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Colin Baker
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Oct. 1, 2015
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Complex Count Allowed?
What does rationality have to do with complex numbers?
How many 12 card fits can get lost in one hand?
I've had partner give me a trick 1 ruff when leading their singleton!
EOC case in Orlando - view from the peanut gallery
@ Christopher: "I remember 20 years ago at Miami nationals several events had to deal with incompetent directors who put some boards through the duplicating machines 180-degrees from the correct orientation..." Let's celebrate that they haven't employed anyone who can get the boards in at 90-degrees!
You Judge - The Whole "Whole Story"?
But it should be noted that Frances did not ask this question... it was asked by Randy Breuer in a prior post and she was merely quoting Randy.
Variable Precision and 2/1?
I believe also that the vulnerability issue is based on a precision 1C being far more susceptible to interference when vulnerable.
Cheating - standard of proof
Please let's go for the supra-majority!
Bridge: The Next Generation
Thanks Steve and Peter, What Peter didn't mention was that I had a great partner in Tony Nunn for that event but that we also had great opposition in that final. If we only look at qualifying round matches against that team those datums may not have been so ...
Bridge: The Next Generation
Actually, Liam says I'm still bidding like I'm a youth player :)
Bridge: The Next Generation
Hi Steve, I've recently come back to the bridge world after a roughly dozen year hiatus from tournament bridge. This past weekend I played in one of the Australian National events in Adelaide. The last 2 rounds of qualify saw us play 2 youth teams and unfortunately we had ...
TD exam
Does the absence of mentioning that he will trump the club lead force declarer to discard the diamond ace?

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