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Christopher Monsour
Christopher Monsour
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Nov. 8, 2012
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17 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against a pro-client pair in a team game in 1995, pro on my left. On the previous hand my partner made a light 3NT, and this time I have bid 3NT even more aggressively. The client leads, and as I put down dummy I say "I know this isn't much but you played the last one so well", and the pro says (disapproving of his partner's lead again) "You sure picked your mark".
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Chicago Invitational Pairs (1996) prior to Becoming a Life Master; 2nd in 5K mini-Spingold in 2006; a number of overall finishes in NABC+ events; made it to second day of Reisinger in 2012
Favorite Conventions
Transfer advances, transfer rebids, etc.
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Fundamental Principle
I do appreciate that there is a difference between that and simply marking "attitude", but I can easily see how others might think the two are synonymous.
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
How do you bid a strong responding hand that is 5422 with a 5-card minor and a 4-card major?
Reserving Rights
In isolation, "I'd like to reserve my rights" is a terrible phrase since it isn't designed to elicit agreement that UI was available, so it often has the result of NOT preserving your rights (if the opponents simply grunt "OK" and you mistakenly assume they've agreed there ...
Fundamental Principle
Is it permitted to indicate HSSSS and say lower likes it better?
Two-suited Overcalls
The relative value of a natural 2 opening is that the takeout double comes up less frequently vs that than vs 2 or 2 (since you need at least 3 cards in each major). The advantage of a 2 natural overcall (vs 2 or 2 ...
Transfers after Transfers or Transfer Extensions
I should add that one thing that may impact your follow-on structure is your decision as to whether responder would bid this way with 6=4 (or 6=5) or whether opener can be sure the major is (almost) always just five cards. (This impacts how you can use auctions ...
A clear case of aphasia, and yet . . .
The laws are pretty generous here. I wonder whether that was intention, to comply with laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Transfers after Transfers or Transfer Extensions
If you are going to play natural, there is a case for completing the transfer not absolutely guaranteeing four-card support. After all, it's a bit odd to have to choose which stopper to bid when you have Qx AQxx AQxx Kxx and partner shows the black suits. And yet ...
Fundamental Principle
Or to put it another way, does anyone mark on their card the holdings with which they will signal positive attitude when following suit or discarding? I thought not.
Fundamental Principle
But those agreements are usually about how badly you want the same suit returned, which depends on the entire hand and the auction, not just the holding in that suit.

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