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Nov. 28, 2012
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Garbage Stayman
Kit, what do you do with a weak 4-1-3-5 hand over a weak 1NT? My partner and I are trying to work out what happens with that hand if you start with 2 and opener bids 2.
Special Bridge Rate
Please post a link to some of those posts so I can educate myself. Also, are examples of these contracts posted somewhere?
Special Bridge Rate
> All of the room contracts for ACBL nationals since time immemorial have used room prices to cover various fixed costs for the tournaments. The price for renting ballrooms, the price for the hospitality suite, the price for the suites for the BoD all have to be paid for... Sorry if ...
Special Bridge Rate
> is documented fact that the ACBL’s business policy is to significantly inflate room rates. I am new to this issue and am trying to understand all the points being made here. Can you please direct me to a source where this is documented as ACBL policy?
Garbage Stayman
Kit, just making sure I understand what you are saying: 1NT-2; 2-2 is invitational with 4 spades and a longer minor 1NT-2; 2-3 is a invitational with 5 or more spades Is that correct?
CEO is Dead, Long live the Executive Director
As a matter of corporate law, the Chairman of the Board has no legal authority to act on behalf of a corporation other than to preside over board meetings.
CEO is Dead, Long live the Executive Director
Ken's description is a little off. Leaving aside the shareholders (or members in some non-profits), the board of directors would be at the top. The chairman is just the individual who is tasked with leading that body. In a really large company (to use Ken's example), there would ...
A Junior's Perspective on Promoting Bridge
I want to like that quote about one hundred times. That's what got me hooked (and I'm "young" by bridge standards at 44) and also what got my logic-puzzle-loving wife hooked.
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
Seems to me that part of the issue is whether 4 constitutes "a very unusual or unexpected meaning." How does one determine this? I had a discussion with an opponent recently who played a non-jump cuebid of our suit at the 3-level as a splinter bid, instead of a ...
Another Ruling at the Club
To me this looks like West is shooting an angle. He got no misinformation that I can see. South either discouraged in diamonds, or gave count depending on their agreement in this situation. West decided to gamble on making an overtrick, costing him a cold contract. Now he is trying ...

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