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Christoph F. Eick
Christoph F. Eick
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Basic Information

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April 28, 2012
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Dec. 4
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Bridge Player
about me

I am not playing much Bridge in club games; usually I go to to one National and play at 2-4 regionals each year. I am also interested in designing new

and improving existing bidding systems and conventions, and I like to watch world class bridge on the internet.

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
I have more than 1900 masterpoints and placed 'underall' in four National Events; my best results were placing 33rd in the 2006 Silidor Pairs, and placing 31st in the 2013 Jacoby Swiss Teams..
Regular Bridge Partners
John Dubose and Nancy Joe
Favorite Tournaments
Houston, Austin, and Reno Regional.
Favorite Conventions
Kaplan Adjunct, Bergen-style raises of minors and majors, DONT...
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
John & Christoph
Loosely KS, Weak NT, 2over1GF, Flannery, 1D-2C 9+ HCP
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Nancy & Christoph
2 over 1 GF, 5-card majors, strong NT & Flannery
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KS2018: 5-card Major, Weak NT, 2over1GF, Flannery, Kaplan Adj.
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Semi-fancy 2/1
2 over 1 GF, 5-card majors, Flannery & str. NT
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Turquoise 2over1
13+-16 NT, 2over1GF, Flannery 2!h, Mexican 2!D, Kaplan Adjunct
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Bill Van Dame Christoph Eick
2 over 1 GF, 5-card majors, strong NT
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Michaels convention
I played it that way the last 20 years and got a lot of good results, even not playing 1NT shows 5-5+ in the black suits at IMPs, where I prefer 1NT is something like (16++) 17 to 19; if you have a crazy black 6-5 hand there is still ...
BW 2/1: Opener's 3NT Rebid
When playing 15-17 NT, opening all 15 or 16 HCP 5-3-3-2 hands with 1NT 3NT: 17-18 HCP balanced, no surprises, usually 5-3-3-2 (but could be 5-4(bad)-2-2); if doubleton in unbid suit, Q-x or better in that suit. 2NT: 11-14 or 19 HCP, could be off shape, e.g ...
2M (X) 2N Part II
Relay to 3C; either a signoff in 3C, 3D, or 3H(after partner opens S) or shows in game invitation to 4M by bidding 3M over 3C.
Weak Jump Shift or Splinter?
I play it showing 6+ spades, but not really weak but not strong enough to bid 2S; e.g. 7-9 HCP with most of my partners, and my experience is that this a "useful" treatment.
After 1!C-1M-2!C
Over 1C-1S-2C I play both 2D/2H(might be a stopper or a suit) as (semi-) natural 1-round force, promising invitational+ values; after the 1-round force 2D over 2C opener's continuations of 2S/2NT/3C/3D are not forcing, showing a minimum 2C-rebid; with extras opener has to bid ...
Penalty Double of 1NT
My rule is if the NT range includes 17 HCP it is strong; I have seen too many 14-16 HCP NT range players opening on so-so 13 HCP hands or 12 HCP with a 6-card minor---even more in third seat---to give up penalty doubles in direct seat. However, in passout ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: JT95 T 54 KQT873
I abstained for that reason; bidding 1NT instead of 1S, avoids the problems over 2D, and enhances the chances to get to the contract with the most likely plus score: 3C
45 years and I've learned ...NOTHING
I play that over 1M-2Y the next bid is artificial and shows little or not extras---e.g. 10-13 HCP and not a really good 13 (the shown hand is pretty close to or might even be a good 13)--- and all other bids are natural showing extras (3D shows extras ...
How to Bid this Hand?
case 1: 1C-1H-3C-3H-3NT-4C-4D(RCKB C)-4NT(2KC no Q)-5D(# kings)-5H(none)-6C same as Dave Beer case 2: 1C-(2S)-3H-3NT-p/4H---hard to get to slam after 3NT as responder does not seem to have enough extras and does not know about opener's long clubs 1C-(2S ...
Quick question--how do you play this auction without specific discussion?
Shortness, game-forcing, but not necessarily interest in slam!
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