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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 

United States of America

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Grand Nationals 3/4 (1975), Crockfords Cup 1st (1970)
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How badly did I misplay this hand??
3NT by responder instead of 3 seems straightforward especially if followup details aren't codified. In any case if responder is 2425 -- even say xx,AQJx,xx,AQJxx which makes a more alluring 3 bid -- if it bids 3, hears 3, and wants to avoid 3NT ...
How badly did I misplay this hand??
A question about the bidding: Is 3 after 2NT needed as checkback? If so that seems unpleasant. Or does it seriously show a two-suiter? -- doubtful but inspired judgement that should have coaxed a 4 bid from South. Or is 2NT just a noise and now the partnership takes ...
Does Anybody Play This Any More
Andy - I agree. Your simple improvement seems to fix the anomaly of possibly saving with 2+1 defensive tricks that prompted my exclamation mark. Donald - You missed that when both defenders have a trick direct seat is supposed to double and other defender pass.
Does Anybody Play This Any More
I didn't imply that the method gains compared to no convention, just that I suspect it gains compared to Hayden's suggestion. (By the way for a casual player like myself who is not interested in devoting my life to intricate partnership agreements I think all complicated conventions including ...
Does Anybody Play This Any More
Apparently there are various versions of the negative slam double. Probably the "negative" ideas owe credit to, but are clear improvements of, the Hayden (& Shapiro) cooperative slam double. One approach is that direct seat will a) Double with 1 trick. Then partner obviously saves with 0, sits with 1, and ...
The truth is that even with Q109x (let alone Q9xx) I would be unlikely, in real-time, to sense a possible benefit in putting up the Q nor would I have the guts to trust my quick on-the-spot analysis and play it. Therefore if declarer with only A10xx decides to play ...
Continuing on Squeeze Semantics
East doesn't want to discard the 2 for the same reason West didn't discard a - fear that declarer had Ax. But I wonder: Has ever, in the history of bridge, a declarer with Ax in this situation thought to cash the !A early then play other suits ...
Assign the Blame -- -530
I voted other because I don't like either the double or leaving it in, or South's defense. On the subject of being grumpy I also would have liked to be told which trump the dummy played at trick 2. If the slightly unnatural play of the 10, then ...
A proposed mechanism for mitigating potential UI situations
What UI? I don't see that a delay or lack thereof before bidding after having asked, conveys anything different than the same pause or non-pause without asking. A common and valid reason to ask is to know the meaning of the opponent's bid (information you are eventually entitled ...
Two thoughts - if your holding is Q9xx, will the coup work? And realated: would you also find the play from Qxx? Declarer was planning to play J, A and then last discarding a when West doesn't. But after your Q, declarer is diverted into leading the last ...

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