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Nov. 10, 2015
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about me

I started learning at the end of 2015 and still don't know how to play this game.

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2019 Mini-Spingold II (0-2500)
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Frances, I appreciate the comment. And yes, I am well aware that an extra undertrick at IMPs isn't worth that much. For me, a lot of it is trying to figure out what kind of analysis is instinctive to experts in no-brainer, no-need-to-think kind of situations -- this is certainly ...
Bid the correct grand
On any layout that 7 makes, 7NT also makes (via the line described in OP). I also think that on any layout that 7 makes, 7NT also makes. The converse is not true. So 7NT strictly dominates 7 and 7. However, 7 is not dominated ...
Bid the correct grand
Fair enough. I think with N in control the grand is a lot easier to bid. With S in control it is much harder. Edit: But what do you get to if you had the same hand as N without the J and/or J?
Bid the correct grand
The problem with bidding this hand is that: - If N does not have the J, then you need to play in a trump suit, not NT. - You want to play in rather than other denominations because of communication issues. - If N does not have the J, then you cannot ...
Bid the correct grand
Can you stop in 6H if N denies the J?
Be careful what you wish for...
A trump squeeze is basically a kind of criss-cross anyway. And this is a criss-cross. As David Burn alluded to, your 7 is a threat in the criss-cross. I'm sure nearly everyone reading this knows what the squeeze is, but I'm going to be very explicit for ...
Matchpoint Defense Trick 1
I think you need to give a little more context about the system. If I remember correctly, this is a strong club system where openers are extremely light — can be significantly lighter than even your usual precision opener — except in the case of the hand with long clubs. Also in ...
Double Dummy Puzzler
Ok, I see the solution now (thanks to the tips above) -- We have to strip the red suits then throw south in with a spade, and we need to make the spade configuration such that if he exits a low spade we end up in hand to cash our last ...
Am I overthinking ? Opening lead choice.
I would lead a heart. You lose when declarer can win the first trick and run off his top tricks when an alternative lead would have worked better, or when you are leading into his AQ. But otherwise you are fine if declarer lets partner win the first trick. Your ...
Defending against 1NT is a pain
Assuming 1NT=15-17: I would build a hypothetical model of declarer's hand based on the first two tricks. It seems that declarer has 5 diamonds potentially headed by KJ and the ace of clubs. This means that declarer has 7-9 HCP in the major suits (assuming partner has the ...

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