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Christopher Monsour
Christopher Monsour
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Basic Information

Member Since
Nov. 8, 2012
Last Seen
July 20
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against a pro-client pair in a team game in 1995, pro on my left. On the previous hand my partner made a light 3NT, and this time I have bid 3NT even more aggressively. The client leads, and as I put down dummy I say "I know this isn't much but you played the last one so well", and the pro says (disapproving of his partner's lead again) "You sure picked your mark".
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Chicago Invitational Pairs (1996) prior to Becoming a Life Master; 2nd in 5K mini-Spingold in 2006; a number of overall finishes in NABC+ events; made it to second day of Reisinger in 2012
Favorite Conventions
Transfer advances, transfer rebids, etc.
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Way to Recover
Do 4=4=4=1 and 4=4=1=4 hands bid 1 or 1 in your methods, Csaba?
Official Version of New Convention Charts
Point being, Ray, that your way would basically have everyone alerting everything, which is about as useful as no one alerting anything.
Official Version of New Convention Charts
So you would make the 90-year-olds (pre)alert because the 70-year-olds would not understand standard 1950s Goren?
Official Version of New Convention Charts
Ed, the point is that the alert procedures will be revised, including the statement you quote. The yammering is about how the new statement should read.
Way to Recover
Yes, that's why we use 1....we need the extra room. But it gives opener a chance to grab the notrump, and perhaps most importantly I think it's best to consolidate all the positives that don't have a long suit, since those are the hands that ...
Way to Recover
Why not include the 4441 positive hands in with the 4432 and 4333 responder hands? (Easier if you use 1 rather than 1NT for these hands, I suppose.)
Official Version of New Convention Charts
Ray, should four-card majors (non-canape) be pre-alerted? Do you really think they are more common than Prevision in regional tournaments?
Opener's jump rebid of 3NT after a game forcing 2/1 response
If you don't use this with a balanced hand, how about a semi-solid seven-card major with two first-round controls and an open suit?
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
That sounds Athenian rather than Muscovite...
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
On the contrary, David: for example, several states eliminated county governments in the mid-20th century (e.g., Connecticut) with an increased efficiency as towns became the only form of local government. Fewer layers, less red tape, less bureaucracy (though still probably too much). The counties still exist, but only as ...

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