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An Absurd ACBL Procedure
When these first appeared I thought -wow, this is the future of duplicate bridge. The practical benefits of these devices are huge. I’m assuming there are some cost/manufacturing issues? Otherwise every club would have them by now.
An Absurd ACBL Procedure
Just out of curiosity (and somewhat in relation to this discussion) does anyone know if there has been any progress in the device that deals the boards at the table for you? I think this was a demo a few years back at some European events.
What is this Double?
Richard-Andy’s example above is after 1-1. This is one of many hands that would bid 2 with a 4-card heart suit.
What is this Double?
I think it is very reasonable for this double to show a hand with 4h!’s that wants to also compete to at least 3’s. How else can you show this?
What is this Double?
Partner can’t likely have 4 hearts? Very much disagree with that.....
Who underbid?
David-I don't think 4 must show the red suits. There will be a number of 5/6 diamond hands that on this auction would like to bid a natural 4 without a suit. I am contemplating whether I can justify a 3 bid here and ...
Who underbid?
For those that think East should have done something on the first or second round of bidding I think they are resulting a little bit. We have no idea at either stage if the opponents are going to bid a cold and/or thin game. Why would we give them ...
Paul Gipson's bidding problem: --- AQJT543 KJ 6432
Appreciate that the problem as stated is what to do after the given auction but this is NOT a 3 bid at unfavourable.
Paul Gipson's bidding problem: --- AQJT543 KJ 6432
5 then 6 over 5. Even if we have a granny on (and are able to legitimately bid it) the opponents are very likely to bid 7 either as insurance or a sure bet. Harder to sacrifice if you start with a bid that can be ...
Claim ruling poll
IMO this is very clear cut. We can never know if declarer would unblock having played an honour and finding out 4-0. Level of player doesn’t matter. In fact a good and/or experienced player would realise that they made an error. If he or she states what they ...

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