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King Please or Thank you?
Hello Yu. The word cheater was not used, It s just how I took it when told I was lying about was I said. Also, the more I think about it, the more I think RHO really hurd King please, otherwise nothing makes sense. He was also playing a big ...
King Please or Thank you?
Hello Michael. I actually tried to find some, but for some reason there is an issue in all of them. If someone can help me. First one was on board 2 of the final vs versace on table (I think) 24. the video should be the following ...
King Please or Thank you?
I should add that my comprehension of the rulling when the director came,(and before I played the board) which was that the King of heart was not played, was definitive. In other words, OP saying "decision is yet to be made" is not what I understood from what the ...
King Please or Thank you?
Hello Stefan. We entered the scored in the bridgemate and moved on to the next board. The director wasn't called again. My poor play for down 2 didn't score well, so my opponenant (south) had no need to ask for more. I honestly have no clue what would ...
King Please or Thank you?
Hello Steve. I did not. It was South who called the director and I was trying to focus on my game rather than on anything else. I have made the mistake on concentrating on something else (than my play) in the past and it has always proved to be costly ...
King Please or Thank you?
I was declarer on that hand and I would like to say 3 things : 1 - just increase the quality of the microphone please ebl/wbf/acbl. 2 - the director went to asked the bbo operator after and I clearly stated that if she had heard king I was ready to ...
David Gold's bidding problem: Q632 QJT3 6 QT53
I completely agree. But to me, skiping 3NT after biding 1NT and when partner didnt deny a D stoper is just too long a shot if it is to play 4C. I guess it also depends how much I trust my partner. I guess he could have a hand with ...
David Gold's bidding problem: Q632 QJT3 6 QT53
Maybe the 4C intended as pick a major is too unlikely and bidding 5C makes more sense ;)
David Gold's bidding problem: Q632 QJT3 6 QT53
Maybe pass is the logical auction. But, at the table, if I were west I would bid on, probably 4H. Maybe we make 5C (lucky or because 4C was intented as forcing), maybe 4C was pick a major (very unlikely I agree) or maybe it was to play. But when ...
Director rulling : French national matchpoint championship.
Thx all for your votes !

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