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Chris Chen
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Sept. 5, 2014
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U31 Bridge Player

United States of America

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3rd in the National 199er Pairs
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Quicktricks, Cardology
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Life Master
Chris Chen and Michael Xu
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Chris Chen and Qucheng Gong
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Modified Standard
2 over 1
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Robert Ng and Chris Chen
2 over 1
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Chris Chen and Robert Balas
2 over 1
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Chris Chen and Foster Tom
2 over 1
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Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: KQ53 K64 --- KQ8763
Any time that West has a penalty double, it's an easy penalty. 4c may gain when EW has 3nt, but you have Kh and void in diamonds making 3nt a less likely make. 4c is pricey for a part-score battle.
How would you try to win a 28-board match by 77 IMPs?
Do normal/more aggressive actions on 21 boards, on 7 boards, psyche or go crazy. Employ some sort of mixed strategy.
What do you play at trick three?
I chose to lead a club, but maybe a heart makes more sense. P has 6 to 9 hcp for the raise. 6 is unlikely. 7 or 8 is most likely and 9 is unlikely. If P has 8, then P has both Kings and can only ruff a 4th ...
Where did we go wrong?
I agree 100% with Nicholas (esp. because this wasn't imps). I was on lead with that hand. Partner held KJxxx. Leading a heart is not enough. If you lead a low heart, you risk blocking the heart suit. If you lead the queen of hearts, WHY? The best is ...
U31 junior event
Lol, yes! How serendipitous! Now, I can be an underdog in another event :)
U31 junior event
Cool, I'm a junior again!
Chris Chen's bidding problem: Axx x Axx KQTxxx
Partner didn't have a double stopper. Partner held K10x - Axx - QJ9x - AJx. We found the cold 6, but I guess we were even luckier than we originally thought.
Edelstein and Weingarten Win NAP
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: A97 T9 AJ KQJ852
1s - Unlikely to get hung. If partner has added stuff, easy game.
Chris Chen's bidding problem: K98 Jx xx AQJxxx
Great guess! Partner had above + KH. Not that it matters but also JD.

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