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Colin Baker
Colin Baker
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Oct. 1, 2015
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Your opinion on partner's opening bid Gatlinburg KO.
Nor can I.... however, I don't think I'm sitting for 4HX when partner couldn't respond to 1D
Colin Baker's bidding problem: J98543 A543 9 53
True, but how many are prepared to responder 2S to partner's overcall?
What would you have done?
How do you know what the final contract would have been had you not doubled?
Mad-Mexican or Dodgy-Bocchi?
Steve, What if you get locked in your hand st trick twelve?
I agree if the play to allow the beer is frivolous. But, if you think declarer will play you to unguard clubs and not diamonds because you are the youth player then I think partner will be happy with down 1
Why not? He's not paying for the beer
Forcing or Nonforcing
Responders bids haven't been included
Opinion on a director's ruling.
I'd rate the 3h bid as pretty bad.... who isn't bidding 4h unless they are hedging
Selection Committees
Lovely use of irony
Unwanted Gift
DwT's, Avon?

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