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Christopher Monsour
Christopher Monsour
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Nov. 8, 2012
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July 23
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against a pro-client pair in a team game in 1995, pro on my left. On the previous hand my partner made a light 3NT, and this time I have bid 3NT even more aggressively. The client leads, and as I put down dummy I say "I know this isn't much but you played the last one so well", and the pro says (disapproving of his partner's lead again) "You sure picked your mark".
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Chicago Invitational Pairs (1996) prior to Becoming a Life Master; 2nd in 5K mini-Spingold in 2006; a number of overall finishes in NABC+ events; made it to second day of Reisinger in 2012
Favorite Conventions
Transfer advances, transfer rebids, etc.
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Odds of number in a suit when pard opens a short club
I'm calling bullshit on this. The probability of 1 being short increases by at least about a quarter if you are playing strong NT vs weak NT, and by between 4.5 and 9 percentage points (depending on your choice-of-suit philosophy with 4+ diamonds or a 5-card major ...
Odds of number in a suit when pard opens a short club
The same thing applies to making a 2/1 response to a major holding four diamonds and three clubs. Responding 2 can make it easier to find a diamond fit.
Odds of number in a suit when pard opens a short club
The weaker the NT range, the fewer short openings there will be, since more of the balanced hands get opened 1NT, since weaker opening hands are more common than stronger ones. Also, opening offshape NTs with long minors will reduce the number of hand with 5 or 6 card ...
Odds of number in a suit when pard opens a short club
"Strong notrump" can also mean 14-16, or 16-18. And it also matters what you would open with 5m422 and with 5M332 in your NT range. Not to mention 6m322.
Odds of number in a suit when pard opens a short club
Amazing how people think they can answer this question to 4 significant digits without knowing your notrump range! LOL
NABC Online Update - Awards significantly increased!
Richard, I don't know that increasing the expected chance of comparing one or two boards with any given opponent from 48% to 80% represents a huge decrease in security, since few people would go to the trouble of sifting through 96 boards just for that, especially since the other ...
Your continuation after passive lead
If you play the 10 at trick one, declarer wins the J and can come to three clubs and (if you attack hearts) two tricks in each of the other suits, giving up the lead only twice...once in each minor. If he needed the third spade, he'd still ...
Your continuation after passive lead
I rarely mean to be contrarian. But that was an outright joke--Perhaps I should have used a smiley. And I don't think a high spade lead is ridiculous at all. I would have led the 2 against this auction, but I'd probably lead 8 against 1NT(15-17)-2 ...
Your continuation after passive lead
How can I make a joke and not be mistaken for being serious?
Your continuation after passive lead
Maybe if your partner is a devoted Bird/Anthias fan, he should lead suit preference from xxx.

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