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Craig Biddle
Craig Biddle
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Aug. 3, 2010
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about me

Two years (as of 3/2017) into my return to bridge after decades of inactivity.  Had an excellent Nationals in KC, qualifying for the final day of the NAOP (I wasn't alowed to play since I played with Kay Joyce who filled in for my partner) and the final day of the Silodor (but they didn't notify me until after game time and they didn't advise me that I should hang around the room until nearly game time so we didn't play), and made the overalls of the Lebhar.

United States of America

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Multiple GNT District wins back in the day, Once had 5 BRQ's in 9 tries but nobody noticed because it took 7 years and 3 cities.
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Ruby Life Master
Ira Chorush - Craig Biddle
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1!Dxx rule
But it's not a push. The score for 1XX +1 is 480/680 depending on the vulnerability. (The insult bonus for redoubled contracts is 100 not 50.)
A New Ethics?
I think the point you are trying to make, Dave, is that the various Trials have become the equivalent of "home team games" that we have all been invited to and hosted. The major players are the same every year, but the team rosters are often shuffled about. In this ...
Oh, the pain
I think this is the best line. Win the trump in hand, play Q and a to dummy. This is likely safe since our auction showed at least 6 in our combined hands, so a club lead would have been pretty easy to find from 1, 6, or ...
Oh, the pain
I think "incompetent" is too strong a word, and I seriously doubt that anyone had a wire on the exhibit 1 since we played it 2nd. What happened was that N did not jump in hearts over the 2 response, and the degree of solidity of the heart suit ...
Oh, the pain
6NT makes all the time when run, and also makes if don't run but one of the several extra chances comes in.
Craig Biddle's lead problem: T KQ863 T82 Q652
Bingo! My partner was on lead against 6 at our table, he did lead a club, and it did kill a late side entry to dummy. But there was still a clearly best line of play that would have landed the slam; however, our opponent didn't find it ...
Responses after a Forcing NT is overcalled
Agree with Henry, to a degree, but this specific double is more like a good 5=3=3=2 or a 4=5=3=1 hand. With real diamonds, opener can bid them instead.
-700 the hard way, ATB
I talked to South the other day, and he tells me that the double was defined as negative in their partnership. If that's the case, then N has to just grit his teeth and pass, hoping for a reopening double. He doesn't really have the tickets to force ...
Responses to Drury
Wasn't 2 by opener If so, wouldn't they be on lead? Or did the director get called after the 3 bid? And then, how strong a lead suggestion could it be since they didn't bid 2 over 2? There is UI, but it ...
Responses to Drury
He means that any bid by opener in response to Drury that bypasses 2M is a slam try. I think that many people play that 2NT is a slam try with shortness, suits above 2M are 5-5 (or 4=6 in the majors), and 3M asks for shortness. I also ...

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