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Chris Derrick
Chris Derrick
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July 29, 2013
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English Junior U25

PhD Student in Developmental Biology, Sheffield University, UK

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Bazil Caygill's bidding problem: 87 J832 4 987653
Updated the explanation!
Serious or Non-Serious 3NT?
You could go the whole way and play agreed: 3: non-serious, 3N: serious, spade control agreed: 3N: non-serious
One Spade - Two Diamonds (Hearts)
What about: 2: NF 2: 2N: 3: 3+, non-minimum >>>3: Weak or very strong >>>3: min. FG 3: 6+ 3: 5233 strong bal.
Chris Derrick's bidding problem: JT5 43 KQJ43 KQ5
Companion hand:
Chris Derrick's bidding problem: JT5 43 KQJ43 KQ5
Dave Robinson's lead problem: QJ9854 Q6 3 T742
I think the fact partner has not raised spades screams that X does not ask for a spade lead
Extended Texas
Other: 1N - 2 - 2 3: 54 FG or 64 slam try 3: 54 FG or 64 slam try 4: 64, sign off or drive slam 4: 64, sign off or drive slam ...
1H-1NT = 5+ spades (Kaplan Interchange)
So what you you do with the 51(43)/5044 9/10 counts? Would you treat them as balanced? Seems like you might get too high after 1 - 1N - 2 - 2N and partner has the balanced hand or can't play in the club fit. Presumably this is ...
1H-1NT = 5+ spades (Kaplan Interchange)
I've been toying with this too. 1 - 1 is really no problem at all, but 1 - 1N is a bit of a pain. (This is in a structure where 1 is unlimited) I've got: 1 - 1N 2: at most 2 spades, 4 ...
lebensohl over reverses
Dunno What I play is that step 1 is always the warning that we're possibly too high. 2N is inv+ in partner's minor and basically all other bids are inv+ transfers. Additionally I play that a reverse specifically denies 3 or more cards in partners suit, so I ...

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