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Craig Hemphill
Craig Hemphill
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Member Since
Jan. 5, 2011
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Oct. 16
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Bridge Player
about me

Planitnum Life Master, Bridge Teacher/Mentor.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
AKQJxxx xx xx x Opened 4D NAMYATS vul vs. nv. against Kerri Shuman and Barry Crane - P P P. Down 9 for a top -- 6D cold for them.
Bridge Accomplishments
Editor Florida Bridge News seven years, twice president Unit 128. 128 and D9 boards many years. Unit 128 counsel and recorder. D9 counsel
Regular Bridge Partners
John Brady, Alan Stout, Alex Weiss, John Landry, Mark Franzoni
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Jacksonville School of Bridge
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, Jacksonville Fl regional, sectionals in FL
Favorite Conventions
Flannery, strong jump shifts, XYZ, splinters, 1430 RKCB with queen, side king, and third round asks, 2/1, weak notrump
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ACBL Ranking
Platinum Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Board 10 from the 10/14/2017 Common Game
P 1S P 1NT; 2D P 2S P P P Playing 1NT forcing. South and North should remain silent, leaving the field to EW. West should NOT bid 2S, but East will not pass and 2S will result.
Board 12 from the 06/24/2017 Common Game
WEST can make 4 spades, not East, on a club lead. The hand is worth at least an invitational bid showing 5-5 majors, however your partnership chooses to define that sort of hand. Some would bid 3H, promising precisely that, some would transfer to spades and then bid 3H if ...
Board 11 from the 05/27/2017 Common Game
Double dummy it is easy Just take the club finesse to the queen, dropping the jack, then repeat the finesse. The issue is the proper use of entries and timing. Thus, after spade, spade, diamond, diamond ruff with a higher card than the deuce, play a middle (not the 2 ...
Board 23 from the 03/18/2017 Common Game
Agreed. Hydrocodone and a broken ankle did not prevent my trying to provide interesting analysis, but apparently did give me tunnel vision. One point to make after interference -- low level interference will provide ample opportunity for NS to get back on the slam bus if North can cue bid -- that ...
Board 2 from the 02/11/2017 Common Game
Lucky. Second seat vulnerable "preempts" are more appropriately reserved for disciplined, constructive bidding. This hand has the following defects: subminimal values, horrible suit, and four cards in the other major. That north Did not make a game try is odd. Substitute the diamond ace for the jack and the hand ...
Board 5 from the 10/08/2016 Common Game
I don't see that it matters much, 4S should still be the final contract. In general, I'd pass with a 2H overcall -- which is not my choice at all. With a mediocre five card suit, doubling looks better. But after 1S - 2H - X 3H, North would bid 4S ...
Board 17 from the 10/01/2016 Common Game
Jay Whipple, III, District 9 Representative to ACBL, conceived, programmed, implemented, supervises, and is responsible for any funding. The Common Game is a great credit to his dedication to bridge, his vision, and his ability to get the job done.
Board 17 from the 10/01/2016 Common Game
Set up long diamond, unblock the HK, then cash diamonds, spades, locating the queen, ending in hand. West is squeezed.
Board 10 from the 01/17/2015 Common Game
A spade. Hardly likely to cost with such length. No trick lost if east has so little as the ten or the suit splits or there is a doubleton honor, as here.
Board 16 from the 01/17/2015 Common Game
After a 3C preempt, South cue bids to show a game forcing heart raise. -- which virtually assures a diamond control, so north can count on that fact to bid RKCB or show a spade control, guaranteeing extras, and the slam is reached either way without much fuss, as far as ...

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