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What is acceptable risk?
One of the reasons I so like bridgewinners is the variety of topics discussed. The contribution from Yu is first class. It is so difficult to judge what one should do as different countries seem to tackling the problem in different ways. Yesterday in England there was a press conference ...
Blackwood after partner pre empts at the 3 level.
As MK above
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Moved fairly recently to a new area.Play in a league 28 board matches. Fortnight ago the match took 4 hours 15 Minutes Last night 2 hours 45 minutes The first match was mainly due to one player. When I mention it to other local players they say 'Oh he ...
What does this 3!d bid mean?
If you read my comment again you will see I asked the question as posed by RF. Sorry I did not make that clearer.
What does this 3!d bid mean?
Played in a 9 table club event NGS c54% and asked all 18 opponents how they would play the bid in the circumstances outlined by RF. Only 3 said they would take it as majors.
Two-level openings in fourth seat
Mike is right. Perhaps People bid more aggressively outside Yorkshire. Ian I agree it seems illogical but in any event with Drury in the toolkit I am likely imho to be better placed opposite a 1M opener.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
In most events nearly everyone knows who the slow players will be before the start. At local events I always make sure I am NOT following a slow pair. I agree with Adam there is zero enjoyment following such players. However slow players rarely believe they are slow. In national ...
Two-level openings in fourth seat
I used to play same as Ian but found in a reasonable field I never held the appropriate hand so changed to FH's style. Would be interested to see if any one has a usage that occurs on a high frequency basis.
What does this 3!d bid mean?
I play as majors but if I sat down at a club with a good but not expert partner I would expect the bid to ask for a diamond stop. Hence my vote.
The price of pessimism
Perhaps an update is required to the 'Grumpy Club' system !! Presumably 3D is forcing so I agree with the comments made by Francis Hinden above
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