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Colin Simpson
Colin Simpson
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Aug. 26, 2015
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Oct. 4, 2016
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bridge player

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What is the value of the WBF?
Standing outside in Chennai I witnessed 3 of the largest air-conditioned coaches arrive to take all the non-players to dinner. Apparently this occurred every evening. That's where all the money goes
1NT-3M as 3-suited with stiff in Major
I'm with Frances but include 0355 and 3055 and all 4441 and 5431 hands without 5 major then bidding shortage asks for exact shape.
Who is the slowest player ever; Zimmerman?
Against me in a simple end position, a finesse or an endplay, a 50/50 position, Barnett took over 20 minutes and got it wrong. IMHO one looks a bit stupid if you have spent some much time to do the wrong thing and then say his first thought was ...
Partner Bids After a Raise
2S is F1 with 4S. 2NT is F1 without 4S.
The biggest insult
It's a very old tale but I did witness the incident at Stefan's Club in London when Lesley Barr, a diamond merchant in Hatton Garden cut as a partner Mrs "Dodo" Davidson , very English county set with twin-set and pearls. They didn't like each other. Once again ...
The biggest insult
Back in the early 80's I went to join a local club so that I could play there with my wife who was already a member. I played mainly rubber for money. The first 2 hands we played against the club chairman who gave me a lecture on how ...
Catching Cheaters
No one seems to have commented on them being the leading Israeli pair in the Butlers in last years Europeans yet not in the team for the Bowl. Apparently they have a pro deal in the Transnationals. James Vogel makes an interesting point. In a previous major championship a team ...
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