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Craig Hemphill
Craig Hemphill
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Member Since
Jan. 5, 2011
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June 26
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Bridge Player
about me

Platinum Life Master, Bridge Teacher/Mentor.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
AKQJxxx xx xx x Opened 4D NAMYATS vul vs. nv. against Kerri Shuman and Barry Crane - P P P. Down 9 for a top -- 6D cold for them.
Bridge Accomplishments
Editor Florida Bridge News seven years, twice president Unit 128. 128 and D9 boards many years. Unit 128 counsel and recorder. D9 counsel
Regular Bridge Partners
John Brady, Alan Stout, Alex Weiss
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Jacksonville School of Bridge
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, Jacksonville Fl regional, sectionals in FL
Favorite Conventions
Flannery, strong jump shifts, XYZ, splinters, 1430 RKCB with queen, side king, and third round asks, 2/1, weak notrump
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ACBL Ranking
Platinum Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Board 1 from the 06/09/2018 Common Game
7+3=10. 2S does not promise six in my methods, so the 3S raise promises 10.
Board 1 from the 06/09/2018 Common Game
From North's viewpoint, South could have the KQxxx of hearts, which would allow, after a diamond lead, playing the spade ace followed by three rounds of hearts, succeeding whenever hearts are 3-3, the spade king singleton, or the hand with only two hearts having either a singleton trump or ...
Board 11 from the 04/14/2018 Common Game
There is no reason to move from 2H. The fact that ten tricks can be taken is based on the extremely lucky lie of the opponents' cards.
Board 27 from the 03/31/2018 Common Game
Thanx, but this is surely a partnership intensive hand!
Board 1 from the 03/03/2018 Common Game
On Mondays, Lynn Berg provides analysis specifically for newer and less experienced players. My target audience is wide-ranged, from eager intermediate through advancing, to advanced, and aspiring expert, with an occasional attempted nod to higher or lower levels when the situation seems to suggest doing so. Being an LM neither ...
Board 8 from the 02/17/2018 Common Game
3S does not promise the world, just a solid suit and at least one outside control or outside ace, depending on partnership agreement (if not playing Standard American). therefore, a hand such as the actual one would be destroyed by a spade lead in a 7H contract unless the club ...
Board 3 from the 12/30/2017 Common Game
No. As far as I can tell, this is an extension of the parallel responses to 4NT RKCB that I have never found a reference to. I have shared this but never published it. Perhaps I should claim a patent... OK, herewith I do so. Perhaps someone can find this ...
Board 5 from the 12/16/2017 Common Game
You are assuming that there is just one way to bid, set in stone. My suggestion is that after a 2H response to Stayman, responder can invite game two different ways: by bidding 2S or by bidding 2NT. My point is that the 1NT opener should be the declarer as ...
Board 1 from the 12/09/2017 Common Game
Your suggestion reads "N...could now bid 3S..." but I suppose you mean that South could bid 3S. It is not clear at what point S could or should do so. Playing Wolff Signoff, South has no such option. If playing 3D after 2NT as natural, it is possible that ...
Board 4 from the 12/09/2017 Common Game
You should always provide the bidding! The information and available evidence may lead you to the solution of any biridge hand. If west opened the bidding, then, yes, you should have dropped the king. See my comments based on the bidding in the diagram. In the absence of adverse bidding ...

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