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Craig Satersmoen
Craig Satersmoen
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Feb. 27, 2012
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9 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Don't play as often as I'd like to because of my work schedule, I'm pretty convinced I'm one of the top 5 bridge playing truck drivers in the U.S., since i only know of one other.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
playing on joe grue's team in the Vanderbilt.
Bridge Accomplishments
dozens of open flight regional wins, closing in on over 100 sectional wins. 2nd in flt A GNT 2014.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Three Recent Deals
Partner makes a negative double after an overcall, you have an 11 count and rho passes. Odds are you're going to end up in 3nt. Give partner something like ajxx kxx kqxx jx and you'll be happy you bid 2 clubs.
penalty or take-ou?t
part score auctions I play dbl behind the length penalty, in front of length t/o. With new partnerships you clear up these kinds of auctions in 30 seconds.
Fantasy Standings
What? FN aren't on the team anymore? Someone should have told me before I picked.
Open DC Discussion Thread
Is there any place that the first round spingold matches are posted? Edit: found it under scoreboard
You Be the Director
The problem for flt C players is that they really don't know the rules and think flt A players are taking advantage of the system. The rules are the same for all flights? How do I know when to call the director if a flt A pair has used ...
BW articles that run on forever
If half of the comments were related to bridge it wouldn't be so bad.
strong hands after their preempt
One of the reasons I wont play kickback in a casual partnership.
Leading with the left?
Playing left handed, your bids are upside down unless you do some kind of weird twist of your wrist. Since bidding boxes have come out, i think I've had only two opponents mention it in passing. I do have a partner who loves to say " he plays inverted minors ...
Couldn't help but chuckle
Playing with a friend against a team from Mexico back when bids were spoken, one of the opponents opened using the Spanish word for the suit. Partner says "I'll make a takeout double, I don't have any of those."
Craig Satersmoen's bidding problem: A7 Q764 K8 JT653
Not this one, partner had the hand that Eric Leong feared above. 4 hearts is the limit you can make on the hand.

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