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Christopher Lubesnik
Christopher Lubesnik
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June 20, 2010
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wherever there is a casino with good video poker
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I had to rule on this hand (board 8 from Tuesday afternoon March 6 Common Game) with the same auction. The North player at the table in question chose 3. My inclination was to allow it as I did not think PASS was a logical alternative and that the ...
The difference between winning and success;
I still have Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success taped to our office wall and one of his books on our shelf. If only Bill Walton hadn't driven him to an early grave...(kidding, he died at age 99).
Best Movement for 6 pairs? (Party/non sanctioned)
One thing you might consider is running 3 team matches with 2 6-person teams. Nobody has to sit out as all 3 tables play simultaneously with team 1 sitting one pair NS at an "anchor table" and the other 2 pairs sitting EW at 2 other tables. Team 2 sits ...
New Documentary About Bridge — ACES & KNAVES!
While I share the sentiment that it would be nice to have more people commenting and generating more discussion I think it would be a mistake to remove this post from featured articles. Promoting Bridge seems hard enough as it is and I think if this article were to "disappear ...
Please Explain
The regulation David cites or paraphrases "Following the Skip Bid, LHO is obligated to wait approximately 10 seconds (while giving the appearance of studying his hand and not in excess time to determine a choice of bids) before making a call" is designed to protect both sides - at least I ...
Agree with all the accolades for 3rd hand's tempo and would like to add one for opening leader for refusing to "know" that partner must have another club since it took him 7-8 seconds to "figure out which one to play." Based on what I see and hear about ...
Best Advice Ever
Echoing the first one, although not direct advice but from Bob Hamman's book: "GO ON TO THE NEXT HAND!" (I think I need to read it again)
Masterpoints per minute and per dollar
I thought that was Mastercard. AmEx would say "Don't leave home without it."
What Happened to the Post About the Falsified Swiss Match Result?
Based on the round 5 match assignments, it appears, although I am merely speculating, that a 10-10 VP score went through and was later adjusted. The draw for round 5 would likely have been different had each of these teams had 39 VPs rather than the 49 VPs they represented ...
Horrible ruling : Daily Bulletin March 17, page 9
Maybe ACBL should relocate the scorecard from the back of the convention card to a separate sheet of paper and make the back of the card a space designed for more detail about one's system/treatments. They could even make the separate scorecards double-sided so people would not have ...

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