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Sept. 2, 2015
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Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Thanks, Eugene. It may only be a pond, to quote Maclej, but it is dear to me and I appreciate your efforts to keep this place civil
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
The moment when you are out for lunch, see your inbox swamped and realise you forgot to unfollow this thread
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Michal, I cannot get your post. Maclej went so low as to connect WWII with Sabine. In my book, this is as good as any reason to become angry. Or to set the Ignore-flag for this guy
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Well said, Sabine, and probably comments should have been disabled, letting your statement stand as it is. I assume the trolls cluttering the previous threads to return and reiterate their insinuations and self-rightousness, making this thread a mess, too
To Sabine and Roy
Randy, getting your medals by mail is surely not the same as being celebrated on the price giving ceremony. Add to this the frustration felt on having missed the title by a close margin. You cannot really make up for this. Regarding the doctors, I would have gladly swapped a ...
To Sabine and Roy
Cameron, you are nailing it. The premature posting by Mr.Darkiewicz-Moniuszko, whose procedural mess-ups only created the problem, has put both Sabine and Roy into an awful situation. I see nobody coming out as winner from this incident. This includes the Kiwi pair, btw, which at best gets a stale ...
To Sabine and Roy
Maclej, all facts have been laid out and it is up the WBF to decide. Still you keep insinuating unethical behaviour by Sabine and Roy, hoping that some of the mud you are throwing around keeps sticking. I find this way to handle a personal feud in public most annoying. .
I voted no since there is almost nothing to gain. Being an olympic sport as such wont solve our issue of attracting younger players, as countless struggling sports amply proove. First step is to get national recognition as sport and thus access to funds, schools and other ressources.
Injunction Lifted
The site remained accessible via https - it was like strolling through an empty train station, kinda spooky
Fantoni-Nunes Granted Second Postponement
All of the articles I read were well informed and rather made people curious about this exciting game. If you think they were detrimental to Bridge, which article are you referring to, John?
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