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Scott Needham's bidding problem: 976532 Q AKJxx Q
Counting a total of just *1* point for the two round suit queens combined brings the "Rule of 22" count to 22 for this hand. That seems like quite a conservative evaluation for the pair of stiff queens (I'd peg their combined value at least 2.5), so this ...
David Carlisle's bidding problem: --- A654 J3 AQ96543
Tough because the value of this hand varies so widely depending on where partner's cards are. I picked 3 as a "compromise" between 2 (seems too little) vs. 3 (splinter) or 4 (long strong s with 4 s) which seems a bit aggressive. Perhaps that ...
Rich Regan's bidding problem: AT83 QJ8 KT4 J98
This is not close to an opening bid. Applying the "rule of 22" algrithm, this hand counts to: 11 HCPs + 1.5 QTs + 7 (2 long suit lengths) = 19.5 That is a full 2.5 points below minimum opening requirements (!). Even if you wanted to add a point for ...
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: --- KQT952 Q2 T8754
A simulation had 4N making on 74.0% of the deals. 4S on the same (1000) deals made 71.8% of the time. This suggests that this South hand should insist on 4 and that there is advantage in having it played from the North side. Thus ...
Patrick Gaudart's bidding problem: 32 AKJ65 AK9 865
Initially, partner will think 4NT asks him to choose a minor suit. But if you then remove his 5m to 5, he would hopefully read this as a slam invitation in s. But whether he would interpret this sequence as specifically asking for a control I think is ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: J43 AKQ92 KJ9 AT
I think this hand should have overcalled 1 rather than doubling initially. It is a text-book example of what a maximum 1 overcall should look like. Bridge World Standard says: [code] " The normal simple overcall maximum is 18 HCP with 5-3-3-2 distribution or the equivalent after trading off ...
How to calculate the odds
1. The 1 trump plus 2 trump for LHO add to exactly 50%. The 49.99% is just "round off error." 2. When LHO has 3 or 4 trump (the bad cases for the trump holding), then it is NOT 50/50 as to which opponent holds the side suit ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: J8 A86 A93 KQJ92
You should play splinters after 1NT-2/2-2/2. That way, the transfer then 4M shows 6332 or 7222 shape. With "mild" slam tries, showing the short suit is critical because for slam to be good, opener needs to have an appropriate holding opposite the shortness.
Zelig Rubenstein's bidding problem: A7 AQ8 7 AKQ9873
One can improve strong hand bidding in various ways by using 2 as well as 2 as strong openings. Various details of the distinctions are possible (see for example Ken Rexford's excellent book "New Frontiers For Strong Forcing Openings"). The problem, of course, is that you sacrifice ...
How to calculate the odds
But see my more detailed analysis which shows that the exact probability of success is different if you need LHO to have the ace (or 1-2 trump) vs. you need RHO to have the ace (or LHO to have 1-2 trump). This is because the ace is more likely to ...
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