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Board 2 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
DBL shows a 4 card major and a long minor, so N plays system on: 2S= * Range ask or clubs 2N= Minimum When N shows clubs, East knows West had diamonds, so competes to 3D. North finally gets to show his hearts and they land in 4.
Board 4 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
Board 4 Chip Marty Bidding: Board 4 Bidding: P 1♣ P 1♦ DBL P 2♦ P 2♥ P 4♥ all pass East does not DBL 1♣ with a stiff Diamond, but W can DBL 1♦ as a passed hand and East drives to game.
Board 5 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
Chip Marty Bidding comments: By a passed hand N can afford to bid 2 with his fit for diamonds. South assumes north doesn't have 6 hearts (no weak 2) so corrects to 3D.
Board 1 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
Board 1 - auction by Chip & Marty: P 1♣ 1♥ P 2♦ 2♠ 3♠ DBL P P 4♥ all pass Analysis: North might open 3♦, but the spots are poor and side four card spade suit is a defect. If North passes, East could reasonably open 1♠ or 1♣. If 1 ...
Board 7 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
Yes, South probably should bid 7N over 5N.
Board 29 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
2 is flannery (4 5or 6 , 11-15), N places the contract.
Board 7 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
Auction meaning: 2D= waiting, 4C= good raise with club control, 4H=RKC, 4N=1/4, 5C=Q ask, 5H= that K and the trump Q, 5N= interest in 7 but no K to Q-bid. Now South has enough extras to hope for 13 tricks: a 6th Diamond and the heart ...
Stansby is 2018 Sportsman of the Year
So well deserved. An easy pick for the committee (for many years Lew was on the selection committee, which is why it took so long). I had the great fortune to play with Lew for several decades and he was a great partner both as a person and a player ...
Epic Finish in Seamon USA2 Final
One other thought: if the opening leader did have xxxx jx xx Txxxx where the squeeze would work, might he have led the heart J and broken up the squeeze? Of course on the actual hand the heart J would be a very bad lead as prevents declarer from going ...
Epic Finish in Seamon USA2 Final
I’ll expand on Kit’s comments which are mostly correct: there is no possible deception to conceal that a squeeze is possible when one exists. On this deal LHO must keep kx of spades to give any problem. Thus he must discard 2 clubs and 2 spades. Thus, when ...

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