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What happens after a psych
From Wbf Director The only issue here is the question regarding whether the 2S opening truly qualifies as a psyche. It certainly fulfills the Laws definition, i.e., "a deliberate and gross misstatement of honour strength and/or of suit length". However it also needs to be an action that ...
What happens after a psych
The regulations where this event took place require that the psych must be reported by the player making the pysch and put in a register. As N there was no special agreement with South on third seat openings. I play one game a year with that partner and never psyched ...
What happens after a psych
Whilst all players polled said they would bid 3, none felt that S was fielding however. In addition no further action was taken by the director, the result was left to stand.
What happens after a psych
The other question asked was "are EW damaged by the Psych when they get a 60% score on the board as it is for five off (+250) ? Additionally What are the new WBF rules on the question of psyching "Is it for the director to punish the psych bidder or ...
What happens after a psych
Where the bid is legal, is the case in point....
What happens after a psych
Interview with WBF President Rona
Ben, surely you can do better than post hearsay and anecdotal commentary ? ..."from someone I trust..." Rather like a claim from a Bernie Madoff salesman
Interview with WBF President Rona
As the organiser of the 5th Commonwealth Games, who facilitated the interview with Liam and President Rona, I sat through the interview and everything was open for discussion. No subject was off limits or ducked. In addition at the event there was another long filmed interview and a live radio ...
Zlatan tied to Sweden Open
Yes, the world has ended in Australia...we cheat at cricket...
In The Well: Jay Whipple Attached is a link written by JoAnn Sprung with a comment by Barry Rigal. When is it time for the ACBL to come and visit an event that continues to grow in size and is in receipt of such plaudits, especially Barry Rigal ...

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