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Chuck Messinger
Chuck Messinger
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July 23, 2012
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Active player until I became self-employed in the early nineties. 


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1994 World Open Pairs Leader Board
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Peterborough ON Bridge Club
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Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: T4 QT98652 Q8 Q3
It's unlikely partner will pass my double in front of the 2S bid and 3H may have a shot opposite a singleton J.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: AJT Q54 54 AQT92
I would have overcalled 2C. It's not pretty but either is double with no 4 card major or actual diamond shortness.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: KJ87 Q AQJ QT942
As openings get lighter and lighter you have to bid 3H or 3S here to show a good hand.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: 63 J953 K9 AQT74
You're obviously a fan of Ottawa math. 6C is 75% because they have 4 suits to lead and 3 work for you. There is also the Ottawa GSF where you GSF with JTxx. Partner can have AK AQ or KQ and maybe the finesse will work.
Claude "Capri" Candillier's bidding problem: KQ98 KQ973 --- K763
They already bid 2H. I'm talking about 4D.
Han Peters's bidding problem: xx J KJxxxx ATxx
I'm not a person that opens a short club in 3rd seat vulnerable. KQxx KJxx Kxx xx is a 1H opening or possibly 1S but definitely not 1C. I have a 7 loser hand for clubs and I don't see pass being an option. Axx xxx Qx KQxxx ...
Claude "Capri" Candillier's bidding problem: KQ98 KQ973 --- K763
This is the first time I've heard of Bluhmer. An example on the internet gives (uncontested) 1D-1H-1S-1N-2C-3H where a natural 3H is impossible and, of course, it works out beautifully when partner when partner has a 3 loser hand. In the above example I would bid 3D on a ...
Bob Johnson's bidding problem: QJ753 7 9 AQJT95
This is a powerful offensive hand with little defence. I think 4C, showing clubs and spades will at least get partner to value highly black honors and red aces. Kxxxx KQJx Kx xx shouldn't get them excited.
Claude "Capri" Candillier's bidding problem: KQ98 KQ973 --- K763
I never get these right but I would be playing partner for xx Axxx AKQxx xx or similar.
David Parsons's bidding problem: KJ8763 4 J64 T92
I've found that playing an initial WJS in a major as 3-6 clears up a lot of other auctions.
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