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Chris Sloan
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Nov. 28, 2012
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Common Game Friday 17 May
"my second favorite person in the world, ranked behind everyone else in a tie for first" - ROFLMAO. Brilliant. I'm going to steal that line often.
District 9 (Florida) GNT final
I would have fallen over myself to have a chance to play against those guys.
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
I recall when I started playing about six years ago that on the final Sunday in Gatlinburg, the room was FULL. The A/X and B/C/D giant Swiss events seemed to be a huge draw. This past Sunday, I was shocked at how empty the room felt. I ...
Suit Combination
Thanks, this is very helpful.
Meckwell after partner's opening bid is overcalled 1NT
My partner and I play it over 1M only (we use Woolsey over 1m): 2m = that minor (typically 5+ cards) and support for partner's major 2M = natural (raise of partner's major, or 5+ if the other M) X = penalty The bids other than double are typically 5-9 HCP.
UI Rule Intepretation Question
UPDATE: The committee upheld the decision. It was apparently discussed extensively and it was contentious. Obviously not unanimous. I am dumbfounded.
UI Rule Intepretation Question
For the record, my understanding is that they gave the poll first without the BIT and then after the response, asked if 3NT with BIT suggested any particular action.
UI Rule Intepretation Question
Ed, I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. Are you saying that you believe the ruling is correct based on the laws?
UI Rule Intepretation Question
Kieran, that is EXACTLY the point we made repeatedly, but we were told by the director, the DIC, and another director that we had to show that the 4S call SPECIFICALLY was demonstrably suggested.
UI Rule Intepretation Question
If that's BW policy then I will take it down and apologize. It doesn't affect anyone's MPs or anyone at the top of the leaderboard. It would move us into the top 50, though, which is a big deal for us as still relatively inexperienced.

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