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Finn Kolesnik's lead problem: QT75 AQJ2 AJT6 4
Agree DBL should be T/O of clubs (but like any T/O DBL could be off shape strong hand). Heart combines decent chance to beat it by setting up 5 winners with opportunity to hold down overtricks and avoid future end plays.
Michael Zheng's bidding problem: KQ8543 Q QT4 AT7
Agree that 3 F is pretty standard and since 6 could well be the spot, really have to bid it (though may be some uncomfortable decisions later if partner bids 3N or 4H next. Hoping for a 4 bid next as Q-bid raises of spades.
Matchgame: What is 1!h (4!s) 4NT?
Another option related to 4N= minors is that it shows 2 places to play (e.g. 4N-5-5 shows long D's and 3 hearts). Could also bid this way with long clubs and 3 hearts planning to pass 5 and bid 5 over 5. Also ...
Cynthia Huang's bidding problem: Axx 98x AQxx QTx
I'd DBL 5 since could well go down even if partner has no defensive tricks, and could be down 2 or 3 if partner has a little. But pass is reasonable, particularly if W is sound. Bidding looks quite wrong as almost no chance to make 6 ...
The time has come: Senior USBC Seeding
I think the current 2-1 weighting is sensible. Gives significant weight to the RR, but not as much as to Seeding points which are for many events.
Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
I share Debbie's concern about WBF problems. In general I think we should make reasonable accommodations, but spoken answers and even pointing do compromise good disclosure.
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
As noted, we all owe a great debt to Fred for creating BBO in addition to his other excellent software. I would note that BBO is already in the Hall of Fame (as a recent Blackwood award winner), but I'm sure Fred will get in as a player when ...
Frivolous Appeal Penalty VOTE
I agree with Jonathan's comment. It is helpful to both the committee and appellants to know the sort of penalties. One option would allow the committee vote for a warning where having a prior warning within the last X years (3?) would put you at greater risk of a ...
WOLFSON is Senior USA2
Well done. Some excellent bridge from the winners. Jeff, David and Alan will be defending their world title from 2 years ago.
Great Players; Great Books
I was (and still somewhat am) an avid reader of bridge books. As others noted, I only read some of Watson's book on play, moving on to better books such as Card play technique by Mollo and Gardener.

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