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Chris Ryall
Chris Ryall
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Jan. 8
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Nov. 4
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about me

UK life master but mainly play occasional weekend events now.

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United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Baring a king trick 5 against John Collins, UK's best card player in the 1990s. At trick 12 John looked me up and down, decided "he's not up to it", … and finessed :))
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North England pairs winner, county champion. UK mixed pairs representative player
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Trevor Hails
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Online / tournaments only
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Tomcat on
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Chris Owen RIP
Oh, Clive that's such awful news. You must be devastated. My deepest sympathy. Chris
Steve Bloom's lead problem: 92 AQ94 53 AT832
25 years back I led 2 from AK962 to their 6 after being supported a similarly pyrotechnic auction. Yes, I was void in clubs. My (fairly senior) partner won with the jack, blinked, and … returned suit :((
Richard Granville's bidding problem: A74 7 AQ96 AKQJ8
3 surely forcing. Awkward hand but I suspect 5 might be best. I want partner to realise that any diamond faces are "smiling". Yes partner probably has several spades
ATB for a doubled 3S
Only 2 from north on 9+ fit, 12 points and 2 aces. Was he shrewdly setting the result up?
Very slow suit preference signals
Another "out" is where dummy has eg Singleton on partner's ace for count lead, or K for that matter. We've agreed "automatic => preference" in such situations, so I guess a think is allowable?
Very slow suit preference signals
Meanwhile in the real world "count" is semi automatic, but "preference" often involves a tactical judgement? One solution is to use dummy down thinking time, and assert that as fair defence should declare play fast from dummy
Very slow suit preference signals
I was reported and given a procedural penalty for this in UK's Great Northern Swiss in 1999 or so, cost us a place. I did have a decision to make, but lost our appeal..
1NT opening, 2S range check, 2 ways to invite with a long minor.
I've long played 1NT - 3any as a straight pre-empt. Makes more sense opposite weak NT, and it's GLORIOUS opposite my 9-12 not vul. We may even raise, with fit!
Just another flat board
As Garozzo/Yalouze say in The Blue Club (1969) : "we do not consider it the greatest shame to bid a slam missing two Aces. It has happened … "
Bridge simulation software.
I have used use which is very flexible in specifying … whatever. BBO host this as an online app, or you can download to unix kit. I then assess whether I want to be in … say 3NT by eye. If you want to ...

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