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Throw Anything
This sounds like a new version on the old argument of which laws do you want to enforce (like telling someone to put a penalty card back into his/her hand). There is nothing wrong with what the poster did. It is within the rules. Opinions will vary on whether ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
I tend to agree. If you do something that is the slightest bit unexpected (like calling the Jack), people take a fraction of a second to react. It is just natural. If you stop to think for a 10 or 15 seconds to recount the hand, some players wander off ...
Ruling please
I agree that this director call is likely to drive away players. If I rule down one, the declarer will be upset/annoyed/whatever and decide to stop playing at my club. Declarer will encourage others to do the same. If I rule making four, a month later I will ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
If you opened hands one or two or both 1NT with some frequency, you should probably announce "14+ to 17". This is full disclosure, especially if your partner might expect it. I do this with one partner because we have both agreed we open these types of hands 1NT. If ...
Play (Interruption)
I put the blame for this on your partner. While I kind of dislike the opponents actions, I really dislike it when dummy acts as a second declarer. There is one and only one declarer on the hand. During one club game, I lead a card, LHO played a high ...
Is it my choice?
I see your point (combined with others above). Without a third seat opener, a jump over the double or a game try over 3C from South, there is no way North can bid again. South could still bid game but that is not what I asked about.
Zero Tolerance Card in Club Games
Ed Maybe try this. Have the directors keep a log of incidents. The log should not only contain ZT penalty incidents but also minor ones (for example, an argument that just gets too loud). The board and directors can determine what types of incidents are recorded. At each board meeting ...
Zero Tolerance Card in Club Games
We tried it at a club I direct at. The card was a "Play Nice" card. It was a white card with a yellow smiley face and had some tips written on it. One was put in each bidding box. The idea was to pull it out when things started ...
Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
I don't know exactly how bridge is being marketed but it seems there needs to be a more targeted search. Casting a wide net to get as many people as possible is unlikely to work. Introducing someone to bridge who has never played cards before is not going to ...
What's this DBL Part 2
Just to clarify, I am looking for a better understanding of why people are bidding 5. I edited the post above. East's explanation was incorrect so there was MI/UI.

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