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Chris Miller
Chris Miller
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March 21, 2012
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Bridge Director
about me

ACBL Tournament director; chief director and club manager of the Washington Bridge League weekly Unit Game. Capable of occasional flashes of competence as a player.




In the real world, a full-time software engineer with a past life teaching computer science in UK universities


All views expressed in my posts, except when otherwise stated or when presented as direct quotes from ACBL published policies and regulations, are my own. They are not reviewed or approved by the ACBL.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making a grand slam on an endplay
Regular Bridge Partners
Kevin Barnes, GIB
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Washington Bridge League
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Ruby Life Master
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Poker anyone?
My favorite was claiming the last tricks with Three Kings at the last club game before Christmas
A question on the laws
Opening leader is required to lead a spade after partner's lead out of turn. He fails to do so despite having one. That is a revoke.
Web Movement?
Right; it just results in the bumping pair playing twice (or more!) against the stationary EW at the party table.
Web Movement?
The bump schedule for an odd web is easy (just like a bump Mitchell round the bottom full section, so for 15 or more tables, it is sit-out,2,4,6,8,10,12,1,3,5,7,9,11). For even webs, bump schedules follow no regular pattern, and ...
Web Movement?
Although you can arrow-switch a web movement, and need to do so in order to produce a single-winner movement, it turns out not to improve the balance of the movement much, if at all, at least for every arrow-switch schedule that I have evaluated using the movement analysis program "Jeanie ...
How to Win at Pairs--sort of...
I think that you misread the contract; it's George [i]Takei[/i]. Ron Perlman was screen-tested for Rex but apparently lacked the necessary presence.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Using the [i]code[/i] tag: [code] North ♠ K95 ♥ J76 ♦ QT654 ♣ 95 West. East ♠ T643. ♠ AJ2 ♥ K98532. ♥ - ♦ - ♦ AKJ3 ♣ T72. ♣ KQJ863 South ♠ Q87 ♥ AQT4 ♦ 9872 ♣ A4 [/code]
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Steve: [i]... the directors determined that the action taken against us was one suggested by the UI, and weighted the result, allowing the illegally obtained contract to be bid some percentage of the time.[/i] That may be a legal possibility provided that there are alternative auctions that do not ...
To much talk
I agree with most of what you say, though it is impossible to tell which meaning was intended in the OP. I think that it is important to be as precise as possible in choice of words when discussing rulings. Many of us have known instances of inexperienced club directors ...
To much talk
Whether there should be an adjusted score depends on whether there was damage. Presumably there was, otherwise this would not have been posted, but we need to know how many tricks could be available in no trumps, spades and clubs (recognizing that the answers may vary according to lines available ...
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