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Chris Miller
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March 21, 2012
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about me

ACBL Tournament director; chief director and club manager of the Washington Bridge League weekly Unit Game. Capable of occasional flashes of competence as a player.

In the real world, a retired software engineer with a past life teaching computer science in UK universities

All views expressed in my posts, except when otherwise stated or when presented as direct quotes from ACBL published policies and regulations, are my own. They are not reviewed or approved by the ACBL.

United States of America

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Making a grand slam on an endplay
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Kevin Barnes, GIB
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Washington Bridge League
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Ruby Life Master
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Is the double a comparable call?
If there is a hand that would double but would not open 1 then double is not comparable under the subset option (I consider neither option 1 nor option 3 applicable). In practice, we usually allow a little flexibility if there is a very small number of hands that ...
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
So if 2 doesn't specify hearts (and I agree that it doesn't), the lowest sufficient but that specifies hearts is 3, which for most multi versions specifies at least three cards in hearts. However, I believe we don't allow that either because it additionally specifies ...
Grand slam call after partners huddle.
There is a typo in the OP. I doubt that 66% of pollees chose an insufficient 6, and none chose 7.
Grand slam call after partners huddle.
In a typical "Hesitation Blackwood" auction, it is the asker who hesitates before signing off. In those cases, it is almost always clear that the hesitation shows extra values. This case is different and less clear. It seems that the only specific card that matters is the Q. I don ...
How should the director rule
I'm not "trying to get" anything. I'm trying to determine the probable outcomes. I have no problem with -2300, and I doubt that North-South would be short-changed by that ruling.
How should the director rule
Aviv, I don't know, which is why I am asking. I try to find out what better players than I (in particular, peers of the presumed offender) make of the auction before making a ruling and especially before awarding a procedural penalty.
How should the director rule
If the weak extreme 2-suiter is a live possibility, then should West bid 4 over 4?
How should the director rule
I understand that the issue over 4 is problematic, to be generous to West, but we still need to understand what he can legitimately assume when he comes to the decision. Does 4 have to mean "oops, I forgot to open the bidding" now, or is there some ...
How should the director rule
The fact that East is a passed hand is significant. What sort of hand can West legitimately expect East to hold based on the authorized information? Should 3 be a lead-directing club raise opposite a natural 3?
MI (?) Ruling
I am puzzled by the East's assertion that the double was "take-out". Take-out from which implied suit? If South has a weak two, the suit is unknown, and East presumably needs no more than three hearts to invite game opposite a weak two b hearts. Did it, in East ...
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