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Cory Perkers
Cory Perkers
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Nov. 3, 2010
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Ok. A stupid question on a Wednesday evening.
Partner is declaring a spade contract that had some boring auction which the opponents did not bid. Opening lead is a heart and I put down the dummy which has a stiff A. Partner calls for the Ace and starts laughing. After the opponent plays small, an excited partner says ...
What do you think of the director's actions?
When directing at the club, a few players leave the table to use the bathroom when they are dummy so I sit down and turn cards. I wasn't sure if I should be a director as well but guess I need to be one while I sit there.
Class of player
John I generally think this is a good idea but there is one problem. When a claim is made against inexperienced players and they don't 100% agree, they will show something in their hand and say "Don't I get this?" giving away info to the declarer. Now declarer ...
Class of player
I am not fond of "class of player" in Law 16B1b but I don't really care for asking others to determine if there is a logical alternative. I would much rather have a player explain the reasoning for taking a call/action and determine if the the explanation makes ...
Class of player
Corrected to Diamonds. Thanks.
Cory Perkers's bidding problem: 743 T3 Q95 AKT64
Sorry, auction was incorrect. This one is correct.
Cory Perkers's bidding problem: 743 T3 Q95 AKT64
Disagreement between two stubborn people in a new partnership.
To Record or Not To Record, That is the Question
A few years ago, I had a partner who would sandbag after I opened and LHO doubled. Partner would pass, RHO would bid, two more passes and then partner would raise to 2 of my suit 1H-X-P-2C-P-P-2H. Normally this would show a max pass but partner would do this with ...
To Record or Not To Record, That is the Question
Sorry, posted twice.
To Record or Not To Record, That is the Question
This is what the recorder system is suppose to flush out. These things are recorded and if too many of them pop up on the same player, the player gets questioned about the bidding. The system will only work if people want to use it. Based on the comments here ...

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