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Chien I Liao's bidding problem: A75 AQ94 T72 QJ9
3S bidder has club void, partner has HK and 8 card D head by AKQ, so if you run to 6NT the contract is cold (even 7NT). But if you pass you will lose two immediate tricks.
Chien I Liao's bidding problem: A75 AQ94 T72 QJ9
I don't want to be deflected by their explanation. Let's just assume this is a Lightner double - do you change your bid?
Eugene Hung's bidding problem: Qx KTxxx Axxx xx
+1 to what Yuan said. Will your partner sit had the bidding went like: 1C-(1S)-X-(2S) P - (p) -X? If not, why is he sitting your double now? I did not see a difference between the two auctions (assuming 1NT can be just kidding).
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AJ93 AKQ32 AQ 76
I try 6NT. I think it caters both the case partner has a strong minor or point rich hand (say 12 points with doubleton S).
Would you bid 2!S?
Few people mention the danger of being in 2 and go down two - KQJx x Qxxx Axxx. Even a good hand like this you might go -200 with naive defense (say, they just force you with Hs). Pass in either scoring.
Diamond Splinter
K102 QJ1098 2 A1076 is not enough for 4 bid? So how do you respond with that hand?
Diamond Splinter
My simple agreement with partner: with opening hand you always start with 2NT. Splinters are reserved for hands you normally would NOT open and re-evaluated to GF after partner opened. So KQxx QJxx x Axxx and Kxxx Qxxx x AKxx are both 2NT to me.
forcing pass????
I think the question probably should be what kind of 6-4 hand you'll start with 2C and can bid 4NT on the second round facing a passing partner? I wouldn't do it with xx x AKxx AKxxxx and I think xx x AKxx AKQxxx is a double over ...
forcing pass????
Not disagreeing with the non-forcing part but it's almost impossible W has only 6C 4D. If you can drive to 5 level on your own with that shape (6-4 is not THAT uncommon) you must have power enough to start your bidding by doubling 1.
Opening leads again, this time against nt
I actually think D2 deserve more votes :-) The best chance to defeat this contract is either find partner's K, or her long suit (QJxxx)? Yes, 2 could be asking about stopper, but my impression is more than half of the time 2 (instead of 3N ...
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