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about me

As a bit of trivia, together with Donna Compton practicing as Compton & Compton PLLC, we have represented more ACBL members before Ethical Oversight and Attorney Discipline Committee than any other lawyers. To give fair disclosure, this is about 15-20 cases, lifetime.

Also see, for video clips and short PDF's of various bridge topics. 

We own the Bridge Academy of North Dallas which was the 13th largest ACBL club in 2017. see 

Together with Gary King of Houston, we operate two bridge land cruises a year, one held in August in Santa Fe NM and one held in May in Galveston TX, see


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Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Bayonne is smart.
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Jim P. , thanks for the kind words about business, donna compton is as good as Audry. If I sounded bitter while pointing out the anti-for-profit tilt of the ACBL, i did not mean to be bitter! Indeed Bridge has privided us with our living — and that is truly unusual!
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
With Audry? Throughout the years Audry has done nothing but promote the education of Bridge players. Of course, her methods and materials have been proven to be better than the ACBL produced in house materials. Not close because Audry knows education and worked with Rodwell amd Lindrop on Bridge. Politically ...
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Ever notice how many members wrongly believe their local for profit ciub is a non-profit arm of the ACBL? There is a disconnect with the ACBL BOD and large for profit clubs. Since the BOD is made up of volunteers, helping large for profit clubs — even though the most immediate ...
District 23 District Director Comments on ACBL Transparency
Kevin, please tell yoir fellow BOD that we would be much more supportive of disastous expenditures if transparency amd such things as open bidding were religously followed. Thanks for this post as it will make working with the “old guard, nothing need change,” portion of fellow BOD members. — hard for ...
District 23 District Director Comments on ACBL Transparency
Nicolas Hammond, I can not tell who you think the ACBL is, but your statement is none-the-less incorrect? While your experience in negotiating the Hammond Services debacle with the ACBL may indicate to you for some reason that Peter Rank worked for Managment (as opposed to the BOD), that is ...
District 23 District Director Comments on ACBL Transparency
Ms. Linda Dunn was hired by Robert Hartman as Management Counsel, she does not represent the Board of Directors, certainly not in any matter (like this matter) in which Management and the BOD have potentially adverse positions. However, I have seen nothing stating that Ms. Dunn has offered her opinion ...
To Pros and Sponsors: Encouraging Super Bracket KO Events at Our Regionals
Mr. Libchaber, your remark reeks of bitterness and is mean spirited. This was not a pro's idea and no pro has come on here and supported the idea (I don't like it, for one). This idea is from a regional tournament administrator in the Mid Atlantic who -- facing ...
To Pros and Sponsors: Encouraging Super Bracket KO Events at Our Regionals
Jan, i apologize to you for the ridiculous year you were denied entry. Embarassing for Bridge.
Fleisher and Martel Lead Blue Ribbon Pairs
Thomas, I am disappointed to hear you feel that you are wasting your money playing Bridge, and truly sorry you are “just not good enough “ to play the Blue Ribbon. But, I don’t understand your comment regarding the number of professional pairs qualifying for this Blue Ribbon semi-final. Of ...
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