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Chris Ryall
Chris Ryall
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Jan. 8
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May 30
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Bridge Player
about me

UK life master but mainly play occasional weekend events now.

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United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Baring a king trick 5 against John Collins, UK's best card player in the 1990s. At trick 12 John looked me up and down, decided "he's not up to it", … and finessed :))
Bridge Accomplishments
North England pairs winner, county champion. UK mixed pairs representative player
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Trevor Hails
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Online / tournaments only
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Tomcat on
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ATB missed 24 HCP slam
Concur that callling voids in partner's suit are usually the last thing he want's to hear, especially if the cue might alternatively be an honour! Ghastly bid The key to this deal is north's club singleton, and that south can then perceive a complete absence of wasted ...
Hope you hadn't had to chase him too far ... ;))
Alert after non forcing bid
Very droll :))
Richard Granville's lead problem: 75 KT95 K9 Q8732
"test" No trump …
Alert after non forcing bid
Re Craig, above: I play about half my bridge in Scotland, mainly due to Edinburgh based team mate. EBU and SBU methods have steadily diverged … and … it can be difficult to get it right [u]in tempo[/u]? To be fair, Scottish players have been very forgiving of any cock ...
Alert after non forcing bid
Sorry, I'm an occasionaly tournament player nowadays and had included announcing changes in my feeling on this. But actually … they feel much the same. And if something becomes "announceable" … that is in effect a change of any previous "alert" method?
Alert after non forcing bid
The more complicated EBU alerting rules become, and the more times (per year?) they are changed, the more the more often players will face a Hobson's choice between penalty for not alerting, or penalty for "UI" when trying to help opps about a non standard agreement. Sorry - where will ...
Richard Granville's lead problem: 75 KT95 K9 Q8732
Trump. Otherwise this hand may cross ruff beautifully. I can wait for my red kings, the loser won't go away on the clubs? If my lead finds partner's Q .. it was onside anyway :)) [i]btw : some bizarre piece of software flagged the above post as . . "objectionable comment". What ...
Disagree about the odds of serindipitous encounter, they happen to me ALL the time. I could list various old friends I "bumped into" when I visited New Zealand, but my own "best example" was at my first visit to a tiny village in Cher department, central France. OK, it had ...
Richard Granville's bidding problem: KT8743 K752 AK7 ---
Pass. I can feel some clubs across the table and think I'd prefer to defend this hand

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