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Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Thanks, Nigel. That is exactly how I intend to proceed. This system is premature for an actual evaluation. Mostly I was curious about the reaction and see if any help was available. I got some good leads and even a dead end one is helpful in that I can list ...
Director Problem
The choices for voting are not good. It is like choosing more bad options in a situation gone incredibly fouled up to begin with. Besides the initial bad ruling, how is it that West is allowed to view the 1NT-pass-3NT auction and allowed to play the hand? And if West ...
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Chris, you left out one of the most probable holdings of a 1C MOTB. That is a weak hand with a diamond lead directive. And oftentimes with that holding, hand belongs to opponents, not us. 1C opener usually will need the 1NT = 18-20 HCP hand or the strong 2C hand ...
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Moi? An AI System? Like a computer program? That would mean I’m not human. Cool! I always wanted to try that.
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
You are very correct in this, Michal. It is a side thing for me in bridge, like directing and teaching - both of which help me to be a better player overall, but neither of which helps as much as putting my time and energy into studying play of the hand ...
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Ron Lel, my NT openings do not change with vul and position, really. They are merely dropped as unbiddable in those circumstances. For example, 1S-1NT-pass is not a valid bidding sequence when vul., only valid when NV. Meanings do not change. I feel that this makes things simpler. So 1C-1D-1NT ...
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
I looked up MOSCITO (Major Opening Strong Club, etc.) and found SCRAPE. SCRAPE looks very useful to me in that most of the bidding starts at 1H (After 1D-1H). I need to be able to show all shapes and distributions with a 4/5 card heart suit in my system ...
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Hi, Nigel. There really is no system yet, I just sent this provocative article up as a balloon to see if anyone noticed. So much needs to be worked out, but enough has that I am very encouraged by it. 1C-1D (relay)- and then: pass = weak hand, 4-5 solid diamonds ...
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Hey, give it time to grow! I know I made a provocative opening thread, but I really DON’T have a system yet. It needs much more time. I might even die of old age before I find the answers.
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Lol!! Love your humor! Oh, you weren’t being funny? Sorry about that.
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