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Cornelia Yoder
Cornelia Yoder
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May 18, 2011
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about me

I haven't filled out my profile yet! If you see me, please DO NOT BUG me to do it soon.  I have everything in my profile that I wish to share.

United States of America

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"Table feel"
Another great argument for moving to play on computers. Kibitzers can watch from another room.
Multi 2D/Mini-Multi 2D and the new ACBL convention charts
I want to vote NO for the "suggested defense". Not only does the ACBL defense suck, it's high time that Americans learned multi and how to bid against it.
"The worst play I have ever seen"
Playing UDCA, the 10 would be discouraging attitude, so must be asking for a heart shift. Leading a seems less than useless with the dummy holding.
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
So when are we simply going to do away with the sexist division of bridge tournaments and let everyone compete equally as a Person.
Save Bundy's Sanity
What did your partner say when the director asked him/her? Did your pard agree with you or with the opponents? As director, I believe the complaining party when both agree what happened. The defendants have reason to mislead, the complainers wouldn't have called unless there were some actual ...
Problem D
I can't imagine bidding a second time unless forced by my partner. Spades is more important and more likely to be held by my partner, so 2 and pass ever after.
Definition of a penalty double
I just say, "It means my partner believes that we can take 5 tricks before you can take 9".
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
DONT over strong NT in direct seat, Capp over weak NT in direct seat, Natural in balance seat always.
Please assign blame
What problem would you be posting if the defense had gone to the A, to KA, to Q, A, to the QK, J, ?
Best bridge advice ever:
Bid optimistically, play pessimistically.
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