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Chuck Messinger
Chuck Messinger
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July 23, 2012
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Active player until I became self-employed in the early nineties. 


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1994 World Open Pairs Leader Board
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Peterborough ON Bridge Club
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If Looney Tunes Had a Team
I can't get into any serious Looney Tunes discussion that ignores Marvin the Martian and Foghorn Leghorn.
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
4 suit transfers, 2D,2H,2N,3C and 2S is a game forcing 3 suiter. When you transfer to a minor you are either signing off or looking for a slam. With an invitational minor you start with 2C and your subsequent minor bid is invitational.
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
I use 1N-3D as puppet.
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: 7632 K872 AT32 9
Whatever we are playing.
Rohit Gupta's lead problem: AQJ6 J4 Q9865 Q5
Maybe at matchpoints I lead a spade but it seems to me scoring 1 diamond and 2 spades is a lot more likely than cashing 3 spade tricks.
ATB - missed slam
Maybe a defined pass or double over the 4D bid would solve the problem. If North read the pass as 1st round control then they had a serious underbidding problem.
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: K KQT5432 --- AJ854
1H-1S-2C-P is a very dangerous auction to balance into. There is not necessarily a fit and both the 1H and 1S bidder can have undisclosed values. KJxxx _ QJxxx Qxx and are you bidding again after a 2C rebid? We've seen how much opener can have.
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: AKJ64 Q8 AK KQ85
I wouldn't play this system. It just has too big a range for 1 bids.
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: QT864 954 KT865 ---
You have 9 Goren support points for hearts (5 for the void -1 for only 3 trumps) which looks like a single raise to me.
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: K KQT5432 --- AJ854
Too bad partner has Axxx J QTxx Txxx and passes 2C. If, by chance, they bid FSF I guess you bid 3H and hope partner figures it out.
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