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Chris Mulley
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Aug. 8, 2013
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A bad start
One thing is clear to me: I would never judge a person for taking either action. Call me a legal realist, but perhaps it depends on what I had for breakfast as to what I would do. I think I'd wait a couple of extra seconds to see if ...
ATB - first time partner
I think I'd try 4NT, ostensibly takeout for the minors. When I then convert to 5S, I'm hoping that will be read as a slam try.
T-Walsh Continuation after a One NT Rebid
I have played a variant of Leong Transfers for years and it works really well.
A Third Bidding Approach
Unfortunately I was too young to play against it. The fact that I am the same age as Keiran probably says something about our relative abilities.
2H as weak both majors (2 good examples!)
I really play the double as "penalty interest of hearts". After that, I think either "next double by either hand is takeout" or "next double by either hand is penalties" are sensible ways to continue.
2H as weak both majors (2 good examples!)
Agree 100%. X as penalty interest, 2 for takeout and 2NT balanced but not particularly interested in penalising seems like the way to go.
Chris Mulley's bidding problem: A8x JTxx --- AJT9xx
For those who are interested, Partner's hand was" xx KQxxxxx Ax xx I chose 6 and that was not a success - partner went -1 for about 8 imps away.
Chris Mulley's bidding problem: A8x JTxx --- AJT9xx
It's one of the concerns...
Chris Mulley's bidding problem: A8x JTxx --- AJT9xx
That is true, but the opponents might be interested in a higher contract.
1!D - 2!C Question
If playing the nebulous 2 response, I think you almost have to play a 2 rebid as "waiting", and you use that on a lot of hands.
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