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Cheryl Mandala
Cheryl Mandala
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March 17, 2011
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
San Francisco Nationals 2006. NA Swiss Day 2. Playing with Jo Ginsberg. Each person at the table had a void. I played 6C-doubled making. Double was a lightner double. Defense only got the opening ruff. If they had led the suit they bid and raised, I would have gone down, getting tapped out. At other table they played 6H-doubled my direction and went down 1. Lew could tell you for sure how many IMPS we won, but I think it was 19.
Regular Bridge Partners
Yul Inn
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Palo Alto, CA, San Jose, CA
Favorite Conventions
All the great stuff that Yul makes up that is pretty hard to remember and never comes up but is still way cool
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Gold Life Master
What a bummer to have to withdraw! But MAN, WHAT A GREAT SHOW!! Brod team, you rock!! And personally, I think it's great for promotion of bridge to see what the underdogs can do!! I loved every minute of it, even if it did end too soon!
Slow Return
What the discussion on this thread shows is that is IMPOSSIBLE TO EVER SCORE +50 AGAINST 3N. Imagine West holds AT9x of diamonds and makes an in tempo return of the diamond 10, after which EW cash 5 diamonds to beat 3N. NS calls the director and argues that the ...
Noda and Ralph Win Silver Ribbon Pairs
Way to go guys!!! Congratulations!!!
Finding or Avoiding this potential Slam
3N was also my first thought. Even though there is a slam on this hand, 3N will be lots of matchpoints. If you are tempted to try for slam after 1H-2H, perhaps you should open 2C. Then if partner has a reason to move towards slam (like on this hand ...
In the Well: Michael Rosenberg
I've had the pleasure of hearing this one from Michael in person. Yes, this is a real problem.
In the Well: Michael Rosenberg
Hi Michael, I'm so happy you moved to Cupertino! Please tell us about playing bridge for hours a day every day when you lived in London. How much impact do you think that time had on your development as an expert? Would you recommend playing hour-after-hour for anyone serious ...
A Twice Nice Played Hand
Thanks to my very kind partner for posting this hand. I was very excited to make 3S at the table, but it's always good to learn I could have done a little better playing on clubs early instead of relying on LHO for both diamond honors and no Jack ...
Surprise Jump
This was my immediate thought as well. It seems so unlikely that west has K of hearts but could easily have J of hearts, giving you a trump squeeze against the K of clubs and J of hearts.
Active Ethics and the Alert Procedure
Here is a case with a twist. In the final day Swiss at the Santa Clara CA regional that just ended, this auction was perpetrated by two local experts playing against a friend of mine: p 1S 2D* 4S 5C P The 2-diamond bid was alerted, as it was 4-card ...
Congratulations Eugene and Helen
Congratulations Helen and Eugene! What a fantastic night! You are both so special and so deserving of the happiness I see in your future! For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, be sure to check out Ron Smith's post on FaceBook, including his video of "the dance"!!

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