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Cliff Gillis
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Paul Gipson's bidding problem: --- AQJT543 KJ 6432
Appreciate that the problem as stated is what to do after the given auction but this is NOT a 3 bid at unfavourable.
Paul Gipson's bidding problem: --- AQJT543 KJ 6432
5 then 6 over 5. Even if we have a granny on (and are able to legitimately bid it) the opponents are very likely to bid 7 either as insurance or a sure bet. Harder to sacrifice if you start with a bid that can be ...
Claim ruling poll
IMO this is very clear cut. We can never know if declarer would unblock having played an honour and finding out 4-0. Level of player doesn’t matter. In fact a good and/or experienced player would realise that they made an error. If he or she states what they ...
Upside down count question
I'm not suggesting the 9 back from A987, perhaps my comment is not clear. With that I would just return the 7 as usual. I'm suggesting the 9 back would be consistent with an initial odd holding.
Upside down count question
I was told many years ago by a top class expert that it is imperative to be able to distinguish from an original 4 or 5 card holding. Returning original 4th best never achieves this. I just play remaining count is always standard. So with Steve Robinson's example hand ...
Redouble after a Major Suit Raise
I don't see these auctions as identical Marty. In your example there is a known 8+ card fit and an unlimited (or at least wide ranging) opening hand. In the OP, both sides were happy to play 2 in what might have been a 7-card fit. BTW I ...
Penalty or Responsive
I am amazed at the results of this poll by the BW community. Do we really think that in the long term penalty is going to be a winner? Such a small target and so many other hands to express.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AK Q862 9854 763
I would not have chosen 2 to start but having done so could not imagine not bidding 3 over the double.
ATB: Awkward hand from the Roth Swiss
I don't think this is a very good ATB problem as I don't believe many experts would agree with the 4D call. The best ATB problems (if there is such a thing) are ones where each side has made marginal but not ridiculous bids. That's not what ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Ax J Q9xxx AQTxx
There is anywhere between 8 and 12 tricks in this hand. I'm not going to guess where we belong if partner has a chance to do something sensible. The upside to this is that we may just find a good slam that otherwise wouldn't be bid. Don't ...

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