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Cliff Donn
Cliff Donn
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Aug. 4, 2011
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about me

I have  been a college professor for well over 40 years.  For most of my career I taught and reseearched labor and employment issues but in the past decade I have transitioned my teaching to criminology.  I live in the jungles of upstate New York (between Syracuse and Utica). Not retired yet so I don't play as much as I would like and it is a long drive to almost any of the local games.  I am an intermediate player at best with no aspirations to be more than that.  I don't play in NABCs and only rarely in regionals or sectionals.  However, I do love when I get to play.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning two knockouts in a regional in one week. I was pretty awful after the first two days but Josh was a hero!
Bridge Accomplishments
My son Josh has never strangled me no matter how ridiculous my bidding or play
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Syracuse Contract
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Josh/Cliff Precision
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YBTJ-spade game missed?
And there are also some old fashioned enough not to open a weak 2 with this bad suit, at least not in first or second position. Yes I know how very old fashioned that is.
BW Gives Thanks For You!
This is a great site and a great community. It includes bridge players of such a wide variety of levels and such a wide variety of backgrounds. I love that people from so many countries participate and provide different personal and national perspectives. I love that I can read opinions ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: JT3 A6 AK9 AQT63
Some of us old-fashioned folks still play that overcalls are limited to 15-16 hcp. Hence my plan is to double (nutty or not) and then bid clubs.
Ian Rowlands's bidding problem: T9 A65 653 AK743
I don't see the point of bidding 3. To me that suggests you are interested in going beyond 4 and on my hand I am not. To me the logical choices are double or 4.
Jon Green's bidding problem: KJ765 --- 63 AQ9752
Yet if you open 1 and it comes back to you at 3, you are in an even worse situation. Opening 1 keeps the auction lower most of the time and often lets you show both of your suits at the 2-level indicating at last 5 ...
Speaking as a non-expert, I think the worst bid here is 3. East could have bid 3 earlier as some have suggested but having reached this point, I don't think 3 conveys very much information and 3 was available and to me far superior. Maybe ...
A Three wins by weight - well nearly.
Nice hand and nice story. Thanks
Going for the Cycle
I recently won three consecutive times at my local club (over several weeks because I don't play very often) with three different partners and playing three different systems (2/1, Precision, Schenken). Perhaps a fourth win with a fourth partner and a fourth system would qualify.
David Neiman's bidding problem: 5432 9632 AK6 74
For me, a garbage stayman hand has at least 3 cards in each major (normally 4 cards in at least 1 major) and 5 diamonds (thus at most one club). That is, I am going to pass partner's response to stayman no matter what it is.
Alternative to Lebensohl
No you are not the only dinosaur left who believes this. I still think the inability to make penalty doubles just invites more inference by relatively weak hands that makes your bidding difficult and that should be punished with big penalties.

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