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Nov. 25, 2013
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1!D Overcall: legal on 3 card suit?
Under the proposed new charts: 1D overall of 1C on 3+ Was allowed in order to allow a pair (not me) to play “system on” over 1C.
Reschedule the Schedule
The Competition Committee (of which I am a member) Chaired by Tom Carmichael, has generally followed the lead of Jeff Ford on the issue of the 10K's. Most of the others of us on C&C are both now past 10K and never played at an NABC which even ...
Let's talk about Namyats
Namyats allows the opponents two doubles (immediate strong hand and pass then double is takeout), a Michaels Cuebid, and two meanings for a 4N overcall (immediate and second round), does not allow a 4m preempt which is highly effective, and then responder has to guess what values are useful (opener ...
Table number for top seed
Because with a 14?table tournament, 1 can see the boards coming sideways.
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
Nice weather! Nice hotel! Tons of nearby dining choices!
Table number for top seed
Assume two long 7 table rows next to each other in a 14 table section: 14 and 7 are “end tables,” where you can see the hands coming towards you at a 90 degree angle: from 14 to 1 and from 8 to 7.
1430 or 3041?
I would prefer to live in a world where one could claim to be playing 3+ can never stop. No matter what someone says, a strong hand say a reverse or Jumpshiift or more will pass. Period.
1430 or 3041?
ZZ Points are better thans any form of RKC and so is something like this: There are the traditional 12 controls (A=2 and K=1) plus a promotion of the king of trumps to two controls from 1 control and the addition of the queen of trumps as two ...
1430 or 3041?
Meckwell play one over and occasionally minorword on defined auctions.
Serious / Non-Serious 3NT
Playing something like low middle high shortness makes more sense to me than anything else. Lots of times there are only two shortnesses and then you play first step is bad hand, low shortness, hi shortness. After first step bad hand, there is just room to re ask if there ...
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