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Charley Seelbach
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Oct. 8, 2010
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2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
I have no problem paying for a webcam, and no problem having to be on webcam. But is there not a way that doesn't require a monthly subscription? Like can you stream on twitch and have the stream auto recorded?
Reynolds Team Games-Kibitzers
Even if BBO didn't do a delayed timer, you could still sort of do a delayed timer if you had a volunteer. Just allow one spectator to the team match, and have them on another account post the hand on vugraph after both tables are done.
Is it acceptable to discuss Bridge Master (BBO) problems here?
Yeah I could see this being a problem back when bridgemaster was something you had to pay for. But now that is completely free, they are some real cool play problems.
May 2020 ACBL Bridge Bulletin It's Your Call Problems
Online version (you do have to be signed into ACBLs site)
An Amusing Matchpoint Result from Monaco
So I'm assuming most everyone opened the south hand which led to all the crazy results. But how would you like to be the one NS pair that doesn't open south, reach a "seemingly normal" 3NT, make 12 tricks...and get a 0%
Cohen, Deas elected to Hall of Fame Each nominee shall be considered separately by the electors. On the question of whether the nominee shall become a member of the Hall of Fame, the electors may vote yes, no, or abstention for each nominee. If no vote is recorded by an ...
Cohen, Deas elected to Hall of Fame
Cohen an easy first ballot. Finally time for Lynn Deas as well. Kind of surprised Marty Fleisher wasn't first ballot, but I bet he gets in next year. Also I still think Bergen needs to get in.
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
I was kind of surprised there wasn't an open Bermuda Bowl thread as well... ...but then again I didn't go out of my way to make one... ...thread has already shown someone should have created one...
A Bridge Swifty
"Sorry for opening 2S with that suit" Tom said preemptively
As an Ex-Junior some answers to your questions 1. Sometimes they come back. I've got an ex-junior friend who is looking to try to find a time to play again. Even if it seems like these connections stop, sometimes they come back 2. Yes we stop getting crazy good ...

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