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Hugh Ross 1937-2017
Hugh was a great guy and an amazing player. I had the great luck to play with Hugh and partner Peter Pender as team mates in many events. We won a lot together (he and Peter would often bring back a great set when we had soft one), but win ...
Staking a Claim on Reality
Steve's analysis is correct but he was a trick off on when the D discard for hands 2 and 3 occurs. East discards a HEART on the spade K (as was done), but could then discard a D on the spade Q and another diamond on the 4th round ...
Claim ruling poll
The claim was from the 1983 Spingold semifinal against my team. As Jan noted, Bergen forgot that the defense had a continuation that would make things hard. He could make it, but the line to do so risked going down 3 doubled, while he had a safe line for down ...
Road to the GNT Final Four, Semifinal Q1
Thanks for the articles, fun and interesting read. On deal 9 I'd have thought bidding 4D over 3N planning to bid 6C next would be rather better than the auction taken. 5N might be catering to opener having a long suit (e.g. 2-3-6-2 with good hearts) rather than ...
Matt Smith Promotion
Let me add my congrats (to Matt for his promotion, the WBF for their good judgement in doing it, and Steve for his post). Well deserved as Matt is a great guy and a great director. As chair of ACBL Laws Committee I often discuss the laws with Matt and ...
USBF conditions of contest issue
I'd vote for total PP's which is presumably a better overall measure (the restrictions on PP's for deep byes are questionable anyway). However, while important to resolve so conditions are clear, which way we resolve it is unimportant (mostly arbitrary and usually of little importance in the ...
Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I'm lucky to have a team with excellent players and teammates. Our good team spirit helped us rebound from our first round loss to the Harris team (who played well and had a great run). Also note that this was a replay ...
Happy Endings
I'm not sure if was such a good idea to play a club in the ending. If West was 2-3-5-3 (with say KJx of clubs) it would look rather bad. However, the overtricks did hold the loss to 12 imps, so was worth something.
Michael Seamon (1960-2017)
Michael was a great guy, fun (and funny) to be with and an excellent bridge player. He died much too young and will be greatly missed. My condolences to Janice and also Sylvia and Shannon for their loss and the shock of finding him.
How Old Were You?
I also started my duplicate career playing in the games on the University of Illinois campus, though while still in high school. Cheri Bjerkan ran the novice game I first played in. This was about 1969, shortly after Kit left, so probably after Mike's time.

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