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Chip Martel
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Dec. 31, 2010
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Oct. 21
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Quick "Multi" story
Our opponents opened 1 and then bid 6 over the 1 overcall. If West passes, East might bid 5 over 2 and then W might well raise to 6, but of course that is a guess that need not be right.
WBF Anti-Doping Regulations
Generally Diuretics are banned since they can help mask other drugs. In particular hydrochlorothiazide (a commonly used diuretic for blood pressure) is on the banned list.
Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
Good advice from Kit, but even better if you have a phone number is to also call or text to confirm. There is a chance the sender's email account was hijacked and you could get a reply from the hacker rather than your friend (though that is harder for ...
GNT Qualifiers - Same Question, Different Year
In my version of Brian's first item, the professor after saying "It's obvious" looks at the last line written and pauses to say, "why is it obvious?" then goes on to fill a new blackboard with equations, before concluding that "yes, it was obvious". I'd add as ...
Sabine Auken & Krzysztof Martens Inducted into the EBL Hall of Fame
Yes, easy choices for both. Great players and good ambassadors for bridge. I've been fortunate to have Sabine as my team mate on a number of occasions. Outstanding player and always a very positive attitude towards her team (and bridge generally). I guess unlike the ACBL, you don't ...
RIP John Sutherlin
John was truly one of the good guys and his passing is a great loss to all who knew him and the bridge world in general. In addition to being an expert player John was always fun to spend time with at or away from the table with a subtle ...
Look Deeper
One comment about the auction: First, in discussing whether to make a non-serious 3N or not, it is wrong to say opener can have 19-20 points. Presumably with 18+ opener will bid past 4S opposite responder's auction, so the relevant range for a serious Q-bid is is more like ...
In The Well: Chip Martel
Thanks everyone for participating. Lots of interesting questions. Closing down the well now. Chip
In The Well: Chip Martel
Thanks Richard. I've read (and liked) the Ian Banks books (as noted, lots of authors I like didn't make my list). I'll look at the others.
In The Well: Chip Martel
Glad you liked some of the SciFi suggestions. For Mysteries there is an even longer list of authors I like, so really hard to choose. These come to mind: Rex Stout, Dick Francis, John Lawton, John Sanford, Donald Westlake, Deborah Crombie. All of these wrote series and the books really ...

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