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Chris Derrick
Chris Derrick
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July 29, 2013
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English Junior U25

PhD Student in Developmental Biology, Sheffield University, UK

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Close Contract
I believe Frances means that 2 is still a puppet to 2, but then any subsequent bids show an invite with 5-cards in the major. This is certainly what most England Juniors would be playing if you said "Two-way". I don't think 2N as a puppet to ...
Always 2!s as range ask/clubs; 3!c as diamonds (after 1NT)
What do I do with 4 invitational? 1N - 2 - 2, presumably I bid 2 - will this not bury the 4-4 spade fit?
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
As opposed to the 1% (me) who learnt to play at 12 and will be playing for the next 75 years?
1NT opening range.
Voted for 14-16 but with: 9-11 1st NV & 3rd NV 9-14.
If Your Stayman Includes Five Spades With Invitational Values...
If Your Stayman Includes Five Spades With Invitational Values...
Sorry, misread the question! 2N is inv.+ 4+
Opening Balanced 11 Counts: Helps or Hurts?
I think position and vulnerability affects this a lot. My regular partner and I play (EBU): 9-11 1st NV, 3rd NV 9-14. Otherwise 14-16
Defence to (very) short 1D openings?
I would argue (1) 2 as a WJO is too valuable to lose when defending a short/balanced club, it causes so many problems for the opps.
Invitational 4M-5m when playing transfer responses to 1C
We play 1 - 1R - 1M as multi with 11-13 bal. or lots of mid-range support options or FG : 1 - 1R - 1M 2: inv relay 2: FG relay 2N: 4M, inv. opp. 11-13 bal 3m: 4M6m inv. opp. 11-13 bal., but we can bid it on ...
1S-2H;3H Now what?
I agree that 1 - 2 - 2N as 6+ is a loss because partner can't bid a waiting 2N, but 1 - 2 - 2N as all heart raises feels a waste of a low level bid in quite a cramped auction

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