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about me

As a bit of trivia, together with Donna Compton practicing as Compton & Compton PLLC, we have represented more ACBL members before Ethical Oversight and Attorney Discipline Committee than any other lawyers. To give fair disclosure, this is about 15-20 cases, lifetime.

Also see, for video clips and short PDF's of various bridge topics. 

We own the Bridge Academy of North Dallas which was the 13th largest ACBL club in 2017. see 

Together with Gary King of Houston, we operate two bridge land cruises a year, one held in August in Santa Fe NM and one held in May in Galveston TX, see


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A different focus
Jeff, very on target: market social players and MP addicts will “spurt out of the pack.” Market MP playerrs (is that possible) and frustration will set in. This is why I consistently say “the ACBL needs clubs worse than the clubs need the ACBl.” Also, the obvious savings annually on ...
A different focus
Our social games charge at least as much as our duplicates, more if we provide a lot of structure.
2019 Eligibility Conditions for players entering multiple USBCs
Ok, Jan, under 4. above,, is financial incentive a “good reaso that arose after the selection event?” I am guilty of staying out of this, thanks for all your work!
Trick 1 long hesitation
If you believe in Bridge, one acreenmate, timed actions, ...30 seconds at trick one, then your computer acts for you. Everyone start whining abiut changing the game, I agree .... lets change it by cleaning it up. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
Keep LA's in Pandora's Box
Wow! Asking a question shows a singleton spade? How exactly does that track?
Trick 1 long hesitation
This has been a fun read, i have long thought that no one may think within a trick (only between tricks), but that the first trick must have a period certain before third hand may play. Tough problems solved most cleanly through computer play.
Of relevance to issue from Honolulu
Disagree completely. Doubling 7NT with partner on lead says “takeout an entry from either hand (to block another suit — or break a squeeze.) or I have an ace. Telling me that it shows a specific ace is some kind of dumbed down version of Bridge. I refuse to make myself ...
Conventions, conventions. Is bridge as we know it already dead?
Ed Reppert, I have heard your quoted exhange between oppoments perhaps 50 times. What were you going to do with information received from your questions about their 1N response by a PH? Why did you start by asking about auctions that did not occur? Yes, you have the right to ...
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Bayonne is smart.
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Jim P. , thanks for the kind words about business, donna compton is as good as Audry. If I sounded bitter while pointing out the anti-for-profit tilt of the ACBL, i did not mean to be bitter! Indeed Bridge has privided us with our living — and that is truly unusual!
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