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Chris Sloan
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Nov. 28, 2012
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Garbage Stayman
Kit, just making sure I understand what you are saying: 1NT-2; 2-2 is invitational with 4 spades and a longer minor 1NT-2; 2-3 is a invitational with 5 or more spades Is that correct?
CEO is Dead, Long live the Executive Director
As a matter of corporate law, the Chairman of the Board has no legal authority to act on behalf of a corporation other than to preside over board meetings.
CEO is Dead, Long live the Executive Director
Ken's description is a little off. Leaving aside the shareholders (or members in some non-profits), the board of directors would be at the top. The chairman is just the individual who is tasked with leading that body. In a really large company (to use Ken's example), there would ...
A Junior's Perspective on Promoting Bridge
I want to like that quote about one hundred times. That's what got me hooked (and I'm "young" by bridge standards at 44) and also what got my logic-puzzle-loving wife hooked.
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
Seems to me that part of the issue is whether 4 constitutes "a very unusual or unexpected meaning." How does one determine this? I had a discussion with an opponent recently who played a non-jump cuebid of our suit at the 3-level as a splinter bid, instead of a ...
Another Ruling at the Club
To me this looks like West is shooting an angle. He got no misinformation that I can see. South either discouraged in diamonds, or gave count depending on their agreement in this situation. West decided to gamble on making an overtrick, costing him a cold contract. Now he is trying ...
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
I just arrived and I can also confirm that Uber and Lyft are both readily available for airport pickup. For us it was $24 to the hotel.
Why youth players are aggressive bidders
Kit is right. I am still relatively "young" by bridge standards (44), and I was playing poker a long time before bridge. Poker is a game of tactical aggression. Bridge is no different. Competitive bridge is a bidder's game. I realized that early on, and that's why my ...
How do you play the spades?
LHO has the A. I didn't know that when I played on spades, though maybe I should have tried to figure that out first.
How do you play the spades?
I played small to the A (nothing exciting happened) and small back to my hand, RHO showing out and now I have to lose three spade tricks. What I'm trying to figure out is if there's a (non-results-oriented) reason to do something like lead the Q, or ...

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