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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 

United States of America

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Grand Nationals 3/4 (1975), Crockfords Cup 1st (1970)
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The Unlucky Expert
Good point about needing to attack clubs in time when partner has AJ9x and K. If defender has two or three trumps the two entries to dummy are likely there so up K, is necessary to save an overtrick. It wouldn't surprise me if even a top expert ...
Dirty Talk
I realize South's intention is irrelevant, but if South has no evil moustache to prove me wrong I suspect innocent intent. If South's clubs were xxx, probably the bidding lets South suppose declarer might be missing the K (in place of the actual Q) which would be a ...
The Unlucky Expert
A weak player might rise with the K from Kx, but for a reasonable defender the duck on this bidding is easy. Therefore despite dealing percentages David must be right - the K played is a singleton so the choices are finesse or 2-2 spades; finesse looks better. That's ...
Two endings
Whereas with Axxx a club (or heart) at trick 3 might be tempting. I took that as a slight clue to the location of the A.
So you had a bidding accident
"the line of cashing both black AK's kind of weird." Kind of, but it's the standard techniques of avoidance, echelon, and non-committal. Reese used "echelon" to mean to take advantage of a sequence of chances. Each chance but the last must be non-committal in the sense that if ...
So you had a bidding accident
Michael, you managed to fit three things that I don't understand into one sentence. Two of them are what the relevance of the red suit assumptions might be. Regardless of that, if the two spade holding you listed are plausible for West to hold, why not also Qxx (in ...
So you had a bidding accident
Afterthought: After winning A at trick 1, if LHO shows out on the AK it would be judicious to switch horses. Since stuffing West in with the Q no longer looks promising, best to finesse the spade. So doing improves the overall chance of success to 10:1. Nothing to ...
So you had a bidding accident
For what it's worth I made some computations considering 3 IMP lines, those of Wayne, myself, and Max. I assumed no information from the lead or the non-existent bidding. Wayne & I both win trick 1 and differ in that after testing both black suits Wayne hoped for Q onside by finessing, while I tried the drop or hope Q is onside. Max, hoping not to make the contract most often but rather to make when most important, ducked; assume continuation. If Q or Q drop within two rounds of or one and a half ...
So you had a bidding accident
Max, your IMP idea is appealing. You give up a lot by surrendering the position at trick 1, but as you say what you are giving up is mostly chances where you lose a 12 imp (if vul) slam bonus swing anyway. Whether that compensates for the smaller IMP ...
So you had a bidding accident
@Michael - agreed. In particular you are right to point out that I oversimplified. Given that clubs have proven to be 3-2 playing the K, although best, isn't as clear as I said because I considered Qx offside in favor of the drop but didn't take into account Qxxx ...

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