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A Junior's Perspective on Promoting Bridge
I want to like that quote about one hundred times. That's what got me hooked (and I'm "young" by bridge standards at 44) and also what got my logic-puzzle-loving wife hooked.
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
Seems to me that part of the issue is whether 4 constitutes "a very unusual or unexpected meaning." How does one determine this? I had a discussion with an opponent recently who played a non-jump cuebid of our suit at the 3-level as a splinter bid, instead of a ...
Another Ruling at the Club
To me this looks like West is shooting an angle. He got no misinformation that I can see. South either discouraged in diamonds, or gave count depending on their agreement in this situation. West decided to gamble on making an overtrick, costing him a cold contract. Now he is trying ...
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
I just arrived and I can also confirm that Uber and Lyft are both readily available for airport pickup. For us it was $24 to the hotel.
Why youth players are aggressive bidders
Kit is right. I am still relatively "young" by bridge standards (44), and I was playing poker a long time before bridge. Poker is a game of tactical aggression. Bridge is no different. Competitive bridge is a bidder's game. I realized that early on, and that's why my ...
How do you play the spades?
LHO has the A. I didn't know that when I played on spades, though maybe I should have tried to figure that out first.
How do you play the spades?
I played small to the A (nothing exciting happened) and small back to my hand, RHO showing out and now I have to lose three spade tricks. What I'm trying to figure out is if there's a (non-results-oriented) reason to do something like lead the Q, or ...
What directors might not know
Assuming a 15-17 NT, when it then is passed twice, the balancing seat knows that opponents have less than 24 points, give or take. From that he knows about how many points his partner has. So, I guess I'm having trouble understanding why the hesitation is an issue. In ...
Desambiguating a weak no trump situation
My partner and I play that a raise to 2NT shows a balanced 15-16 (our NT rebid would show 14-16) with four of partner's major, and jumping to 3M shows an unbalanced hand with four of partner's major and 16-18 dummy points. I'm sure it's not ...
High-Level Preempt: Alertable or Not? (ACBL)
This pair plays fairly-basic Standard American methods. As I understand it, they would open this hand the same way in 1st or 2nd seat.

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