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Whatever you think of the 5S bid it would not have been made if South had not bid 4S.
Director Ruling, Good, Bad or Ugly
I am probably missing something but given the pollees answers I fail to see why there should be any adjustment. The answers to Bill March's poll on another thread seems to me to underline there should be no adjustment.
Director Ruling, Good, Bad or Ugly
I too would be interested to know what would happen. We have a number of TD's that use this site. Perhaps they can educate us.
Director Ruling, Good, Bad or Ugly
I agree with Kit the questions asked are appropriate. In the poll did anyone say they were more likely to double 4H if the double was takeout rather than penalties?
Director Ruling, Good, Bad or Ugly
I apologise if I have missed this in the thread above but perhaps JP can tell us what specific question(s) were asked in the directors poll and what was the final ruling.
ATB missed slam
100% agree with Steven
A better rating system
I believe Jeff is right. I know of a number of people who won't play with someone 'because it will affect my grading'. Whether that is true or not is a debatable point.
Class of player
BR My (English) son is a professor in the US lecturing in American History. You will be pleased he corrects grammatical errors - would be a full time job for him if he marked my work!! He has switched to using the word 'gotten' the derivation accurately described by DB above.
Class of player
JL -Pernickety grammar on BW is unlikely to result in fewer people playing bridge but pernickety behaviour at the table probably does.
Class of player
I agree 100% with Art's comments. Personally I would not want to play in a club that ruled you had to play the 2 from AKQ2 in the circumstances outlined. In fact I am not sure I would want to play a game that made that ruling. Ed - many ...
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