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Craig Biddle
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Aug. 3, 2010
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about me

A year and a half (as of 11/2016) into my return to bridge after decades of inactivity.  Game is coming around, but still inconsistent.

United States of America

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Multiple GNT District wins back in the day, Once had 5 BRQ's in 9 tries but nobody noticed because it took 7 years and 3 cities.
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Is Rebid of Your Suit Forcing after a Reverse?
There should be other options - in K-S, for example, opener's weak rebid at his 3rd turn is 3. And responder's weak rebid with only 4 is often 2NT.
Which Card
Well, look at things from partner's perspective after I play the Q at trick 4 and dummy wins the ace. He now has J Kx j8xx 9x. When declarer starts running trumps, how is he going to know that he has to save a diamond winner and not the ...
Change of Pace Query: Your Option?
Goldwater's rule applies here. "If they don't know whose lead it is, why would you expect them to know what to lead?"
Which Card
OK, this was a good discussion. The weak 2-bidder's hand was KQ109xx 9xx Qx Qx. Partner had a guess at trick 3 - if declarer had 3 hearts he needed to play a club and if declarer had 3 clubs he needed to play a heart. Percentages said that declarer ...
Which Card
1. Yes his familial name is Huang and his given name is Shan. But Chinese custom is to put the familial name first. 2. I think there is a variation where, If I woodenly return a diamond, I get squeezed down to a doubleton heart in order to protect clubs ...
Which Card
It's likely that this partner would have shifted to his lowest diamond if he had no more clubs. Also if declarer is 6=1=2=4 then partner is 2=5=5=1, which is horribly less likely than any of the patterns where declarer is 6322. I agree ...
What are your agreements?
2NT is a stopper with or without 4. 3x is natural with a 5-card suit, denies a spade stopper if you have 5. 3 is Stayman without a stopper. 3NT is balanced with neither 4 nor a stopper. This looks pretty mainstream to me ...
Toronto NABC Reservations Now Open (Sold Out?)
Maybe not. There is a very popular Latino holiday concurrent with the first week of Nationals.
Bread and Butter
One small advantage of my using a for the entry to the 2nd ruff is that I can play K and and if I have not seen a quack yet, I can hook to guard against 4-1 . but at MP this is a very minor concern ...
A very difficult puzzle for you
The winning line (some divergence is possible) is essentially to realize after being forced in dummy at trick 2, a further diamond ruff in dummy will be fatal since you will be forced to cede the defense two entries in clubs (the ace and a ruff) and they can play ...

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