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Chris Willenken
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Nov. 14, 2011
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July 16
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Bridge Player
about me

Professional bridge teacher and player living in NYC.

I play on BBO most weekdays as 'junior'.

United States of America

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Past: Ron Smith, Roy Welland, Michael Rosenberg Current: Jan Jansma, Alison Wilson
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The GNT's, a modest proposal
OK, you convinced me to count the 'countless'. I count 13 amateur winners in the 43 years of the event's existence. I didn't count amateur teams which were Bermuda Bowl contenders (such as Ross/Pender, Martel/Stansby). However, I did count teams which have members who have played ...
The GNT's, a modest proposal
The GNT format allows the district-winning team from each part of the country to play in the late stages of a major event. The conditions are 'fair' in the same way that the US Senate is fair-- every geographical area gets to participate equally. It seems bizarre to view this ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Ned, As someone who has spent thousands of hours teaching bridge, I feel like your approach might not be realistic for many students. As you observe, bidding systems are essentially languages. It is difficult enough for beginning players to learn one new language ("standard") and to start answering logic puzzles ...
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Congrats again on your umpteenth Vanderbilt win! I have noticed that bidding theory frequently evolves in the following manner: a young pair achieves great results with highly aggressive methods, but at some point the field develops effective countermeasures, the aggression stops paying off, and top level bridge looks different. What ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Danny, The issue from my perspective is that to most newer players, Precision is as alien as transfer opening bids. So if you really believe that AAG players should be in the open, I have no objection, as long as you don't grandfather Precision (or other artificial methods) into ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
On the topic of small games (I guess there are some places where even the Gold Rush games are small now): those games will get smaller and smaller over time unless ACBL finds a way to promote bridge effectively. A simple and appealing set of rules for the less advanced ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
IMO it is a poor idea to force newer players to read, parse, and analyze the quasi-contractual language contained in this chart in an effort to figure out if the system they were taught in bridge lessons at the local Y is in fact allowed. I am extremely worried about ...
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
"A low-high signal that sends a count message based on high cards or lengths in other suits is encrypted." This provision is ambiguous in three ways: 1) Is 'in other suits' meant to modify both 'high cards' and 'lengths'? I presume so, but it's not totally clear. 2) Would ...
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
The chart says: A “could be short” 1D that might contain a singleton below a queen is not quasi-natural. clearer: A “could be short” 1m that might contain a singleton below a queen [i]in that minor [/i]is not quasi-natural. Of course a quasi-natural bid will often contain a ...
What's the best result you've lost IMPs on (or worst you've gained on)?
I was involved in a wild deal in the Grand National Teams years ago where a world-class pair defended three notrump doubled and vulnerable, which should have been set two tricks on correct defense. Three tricks went away, and declarer was soon +950. That was good enough for the defenders ...

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