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Christian Vennerød
Christian Vennerød
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Aug. 25, 2015
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June 21
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about me

Non Playing Captain and Selector of Norwegian National open team: from 2010 until .....? As such: gold medal in European Championship 2018.


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Analysis and Visualization - 54th EBTC
Thank you, Ante yes. If one of our pairs were often slow starters, I would look into how to get them fired up. But the problem would probably apply only for the morning match. At the European we played 3 x 16 boards normally. Some days 4 x 16. So ...
2018 European Championships Results
Amazing that Israel almost dominated the championship in spite of such short time to prepare! Very well done!
Analysis and Visualization - 54th EBTC
Thank you, Ante! As the npc of the Norwegian team for 8 years, I have calculated the relative butler myself for many years. But "by hand", not by a program. It is a lot of work, and I am very grateful that I do not need to do it now ...
Wanted: Spectacular mistakes by Swedish star Peter Fredin...!
As Norway's NPC, I was sitting between Boye Brogeland and Peter Fredin in the European championship in 2010. The very first board: None is vulnerable and Fredin's partner, Bjørn Fallenius, opens 1 spade and Boye enters with 1 NT. Fredin had: 64 EJT82 QT7 KJ5 Fredin doubled. Two ...
UI issue, how to defend
Wonderful, David! :) Have you tried it in real life?
Improving vugraph
Nothing beats a good journalist as commentator. Ok, maybe 2 journalists :)
Improving vugraph
The commentators today have often the wrong approach: Far too often they start each board with an assessment like: "Here we have a nice 4 heart contract. If North finds the trump queen, it is lay down." They are looking for the solution to the hand, not the challenges. The ...
Return To Sender
Very interesting, Mr PuczyńSki! Very well done. The world of bridge needs more people of your caliber.
In the Well: Brad Moss
Hi Brad What are Your Sources of information about these drug effects?
10 weeks
I played against Collings in the European Team Seniors Championship and he was rude the whole time. But he oozed table presence and competetive spirit. Personally, I find such players colorful. But they are of course terrible Ambassadeurs for the game, and best used as examples of how not to ...

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