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Craig Allen
Craig Allen
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Member Since
July 25, 2010
Last Seen
March 10
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Going to the Grand National Pairs and Teams finals.
Bridge Accomplishments
Being a good partner.
Regular Bridge Partners
Michael Huston & Jim Phillips
Member of Bridge Club(s)
OKBridge BBO
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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Craig Allen & Michael Huston
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Michael Huston & Craig Allen
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Craig Allen & Drew Becker
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Craig Allen & Jim Dressler
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Craig Allen & Joe Stokes
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Craig Allen & Frank Pancoe
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Copy of Craig Allen & Frank Pancoe
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Craig Allen & Steve Donahue
2 over 1 Walsh Style
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Apportion the responsibility,
The actual question was who is responsible for the result?, not just for missing the game.
Apportion the responsibility,
West gets the majority of the blame because 2H was terrible. Double is automatic. However, East should not be held blameless since his initial pass was questionable and 2NT was awful.
An Unsigned Letter to the ACBL
Making their grievances known to the public may be the only way to get anything done. It may also be the last resort after trying to affect change within the system. It is quite possible that they are doing the members of the ACBL a big favor.
You Be The Judge on a long, long hesitation
Splinter away. I won't hez for four minutes unless I doze off. :)
You Be The Judge on a long, long hesitation
I do David. Are you still there or do you play on BBO? Either way, lets try to play again.
You Be The Judge on a long, long hesitation
Joanna said that this hand is an automatic drive to the 5 level. If a poll of top players agreed that it is automatic to bid on, then pass is not a logical alternative and the table result would stand. You are not required to stop playing bridge just because ...
Which line is best?
If you play your LHO for 4441 and drop the Kx, the hand plays itself. ruff a , to Q, ruff another , A dropping the K, back to hand and run the clubs. In the end position, dummy has a good , Kx, and a . On the ...
You Be the Judge
My point was simply that some do play that as a reverse and that we don't know if east misbid or not. If 2 of a major doesn't show any extra values, then 2NT is an error. If it does, then 2NT is right. Therefore we don't ...
What is suggested by the BIT?
It is unlikely that partner was thinking about doubling with a trump stack, so whether he was contemplating bidding or doubling, there is a suggestion that bidding on will be successful Pass is always logical in this auction, so bidding on should not be allowed.
You Be the Judge
If 2 or 2 are treated as a reverse, then 2NT is right. I don't treat the bids that way, so I would have bid 2 instead of 2NT. However, 5 is absurd.

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