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Chris Willenken
Chris Willenken
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Nov. 14, 2011
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Professional bridge teacher and player living in NYC.

United States of America

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Past: Ron Smith, Roy Welland, Michael Rosenberg, Jan Jansma Current: Eldad Ginossar
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What do you make of this?
Running from 1Nx seeems completely routine with this hand, as the tricks are too slow for notrump when the opponents hold the balance of power. Anyone interested in developing this type of judgment for themselves can look at partner's actual hand, which was 4333 with queens and jacks. In ...
In The Well: David Berkowitz
Hi David, You raised two fantastic children. How did that happen? (Other than the obvious answer of Lisa.)
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Adam, It is not merely 'my argument' that players may vary calls in response to the opponents' systems-- it is the only remotely plausible reading of the Laws. A straightforward thought experiment might help you here: Let's imagine that the opponents had access to a full database including every ...
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Andy, Methods and tactics are not the same thing even though both are partnership understandings which need to be disclosed. As long as the broadcasted method is not changing, I am free to vary my tactics as I like. (Of course, unethical pairs may have concealed methods which masquerade as ...
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Phil, Your questions have straightforward answers. But before I answer, let me give this overview: absent evidence of a concealed understanding, it is totally irrelevant what the notrump bidder and doubler actually held. A player is entitled to transmit a false message at virtually any time.* The question is what ...
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Adam, In my example, opener is transmitting the same message in all cases-- he expects partner to react as if he has 15-17 HCP in a balanced hand (bid game with 10 etc.). In your example, there is a concealed agreement to transmit a different undisclosed range to partner (13-15 ...
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Still not OK because the prior bid must logically be agreed first, but please read my comment above which directly answers your question. In the legal case, the broadcast message is the same, so partner is reacting to a 15-17 notrump regardless of how often it might be flaky.
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Adam, It's not a loop. A tendency is not the same as a systemic agreement, though both need to be disclosed. Partner's explanation might be, "15-17, but he is creative to try to exploit your methods, whatever they might be." Christopher, I would ask.
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Gonzalo, I think that in a high level game, players generally understand that '15-17 1NT' is really a shortcut way of saying something like "1NT shows a balanced or close to balanced hand, partner should bid game with a hand worth 10 points, invite with 9, and play a partscore ...
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
IMO what you are describing is antithetical to bridge. Part of the skill in bridge is adapting one's tactics to the opponents' methods and tactics. If you agree to open a precision diamond, I might choose to preempt extra-aggressively when I have short diamonds to make it difficult for ...

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