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Game Of Chance? College Club Shut Down
There is a large amount of luck when it comes to party bridge. But the case you need to be making is that when it comes to duplicate bridge, people are being dealt the same hands, and making the best judgment when it comes to that hand. Good luck, and ...
Meckstroth turned 60 this year, and Rodwell turns 60 next year (60 being the minimum age for ACBL HOF). Bold prediction there :)
In the Well: Brian Platnick
I'm just going to hit the elephant in the room. Final thoughts about the Spain incident?
Gamesmanship -- How Far We've Come
I'm sorry, I don't buy it. If you are legitimately concerned about Lall and Bathurst's agreements, you don't wait until Greco and Hampson are half way through bidding board 1 to lodge your complaints. That is what you do when you are playing mind games.
Strange Swiss pairing
My guess is this came from a strange series of events caused from not having stationary teams play each other.
Call for Hall of Fame Nominations
Ed Sabol is in the pro football hall of fame Dick Vitale is in the basketball hall of fame Tony La Russa is in the baseball hall of fame There is a differing ways you should be considered for the hall of fame despite your accolades just from playing the ...
Call for Hall of Fame Nominations
I am baffled why Bergen isn't in the HOF. I'm even more baffled how he wasn't even on the list the last time around. I guarantee you your average club player is more familiar with the name Bergen than 90% of the ACBL HOF.
Stop the Stop Card
I've seen you post this story before, and it still makes my blood boil seeing it again.
Stop the Stop Card
I personally despise the stop card and never use it. I have no doubt it is a net negative in the club game. I have a partner who missed a splinter bid I made. He suggested afterwards I should use the skip card whenever I splinter. He an honorable and ...
In the Well: Geoff Hampson
Which Game of Thrones characters do you think would be best at bridge? Bran and Hodor would make quite the interesting pair since Bran could warg into Hodor to see his hand. This would be huge for defense and bidding, but I'm not sure how good of a declarer ...

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