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Chris Mulley
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Aug. 8, 2013
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Defense From the Bermuda Bowl
Perhaps, but what is hard is having the discipline to always think about those things at every stage of every hand.
Does This Landy Variant Have a Name?
I play it, but don't call it anything.
Different Systems
I honestly can't remember the last time I was required to do this. A few years ago, I was playing a highly artificial system in our closed national championships, and my partner and I decided to not play it against a pair who we were told were inexperienced. However ...
Different Systems
In Australia, inexperienced players can apply for "Protected Pair" status, which requires opponents to play relatively naturally against them.
Poll on 4-way transfers
When I did play this method, I used Hxx as the minimum to "like" it. Yes, it would mean very occasionally playing the 5 - 2 rather than the 5 - 3, but, as you imply, anything else seemed to give up far too much for slam going hands. This seemed to ...
Poll on 4-way transfers
If you play accepting the transfer as liking it, you can bid 2NT (diamonds) with weak hands with both minors and you will always find a fit.
The Three-card Limit Raise: There must be a better way
I play an asymmetrical structure over 1 and 1 opening. The context is intermediate NT with Flannery and Kaplan Inversion (+ Gazzilli). Over 1: 1 is Forcing NT or GF balanced. Neither option will have support. 1NT shows 5+ spades, forcing 2 is GF clubs OR ...
Better than Puppet Stayman?
That is why I've paired it with 5-card Stayman. If opener shows a major, it will be 5. Over Opener's 2 rebid, Responder bids 2/2/2NT with invites. I will admit to having a further significant kink to cater for invitational 4/4 majors ...
Better than Puppet Stayman?
I have thought for a long time that 2 as a transfer to clubs or some kind of range probe is a huge waste. I decided to go in a different direction ... 2 response is GF+, any 3-suiter OR 4 - 4 majors. Opener bids 2NT with no 5-card ...
Infraction no penalty
I tend to accidentally alert highly unusual doubles (e.g. when they are transfers), despite them having been pre-alerted. I'm a bit forgetful on occasions, but my opponents don't seem to mind.
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