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Chris Willenken
Chris Willenken
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Nov. 14, 2011
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July 20
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Bridge Player
about me

Professional bridge teacher and player living in NYC.

I play on BBO most weekdays as 'junior'.

United States of America

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Regular Bridge Partners
Past: Ron Smith, Roy Welland, Michael Rosenberg, Jan Jansma Current: Eldad Ginossar, Alison Wilson
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A Hazy Shade of Winter
Max, I did underestimate you on the 3NT hand. I won't make that mistake again! Chris
Memories of Margie
In those early days, Margie not only partnered me on occasion, she also talked bridge with me and drove me to tournaments. I have always had a fond spot for her in my heart. This is a very sad week for the bridge community.
Unauthorized Information
I would never consider doing anything other than choosing the losing logical alternative. The laws specifically prohibit a player from taking his normal action in this situation-- 16(B)1(a) is quite clear. Of course, players will often escape punishment for violating this law, so those who "take their ...
Dennis Bilde is 2017 Player of the Year
I think the headline for this article should have been, "Nice Guy Finishes First." WTG Dennis!
Convention Chart Revisions
According to this proposal, a 1m opening is natural if it promises 3 cards in the suit. So, agreeing to open 1 with AKQJxxxxxx 432 would be considered a natural agreement [i] and would therefore not require an alert according to the current ACBL alert ...
ACBL Scheduling: Adjusting Spring NABC Schedule to avoid excluding certain genders/ages
Moving the events around might help a bit, but the best solution IMO is to schedule nested events with drop-ins. For example, run a 2-day pair game opposite the second two days of a 3-day pair game, with losing semifinalists in the 3-day pair game dropping into the finals of ...
First unpleasant experience of changed 2017 Laws
"You have to take people at their word. If they choose to cheat, so be it." This principle is directly contradicted by Law 85(a)1, which states: "In determining the facts the Director shall base his view on the balance of probabilities, which is to say in accordance with ...
The rest of the story...
Ray, My interpretation is perfectly in line with that Laws Commission quote. 1 in 100 would constitute more than one of a player's peers (unless perhaps you feel that the world top 100 should be treated as its own peer group for this purpose)-- most players have hundreds if ...
Flipping for Winning
Rui, 100% agree that phones off, visible, and face-down is by far the best rule. In addition to avoiding players cheating by using a vibrating phone, such a policy makes it virtually impossible that a phone will accidentally turn on. So, "Rui's Rule" is more effective at accomplishing each ...
The rest of the story...
Jenny, Even if no polled players passed, pass could still be a LA under the Laws. Quoting 16(B)1(b): "A logical alternative action is one that, [b]among the class of players in question[/b]... would be given serious consideration by a significant proportion of such players, of ...

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