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Colin Baker
Colin Baker
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Oct. 1, 2015
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Aug. 16
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Find that Ace
I don't think there was any thought of doubling... just a different lead turning the +500 (not +600) into -600
Poll on Psychs - 2
Are you assumed to know the master point totals of every pair?
What is partner's double?
To further muddy the waters, is there any more clarity on what responder’s double of 2 would have been had opened passed?
Poll on Psychs - 1
0-1 spades is really bad... 2-3 typically works better
What a lot of discards
Our rule was first of duplicates wins. Never had to worry about triplicates
Why the focus on "active ethics" is the death of bridge
I’m curious as to any following boards the two pairs played against each other. NS comments not only are unsportsmanlike but often have an intimidating affect on inexperienced players.
Seeking PhD Candidate for 3 year Bridge Project
I’d work harder on your application Sam:)
Your opinion on partner's opening bid Gatlinburg KO.
Nor can I.... however, I don't think I'm sitting for 4HX when partner couldn't respond to 1D
Colin Baker's bidding problem: J98543 A543 9 53
True, but how many are prepared to responder 2S to partner's overcall?
What would you have done?
How do you know what the final contract would have been had you not doubled?

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