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Christopher Diamond
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July 5, 2015
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Sept. 21
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Recommend a partnership style
I have tried a thread on this before because basically, while I don't play much anymore I try to watch a lot of high level competition. What I have seen is that there simply aren't many unaccepted "pure" invitations. There are lots of "total trick mixed raises" that ...
Matt Smith Promotion
Congratulations Matt. Great director, great guy.
Smith and Humphries Win Wagar Pairs
Congratulations Julie and Susan.
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: AJ9 K7 KQ98 QJ87
Its also a very bad vulnerability to go down 4 or 5 Kieran. :-)
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: AJ9 K7 KQ98 QJ87
I agree Roland. But is she supposed to find a positive call with her actual balanced 9 count? I suppose, maybe a hybrid action is called for. Not directly bidding 3NT, as Kieran suggested, but doubling and then bidding 3NT over 3S, suggesting no 4 spades and no heart stopper ...
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: AJ9 K7 KQ98 QJ87
Thanks, normally I'd let the polling go on but it seems pretty overwhelming. My own thought was that the HK becomes devalued putting this hand out of 1NT range (although, to be fair, playing against me at these colours, that's a dubious proposition). I wanted to see how ...
What do you think?
I have, after extensive review, decided that most doubles say: Partner, I have some high cards. I have either shortness or near shortness in the opponents suit. I have no suit I have the courage to bid myself. I would like you to do something. If it works, I asked ...
What do you think?
Michael, if there is no "standard" but you would play this as SOS in most of your expert partnerships is this an alert? I know this might sound sarcastic when put in this style, and I'm genuinely not trying to do that. But if your "true" range is 0-12 ...
What do you think?
Hendrik, as to Oren's comment. Maybe I'm completely wrong here but when you make "an offer to play" I would assume, as an opponent, that you are saying 1NT is a contract you make a decent percent of the time. Obviously, the given hand isn't that. Its ...
What do you think?
Oops, see my later rant. 1S was a great bid. :-)

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