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Craig Biddle
Craig Biddle
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Aug. 3, 2010
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about me

Two years (as of 3/2017) into my return to bridge after decades of inactivity.  Had an excellent Nationals in KC, qualifying for the final day of the NAOP (I wasn't alowed to play since I played with Kay Joyce who filled in for my partner) and the final day of the Silodor (but they didn't notify me until after game time and they didn't advise me that I should hang around the room until nearly game time so we didn't play), and made the overalls of the Lebhar.

United States of America

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Multiple GNT District wins back in the day, Once had 5 BRQ's in 9 tries but nobody noticed because it took 7 years and 3 cities.
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Ruby Life Master
Ira Chorush - Craig Biddle
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Defense against a BSC over 1!C
I agree with Yu. I think the best approach to suction is to focus on the one-suited meaning, and just defend as you would against that. So you are essentially defending against a transfer overcall, where you can double to show length in the suit they can't have. In ...
proofredaers wanted!
Add me too.
Any Suggestions for Best Line in 3NT
"I am aware that double dummy, 3NT can always be defeated on the foul lie of the cards" "In fact it only can be made double dummy." The Battle of the Dueling DD Software Packages. I vote for down on a heart lead. Looking at it single dummy, after the ...
1!d-1N foring
I don't see the issue as long as you always raise if you decide to bid and you have no major and 4+. How can it be wrong to bid 3 (4-8) with xxx Kxx Jxxx xxx? Unless partner has 6+ he has a 4-card ...
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
The number of possible auctions may be larger than the number of bridge deals, but the number of auctions where one pair does nothing but pass is vastly smaller than the number of hands the bidding pair can hold. And the effort required to memorize all the possible auctions would ...
Does a hand for this bid exist?
Jxxxxx and 4-0 in the majors, probably with 4 since most layouts with a void would have seen partner bid over 1. Hand below the standard for a 1 overcall, and the weak suit and side 4-card major precludes a weak jump.
Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
Ask your wife about Michael's. Crafts store chain. You might also want to check your local woodworking store or even Ace Hardware.
Test Your Play – The Bridge World, September 2017
I'm sure Kit will weigh in here with some analysis since he is on the BW staff. You argument is very strong, though.
I think you guys are right. Much safer to ruff a couple of spades than to try to guess which squeeze to play for.
Continuations after showing 1=3=5=4
Aviv, that could work out badly too as you well know. Why choose methods that force you to guess when you can sacrifice about 1 trick a year (if you play a lot) to have a method that cuts your need to guess by 80% or more in this situation ...

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