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March 21, 2012
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about me

ACBL Tournament director; chief director and club manager of the Washington Bridge League weekly Unit Game. Capable of occasional flashes of competence as a player.




In the real world, a full-time software engineer with a past life teaching computer science in UK universities


All views expressed in my posts, except when otherwise stated or when presented as direct quotes from ACBL published policies and regulations, are my own. They are not reviewed or approved by the ACBL.

United States of America

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Making a grand slam on an endplay
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Kevin Barnes, GIB
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Washington Bridge League
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Silver Life Master
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Input from Players and Directors Requested
If "you are free to make any call you like" was indeed the sum total of advice given to South, I agree that it was an inadequate response. I would expect directors to give a response closer to "you may make any call you choose, but should do so knowing ...
Input from Players and Directors Requested
I certainly did not suggest anything about PPs.
Input from Players and Directors Requested
And also that my response, while informed by my training and experience in that role, is not in any sense an "official" response on behalf of the ACBL.
Input from Players and Directors Requested
[i](1) Does North have any reason not to leave the table or ask the director for options?[/i] Every reason. He won't get any specific advice other than "don't use UI to your benefit" and by leaving the table will himself give his partner UI that could ...
Can You Explain This Auction...?
Since 1D is described as 10-15, the 1NT rebid could be a balanced 10-12 or 10-13, depending on the range for a 1NT opening. The value of HJx is nebulous - the North hand has a KnR evaluation of 11.4. Inviting with that hand seems somewhere between mildly optimistic and ...
Alertable or not
The bid was alertable, if the agreement was that it is a splinter, but must not be alerted until the end of the auction. It is alertable not for the reason given in the poll, but because splinters need to be alerted. If there is no agreement or partnership understanding ...
Bridge Lawyers
At what point were you told the carry-over was 8.75? Was it before or after the KO match? It may well be immaterial, but there [i]could[/i] (though IMO there should not) be a difference if you implicitly "accepted" the 8.75 by starting to play the match ...
Bridge Lawyers
Which team finished ahead in the qualifying round? [i]Edit[/i] Actually, that is irrelevant. The carryover is 12 IMPS, since that is the maximum and is less than 3/8 (and indeed than 5/8, of course) of the actual IMP margin.
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
If you want to abolish bidding boxes (for youth bridge, or altogether), please LIKE this comment.
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
I disagree completely with doing away with bidding boxes for all the reasons above. The only reason for adding a comment is that there is no poll question included in the post. Let's create one: If you want to retain bidding boxes, please LIKE this comment.
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