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Craig Biddle
Craig Biddle
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Aug. 3, 2010
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about me

USBF Junior mentor (having a great time with a half-dozen [now 8] very eager youngsters from 12-16).  Nearly made the top 500 in 2017, planning a stronger effort in 2019.

Occasionally play on BBO against Cayne and his pros, or Richard Pavlicek and partner.  I enjoy the opportunity to play against that caliber of players.  Win occasionally, too.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Multiple GNT District wins back in the day, Once had 5 BRQ's in 9 tries but nobody noticed because it took 7 years and 3 cities. Four straight 2nd day quals in Platinum Point events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Phil Goulding, Fred Schenker
Favorite Tournaments
Pittsburgh Labor Day Regional
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Ruby Life Master
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You be the judge(classier than ATB I think)
Agree. In 4SF auctions, it is necessary to avoid lies. Here, North's 2NT was a lie - he didn't have a stopper and should have rebid 3. Since I play that opener's more economical suit rebid is "default", showing nothing, this 3 hows 6-4 without ...
Ethics issue or not?
Exactly. I had a similar ruling to make yesterday. Over a strong NT at favorable vul, East overcalled 2 for majors holding K109xx void 9xxx KQ10x. EW play together 3-4 times per month and their agreement is clearly 2 for majors, but E also plays DONT with several ...
Stefan Velja's bidding problem: J Ax KQxx AKJ9xx
"partner certainly has both missing aces for his jump to 6 hearts" Tell that to Roy Fox and Ralph Katz, who once played 7NTX in the Cavendish pairs with the well known stopper in the enemy suit of void vs. void. Stiff J vs. void is little better.
Systemic lead from doubleton w/ two touching honors
Touching honors doubleton is the best argument for Rusinow leads. Maybe the only one for me, since I almost never lead unsupported aces, but they make this issue a non-problem.
Range Stayman after a Protective 1NT?
Easiest is 2/2/2 are normal, lower half, and 2NT is upper half and GF (then 3 is Stayman again).
Another ATB from todays match
This is a non-problem. It's unlucky that your didn't cash and you couldn't get all 4 of your pointed suit tricks either. Blame the dealing machine.
My second ATB
I don't understand the failure of N to make a negative double at his first turn. Yes, he has 5 and wants a heart lead, but he needs to get all his suits into the auction. And he's likely going to be on lead anyway, so the ...
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
So USA1 and USA2 have finished 1st and 3rd in the RR - USA1 will play Singapore (who beat them) and USA2 Poland (who they beat). The girls are also in the KO's, having finished 7th. Tough finish for the Youth team, finishing 9th.
Brilliant bid by Polish youngster
I think he has something like Axx xx KQJx Kxxx. But I thought that a PC pair would open that 1. So I think he has Axx QJx Kx KJxxx and cue bid before because he had no losers opposite the A. And he's bidding 5 ...
An interesting hand from a recent sectional
If declarer has the KJ I call the director.

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