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June 16, 2014
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Forcing or non-forcing?
Michael S: I would be very surprised if Sarah thought the double of 2 was penalty. Indeed, I would have thought takeout was standard. Michael K: I agree that 3 should be forcing, but surely there are hands that didn't want to bid 2 or 3 ...
Cornelius Duffie's bidding problem: A AJ4 KQ87652 Q6
Thanks, Debbie. Assuming you have the agreement that 4NT is two places here, I imagine you could bid that if you wanted to suggest playing 5 of a minor? (Not that you'd want to suggest playing 5 here.)
Charlie Chen's bidding problem: --- AKJxxxx Jxxxxx ---
Regardless of your abstention, do you have any specific agreements covering what 5NT would be here? For me and Stella, it's pick-a-slam by default, but I'm not sure what hands would bid it.
Victor Xu's bidding problem: QJ6 K AK76 KQ975
What would be your rationale for not opening the South hand?
Victor Xu's bidding problem: AT8643 T983 5 J7
Not clear to start with a transfer. Bidding stayman, planning to bid 2 over 2, will often work better, I think.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: AJ863 A43 76 QJ6
If you do bid 3 with 5 spades and 3 diamonds (in the auction 1 - 1; 2 - 3) do we often "lose" spades now? Does opener's 3 promise 3 card spades or can it be on some 2452 hand? And maybe relatedly, would ...
Continuations after (3X)-3N-(P)-?
Deleted—sorry :)
Morgan Johnstone's bidding problem: K865 5 A2 KQJ853
Are we in a force here?
Matchgame: What does this bid mean in your partnership?
I'm fairly certain they don't. Would probably be a good line to add. Even if that were in our notes though, I wouldn't be sure whether this auction showed 4-6 or 5-5.
Matchgame: What does this bid mean in your partnership?
Voted other since I believe this is undiscussed for me and Stella. If she bid it, I'd expect 5-5 Inv, and if I bid it, I expect she'd take it as 5-5 Inv. Theoretically, I think 5-5 Inv actually has fairly low utility though. When you're 5-5 ...

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