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ATB: Diving to disaster
I don't recall this ever having been forgotten in one of my partnerships. "If you have pre-empted, double is action ahead of partner" is a very simple rule, and double is such an unusual action that partner always remembers it too.
ATB: Diving to disaster
There are auctions where it has a place, and I think I understand what North was thinking here - if this is a double-fit hand, 6 is likely to be a cheap save against game, let alone slam. The flaw here is that it pre-supposes that this is a double ...
ATB: Diving to disaster
This is one of the reasons I play action doubles rather than penalty doubles by the pre-empter. Having said that, I'm not convinced I would use it on this hand.
Do you have methods that help here?
I have always called that convention "Blackout". I call my transfer version "Perverse". I'm sure others would have come up with the idea long before I did, though. 2-level bids are NNF, with transfers starting at 2NT (weak or GF).
Do you have methods that help here?
My preference is a transfer scheme commencing at 2NT. You start showing things immediately as responder and you can also use 3/3NT to attempt to right-side 3NT.
Transfers after intervention
I do. I just invented my own, but I'm sure I've drawn on some ideas from there (via other people). One thing that I think I do a bit differently is to start the transfers off at X a lot more than is usual. So, for example: 1 ...
Definition of a penalty double
That is a very elegant description containing all of the pertinent information.
Definition of a penalty double
I agree that the 1NT opener should never pull unless they have psyched, and even then it might be a bad idea.
Definition of a penalty double
I know some who would respond "It's just bridge". I know others who would say if they want a bridge lesson, they should pay for one.
Defense agains natural 2!c
I play that after a takeout double, we use 2 as our Lebensohl bid.
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