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Cliff Gillis
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Sept. 30, 2010
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Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AK Q862 9854 763
I would not have chosen 2 to start but having done so could not imagine not bidding 3 over the double.
ATB: Awkward hand from the Roth Swiss
I don't think this is a very good ATB problem as I don't believe many experts would agree with the 4D call. The best ATB problems (if there is such a thing) are ones where each side has made marginal but not ridiculous bids. That's not what ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Ax J Q9xxx AQTxx
There is anywhere between 8 and 12 tricks in this hand. I'm not going to guess where we belong if partner has a chance to do something sensible. The upside to this is that we may just find a good slam that otherwise wouldn't be bid. Don't ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Ax J Q9xxx AQTxx
I think style is an important factor. For me 2 is very wide ranging opposite a hand that could have responded very weakly. So 3 followed by anything would show a much better hand than this. I think it is just about right for 4 (in tempo ...
Penalty double or something else?
Opponents have found what is likely a 9+ card fit and we want to double them for penalty at the 3 level in the dark?
Alec Fettes's bidding problem: AK984 J85 J6 Q54
I have more defence than offence and for that reason I choose to defend. Of course I could be wrong, but than again I have already endplayed myself because I would never have opened this collection first in hand at unfavourable. Dont get me wrong, I want my partners to ...
Alec Fettes's bidding problem: AK984 J85 J6 Q54
I for one am passing but NOT because my partner has made a penalty double. What is this, 1950?
The only N/S bid I approve of is 3.
Another ATB
Upon reflexion (and some convincing) I believe Martin is correct. I cannot construct a hand for declarer (based on the auction and play after trick two) where a second heart is necessary to beat 3N.
Another ATB
I don't think it is as simple as this Marty. You are basing your analysis on the assumption that declarer has exactly what he has. There are many possible hands declarer could have at trick 2 from North's point of view, some of which don't include running ...

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