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Chris Miller
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March 21, 2012
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about me

ACBL Tournament director; chief director and club manager of the Washington Bridge League weekly Unit Game. Capable of occasional flashes of competence as a player.




In the real world, a full-time software engineer with a past life teaching computer science in UK universities


All views expressed in my posts, except when otherwise stated or when presented as direct quotes from ACBL published policies and regulations, are my own. They are not reviewed or approved by the ACBL.

United States of America

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Making a grand slam on an endplay
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Kevin Barnes, GIB
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Washington Bridge League
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Silver Life Master
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BBR13: Italy vs. USA2
After board 7, according to those watching the video, Grue made a remark on the lines of "Obviously, I was leading against some other contract".
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
The official ACBL position on strong artificial opening bids is essentially a Humpty-Dumpty approach - they mean exactly what the partnership chooses them to mean, neither more nor less. The text below is copied from the Tech Files and re-formatted for (I hope) readability. [i]Opening an artificial and forcing bid ...
Announcement Required?
Years ago a senior ACBL TD told me that ELC doubles should indeed be marked on the CC by checking the "Min. Offshape T/O" box under Special Doubles, and that they were the primary reason for the presence of that checkbox on the CC. I note that this entry ...
Variations on a theme
I do not recommend upside-down pizza; most of the topping comes off on the plate.
Variations on a theme
If the 5 is faced prior to the 6, but both cards are indeed faced: The putative declarer has the following options: 1. Accept the lead of the 5 and (a) become dummy or (b) declare. If 1(a) is chosen, the erstwhile declarer faces his hand and his partner ...
Variations on a theme
This comment assumes that the 6 was actually faced before the 5, which the OP doesn't quite make explicit - "elect to lead" as opposed to "lead". It is more interesting if the 5 hits the table first; see my next comment below. 1. The regulation that Ed quotes uses ...
Right; so declarer says "I'm going to ruff a club to hand, cash the other high trump on which you will both discard, but I'll trust you to keep your winning heart, so I'll have to lose a heart at trick 13". All the conditions of 70C ...
Compare this situation: Dummy: -/-/432/2 Declarer: -/2/AKQ/- Playing a No Trump contract, on lead, and (correctly) aware that the defense possesses a heart and a lot of black cards, declarer faces his hand and says "I have to give you a heart at the end". Do you doubt ...
"In my beginning is my end ... Trying to use words, and every attempt Is a wholy new start, and a different kind of failure Because one has only learnt to get the better of words For the thing one no longer has to say, or the way in which One ...
Interpreting the statement as "at the end of the hand it would turn out that I lost a heart somewhere along the way", presumably? Would it alter your ruling if the statement were "I shall lose a heart at trick 13" or "I shall have to lead my losing heart ...
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