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July 31, 2013
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You have to read the whole law. Notice the "or" between 1 and 2. Part 1 applies here. 1. if a player conceded a trick his side had, in fact, won; or 2. if a player has conceded a trick that could not be lost by any normal* play of ...
Ambitious computer partner
Nice! Interestingly, I understand the 6 bid more than the 7 bid. The former is just a minor programming bug. The latter comes from not realizing that partner wants to sign off. Did it think 6 was an asking bid?
Common Game Hand 17
Where I played the hand almost nobody bid game. My opponents stopped in 2 spades with South showing a good hand.
Three Israelis say they've broken the full Fisher-Schwartz code
Ignore my previous question. Greg Lawler answered it below. I had not realized that the heart signals were also the same in the two theories (incorrectly assuming that there was a particular side in the original theory). Actually, this leaves open a one more natural position for a signal. I ...
Three Israelis say they've broken the full Fisher-Schwartz code
I hope this is not a silly question (not having looked at the actual data) ... If I understand the new theory it seems as if the signals from one partner would have been backwards (not including the two signal types in the center). Why are not something like a quarter ...
Fisher/Schwartz Challenge
Fisher/Schwartz Challenge
You are right with the calculation. (I just checked it.) My intuition was off a bit here. Back to my original question: How do I interpret 1/11? I would think that one would like to say something like, if you get at least R right that is suspicious. What ...
Fisher/Schwartz Challenge
I am not sure what A,B,C,D,E,F are. I am assuming there is a preference on every hand. At the bottom table, Row 1 is 100, Row 2 is 25, and Row 3 is still 0.25. Then Row 4 will be some very small number ...
Fisher/Schwartz Challenge
Nicolas, I have a question about how you interpret the answer at the end. Let's say there are 100 hands and I happen to guess 25 correctly. This would suggest I have no idea. Your 1 in X number makes it look it is rare (since whatever particular value ...
Stopper-less INT Overcalls and alerts/non-alerts
I found it in the Alert Procedure: However, when in doubt – Alert. There is no penalty for Alerting unnecessarily but there may be one for failing to Alert when one is required.

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