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Cornelia Yoder
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May 18, 2011
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I haven't filled out my profile yet! If you see me, please DO NOT BUG me to do it soon.  I have everything in my profile that I wish to share.

United States of America

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BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
Playing six (or whatever) 2 over 1 bids as GF is a treatment. "2/1 Game Force" is a complete system. You can play whatever, but let's not get lost in the semantics.
Forcing or non-forcing?
I consider the 2 bid to be the equivalent of 4th suit game forcing, simply because there isn't a 4th suit to make the bid.
BW 2/1: After 1!d-2!c
There are two reasons for bidding 2. 1. You have a good club suit and intend to game force. 2. You have long clubs and a weak hand and would like to play a partscore in clubs. My favorite system is that 1 2 shows either of ...
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
Whether you ever "totally" trust someone is up to you. If you do and they steal your wallet, I suggest you don't trust them near your wallet again, ever. In the case of cheating at bridge, there is no reason to ever trust them at the bridge table again ...
Ethics of Taking Advantage of Hitches
We can only hope that the move to electronic play happens faster! Eliminating all these kinds of unethical opportunities will make this game so much better!
What is your opinion about this auction ?
North probably should double, but maybe he didn't want to deal with his partner saying 4. After 3 P P, he has to come in to the auction. 4 seems right, and if partner bids something else, that's fine.
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
And good for the EBL. If the result was wrong, then it should be ignored. If someone steals your wallet while you stand there watching, but the court gets the "wrong result" and finds them not guilty, do you ignore them the next time they get near your wallet?
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
Tom, you said, "Cornelia, that's like saying someone who steals is always a thief, as if people never change." Yes, you are correct. Someone who steals is a thief. Even if they never steal again, they can never be totally trusted, either.
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
The problem is that if someone is a cheater, then they are always a cheater. No matter who is watching, they will never be trustable, because they are a cheater even when they are not cheating at the moment.
2NT vs. 3NT Rebid
I prefer 2N for 18-19 because partner may have plans to do something else, limit raise of your major, bid a long minor, etc. So leave him/her room to do it. If I ever bid 3N, it would likely be a long minor and absolutely no interest in any ...
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