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Cornelia Yoder
Cornelia Yoder
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May 18, 2011
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I haven't filled out my profile yet! If you see me, please DO NOT BUG me to do it soon.  I have everything in my profile that I wish to share.

United States of America

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Does multi go for more numbers?
I play multi 2 with a few partners on bbo, but all of them are non-N.Americans. I think that multi is excellent, as long as you have actually learned it completely, and not just "2 shows a weak 2 major". You do have to know the rest ...
How Many Zeros Would You Give West?
West is not at fault, his hand is not an opening hand in any seat, and certainly not biddable later at the two or three level.
Pass, Pass, Pass, ?
Since preempts can't exist in 4th seat (the opponents have already given up), I prefer 2M to show 6 good trumps (2 top or 3 honors) and a full solid opening hand (like 14+ pts).
More or less likely to ask?
I once had an auction that went 1 2 no alert, and so of course I assumed Michaels. When it turned out the overcall was actually a long club suit and I misplayed because of it, the director ruled that since I was a good enough player to ...
What do you think of "Un-Michaels"?
What is it about normal Michaels that you think needs to fixed? If it ain't broke ...
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
Ignoring the complaints about the BoD which is irrelevant here, I'm quite surprised at the comments. I fully expected to be flamed for even suggesting this. So if others agree that going back to Open events might improve the bridge experience even for lower skilled players, how about a ...
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
Perhaps the solution to all of this is to return to open events, same field and same rewards for everyone equally. Then you'd actually have to learn to do ruffing finesses if you wanted to become a life master.
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
I don't see why this should be limited to juniors. I believe ANYONE should be able to play up, if they wish to play against the strongest opponents.
Asking a question as declarer behind screens
Is there any reason why you can't ask each of them -- separately in writing?
He may have forgotten
I would call the director, take him/her away from the table and reserve the right to redress should I assume and bid as though they have used their official agreement, and then it turns out to be wrong. I would explain both options and let the director guide me.
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