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Chuck Messinger
Chuck Messinger
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July 23, 2012
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Active player until I became self-employed in the early nineties. 


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1994 World Open Pairs Leader Board
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Peterborough ON Bridge Club
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Walter Schmid's bidding problem: KQJT52 752 A7 K4
Axxx AKx Kxx xxx is a hand I would be pushing to slam opposite a 3S rebid. To me a 3S rebid would be a solid jump rebid hand along the lines of KQJTxx Kxx Ax Kx where slam is a strong possibility and save the 3N rebid for hands ...
Jeannie Fitzgerald's bidding problem: KT2 J82 A432 A86
I think if you start with the assumption that partner has a minimum of 9 black cards then game is in the picture. If partner is the type to rush in with 4-4 in the blacks, taking up no bidding room and clearing up the opps trump situation, then I ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: 9654 852 AK9 A63
I was thinking about 4C but 3S leaves 3N open and hopefully partner can work my hand out.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: KJ95 AJ32 632 AT
I think it is that assumption that makes double attractive.
What is the largest penalty you have ever seen?
I saw a vindictive 7NXX -13 vul in Ottawa for -7600.
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: 7 AQJ43 KJT54 65
3D gets a lot worse if partner has 10 or more black cards, certainly a strong possibility. This is a misfit auction and it's usually a good idea to not keep increasing the level. Ax AKJxx AQTxx x, depending on the person, might be a max where you would ...
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: Q985 K965 Q K654
I don't know what is going on but I hate defending with 4 cards in partner's suit.
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: 7 AQJ43 KJT54 65
Why dig a deeper hole with 3D? KQTx xx xx AQ9xx is no picnic anywhere and 2N looks as good as anything. If partner has fitting red cards 2N should have an excellent play. I save 3D (forcing) for good hands. What do you bid with 5-5 hands just under ...
Jeannie Fitzgerald's bidding problem: KT2 J82 A432 A86
I don't see how you clarify the situation by getting partner to repeat what they have already told you. Does 1S now show 5? I play that walking into a live auction as a passed hand shows real shape. The least I would expect is 4 spades and 5 ...
Jeannie Fitzgerald's bidding problem: KT2 J82 A432 A86
Assuming partner isn't just telling the opps how to play the hand double dummy we have a very good offensive hand. AJxxx x xx KJxxx is what I would have for the double others would have AJxx xx xxx KJxx. As an aside a 3C bid, instead of double ...
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