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Chris Ryall
Chris Ryall
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Jan. 8
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about me

UK life master but mainly play occasional weekend events now.

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The Weak 2 Archive

Thoughts on 1NT at pairs

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United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Baring a king trick 5 against John Collins, UK's best card player in the 1990s. At trick 12 John looked me up and down, decided "he's not up to it", … and finessed :))
Bridge Accomplishments
North England pairs winner, county champion. UK mixed pairs representative player
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Trevor Hails
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Online / tournaments only
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Tomcat on
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Forcing Pass or not?
Has this auction ... actually happened?
Competing against mini-NT
My knowledge of point variance came from simulations when deciding to OPEN mini NT, Steve. In simple terms 'even' is more common than 'uneven'. The commonest 1NT to open is 9-11. 12-14 is a tad over half as common. 15-17 about 55% of that ... It is the same defending. My ...
Lead a spade. I've done this once.
Competing against mini-NT
How do you penalise with eg 12 opposite 11, Steve? That is generally better than eg 15 opposite 8 as it's harder for declarer to place the card, often defends for a trick better ! The 12-11 distributions of our 23 (here) points are also more [u]common[/u].
Competing against mini-NT
As per Kit above - don't complicate your defence further, you might make it a tad lighter however. It's more about the "application". Opps playing in [b]1NT, nv, undoubled[/b] is nearly always a good pairs score for them - you should strain to swing the axe whenever you ...
Can We Ever Play in Clubs
Ditto hand 2: with "Normal" weak 2's but playing 5cM but 4cM 'semi natural' method (not uncommon in UK, used by eg me) 1 - 1 2 - 3 I have not found rebidding 1NT with x on partner's suit very helpful, but others ...
Can We Ever Play in Clubs
Hand 2 (displays here for some reason) … play Dutch style weak 2's 5cm and 4+ minor (very popular in UK too) 2 - 3 "pass/correct" end of auction in view of the spade misfit
Perfect GSF Hand
wrt the "5" I share Frances's implication that it can be a dangerous beast, something needing clear discussion. My own experience, 3+ years into my present partnership was that my own 5 in a competitive auction meaning "I have 2 losers in their suit, otherwise impregnible" was ...
Perfect GSF Hand
I find any 1 reply a bit weird - very "not natural" especially in view of the relative strength of spades! The big issue in this one is that RKCB [u]doesn't help[/u] because of the void. You are in trouble ... unless you GSF as soon as west ...
What is the best contract on these cards?
Evil communications, and I'd only want to be in 3NT with non expert defenders, and after some semi impossible auction that allows them to make a helpful opening lead. In real Bridge we'll map the defence for them? Those spades are a great source of tricks (LOOK at ...

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