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Chris Gibson
Chris Gibson
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June 18, 2010
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about me

Professional anti-money laundering investigator, amateur bridge nut living in the Portland, OR metropolitan area.  I don't play as much as I would like to, and that probably isn't going to change soon.  I am married to a wonderfully supportive non-bridge player, and now have a little boy, Teddy, who was born April 2017, but I hope to remain active in playing bridge while I balance my new family life.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the round of 16 in the 2013 Spingolds with Chris Wiegand, Sam Punch, and Stephen Peterkin - the first time I had entered the event. Now up there: Getting my top 4 matchpoint finishes with 3 different partners at nationals in 2016 at Reno, including placing in the Platinum pairs.
Bridge Accomplishments
6 top 10 national finishes, all in the past 7 years.
Regular Bridge Partners
Chris Wiegand, Eric Sieg, and Jeff Ford
Favorite Tournaments
any NABC, all GNT competitions, Portland and Seaside regionals
Favorite Conventions
Stayman and follow-ups derived from it. I played 15 years of home bridge with my parents without knowing stayman, so I really appreciate how wonderful it is.
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ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: KT963 A7 KJ6 654
Only one of those is an assumption - diamonds are bad - and that one appears very likely based on the bidding thus far. I guess my other assumption is that partner hasn't forgotten our agreements, or taken a flier? That's an assumption I always make.
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: KT963 A7 KJ6 654
diamonds are bad for them, they are in a max of an 8 card fit at the 4 level, my major suit cards are quicks, and partner also has values. Go for the throat, I say!
Should this be a forcing pass?
Sathya Bettadapura's bidding problem: AJ432 K5 KQ54 A6
Sathya - yep, I'll be in 4 opposite. Information leakage is a big deal, especially at BAM, where if you help them make an effective lead you are probably losing the board.
Sathya Bettadapura's bidding problem: AJ432 K5 KQ54 A6
I probably would have bid 4 the previous round instead of giving opponents more information.
Anonymous appeal opinion
1) I've never heard of anyone having significant repercussions based on their answer to a director's poll. 2) I hate any proposal, including this one, that makes for less transparency in the appeals process. Currently one of the only ways to appeal is to attack the polling as ...
Louis Beauchet's bidding problem: KJ 95 AJ98 T8543
David - that is one possible agreement, and a popular one by the polling. It is not the only agreement possible for this sequence, and I would be extremely surprised if it is the best set of agreements.
What does partners bids mean?
4 better be GF in clubs, Steve, with some slam suitability if partner is interested. LR bids 5 usually.
Are penalty doubles a thing of the past?
2nd double is penalty. 1st I would actually play as a support double with my favorite agreements (1 forcing one round, 4+ spades), but in a more standard overcall advance structure where 1 promises 5 that makes less sense.
Zero tolerance at club games (club directors' comments are appreciated)
East shouldn't comment on anyone else's bidding except to make sure he wasn't given misinformation or not missing an alert. South should recognize that the bidding is far from mainstream, and that may surprise people into commenting - no need to take offense by it. The director should ...

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