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Matchpoint Defense Trick 1
I think you need to give a little more context about the system. If I remember correctly, this is a strong club system where openers are extremely light — can be significantly lighter than even your usual precision opener — except in the case of the hand with long clubs. Also in ...
Double Dummy Puzzler
Ok, I see the solution now (thanks to the tips above) -- We have to strip the red suits then throw south in with a spade, and we need to make the spade configuration such that if he exits a low spade we end up in hand to cash our last ...
Am I overthinking ? Opening lead choice.
I would lead a heart. You lose when declarer can win the first trick and run off his top tricks when an alternative lead would have worked better, or when you are leading into his AQ. But otherwise you are fine if declarer lets partner win the first trick. Your ...
Defending against 1NT is a pain
Assuming 1NT=15-17: I would build a hypothetical model of declarer's hand based on the first two tricks. It seems that declarer has 5 diamonds potentially headed by KJ and the ace of clubs. This means that declarer has 7-9 HCP in the major suits (assuming partner has the ...
Christopher Moh's bidding problem: A A9873 KQ876 32
Also, my original version said that 4D was D+H, but I edited it so that it's actually D+unspecified M.
Christopher Moh's bidding problem: A A9873 KQ876 32
sorry, I meant "overcalls" (article edited). Your RHO opened 3C and it's on you to act.
Space: Beyond the Frontier
David, thanks for your thoughtful comment - there's nothing to be sorry about correcting my mistakes :) I went back to look up the mathematical basis behind vacant spaces and you are right - vacant spaces theory for suit breaks combines the "suit break in a given suit" and "breaks for all ...
Space: Beyond the Frontier
Isn't the point of the decision after South played a heart and West followed low, rather than before South playing a heart? In addition, at this point we know each player has at least one diamond, so that changes the number of unknown cards again. At this point West ...
High-level competitive decision.
Good points - Thanks, Richard. There shouldn't be a keycard ask with a void, but you never know. I will admit that as partner regardless of which club spot my partner led I would try cashing the Ace of diamonds on trick 2.
High-level competitive decision.
NS hands -- (Partner's hand is KQ52 / 86 / AQT9543 / (void) -- so 6H can be set for -500 by under-leading the ace of diamonds on trick 2 but in practice the score will be -200). I agree that failing to raise diamonds (as most have ...

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