,952,xxx,xxx -- must play Q 4) J542,952,xxx,xxx -- must play A. Assuming are ...
You got your lead, now what?
Aloke -- great counter, the immediate K. Should declarer -- holding AKQxxx,K,Qx,AQxx -- find that play? I suppose so because it's hard to imagine East having found the duck holding 10xx,Axx,KJxx,Kxx (whereupon East can win the A, exit with 10 killing the dummy, and unblock ...
A Rixi hand(Hint enough lol) Plan your play.
If East has short diamonds then West always followed suit; no choices until the trump finesse at trick 6. Ducking that trick from a hand like 10xx(x),xx,Qxxxx,Qx(x) is a better play that I recall coming up with myself at the table but on paper it ...
What Does It Mean
With respect to Vitus Gerulitis the corresponding line is true. With respect to 2NT I've had good results playing there in competitive auctions. The modern tendency that double and 2NT are always scrambling may indeed be an improvement over the way we used to play, but I think there ...
A Rixi hand(Hint enough lol) Plan your play.
Kieran -- as I understand after the J ruff and West discards, we cross in spades and run the 9. If that too holds what next? If West was K... xx x, the defense has been ordinary and we must finesse again. If West has played well with x... xx ...

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