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Chris Derrick
Chris Derrick
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July 29, 2013
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English Junior U25

PhD Student in Developmental Biology, Sheffield University, UK

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Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: A AK4 A3 AKQJT63
If partner can pass 4 they would have passed 1, so why bother opening it 2.
Chris Derrick's bidding problem: KQJ6 QT43 Q872 5
Survey Says!
With the only partner I have ever discussed it, this shows 54 8-12.
Chris Derrick's bidding problem: Q94 KQJ98654 7 5
I don't exactly know what you mean Dave, but nothing is meant by the description of the players other than my own perception. Lesson learnt.
Chris Derrick's bidding problem: AK2 QJ87 K AQ872
Brilliant, but how is this of any use now?
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: Q974 832 KJT3 98
We've agreed a suit. X is penalties
I'd say that 1N - 2 - 2 - 3 - 4m is a cue for hearts, so I've voted similarly here, however, why partner bids 4 not 3 might suggest something, whatever it is though, it must set spades imo. I think conceivably it could show ...
New Suit by Opener After Responder's Redouble
Shows a sub-minimum opening, cancels and forcing pass or penalty double agreements
Systemic philosophy on balanced hands
In a 5cM context: 15-17 NT Pick-up, simple - Short , 4+ Practiced, simple - Short (all 18-19s), 4+, canapé if 11-15 or 5332 12-14 bal. 14-16NT Practiced, complex - Short (all 11-13, 17-19 & 24+), unbal unless in 1st NV then 1 on all 14-16 (even ...
Eric Leong's bidding problem: AJ94 Q5 A9 KT764
I'd like to congratulate the French and this US pair. They clearly play and advanced system where by we bid our longest suit first...

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