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Chris Chung
Chris Chung
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Feb. 1, 2011
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July 31, 2017
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about me

I'm awful.

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
USA1 Final, Segments 5 and 6
Bidding displays are broken for me; right column (all of south's bids) are cut off.
Defender asks Declarer to select the opening lead
But you know that he knows that, so clearly, you cannot choose the cards in front of him.
Helping Hand
No, 10th is not that unique. However, Rachmaninov's hand span was at least a 12th.
NYT Bridge RIP?
Bridge on youtube? Ridiculous!
Why do BBO robots vary their opening leads on duplicated auctions
If you're playing an instant, the robot from other tables may actually have been an older version. GIB gets updates periodically, so that can affect things.
BW member Kaya Chua on Jeopardy! tonight
woot woot!
The Benefits of Study
I believe I first saw delaying the ruff in Kelsey's Killing Defense. It was the second hand of the book. It made quite an impression.
The Hook
I believe spades have to be broken before you can play them. Maybe they were referring to that.
The Hook
Hi. I'm pretty active with the Stanford bridge club. I have no ideas about recruitment, but I do have feedback about retention. First, when people who don't know how to play show up wanting to learn, PULL THEM ASIDE. You need to babysit them. Know any obnoxious members ...
To reach young people and get bridge more out there online, consider twitch
Haha, thanks for the plug Bodell.

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