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Craig Zastera
Craig Zastera
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June 28, 2012
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about me

Retired software engineer (Microsoft), living in Woodinville, WA.

Have played bridge since high school (starting 1965).

One national championship (Silver Ribbon Pairs) and a couple of 2nds in under 5000 national events.

United States of America

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Diamond Life Master
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Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: AJT5 AQ653 --- AKJ3
You can't possibly do more than guess (good luck!) with the methods you've suggested you have available. First, you need more explicitly defined requirements for your 4 raise. What is the worst hand it might be? What is the best hand? I would suggest that the bid ...
Allen Kahn's bidding problem: AK6 A6 AKJ9762 3
This seems like a well-known "Bridge World Death hand" type problem. Fortunately, this particular version has a pretty easy solution with 2. Partner cannot cause problems by raising s as then he would have 5+ s and we can always return to that suit. Biggest problem will be later ...
Henry Sun's bidding problem: JT942 Q74 7 T532
I also think that opener should have committed to game with a 4 splinter raise. His hand must be worth at least 19 points with the very valuable stiff and all HCPs "prime".
David Caprera's bidding problem: Kx Qxx Txx AKJTx
I have tried playing that in 2/1 auctions where opener rebids in a 2nd suit that responder's "preference" back to opener's first suit shows just a doubleton (hopefully, honor doubleton) while with true support (3+ cards) responder jumps in opener's suit, e.g. 1-2-2 ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: Kx Qxx Txx AKJTx
Don't understand "dislike" for 3. I regard this hand as exactly what partner should expect for that call.
David Caprera's bidding problem: Kx Qxx Txx AKJTx
Seems like practically the text-book example for 3 to me. Can't bid 2 as that would show 3 (some might have a different agreement, but I think for most 2 now shows 3+). Can't bid 3 as that should show 4. 2NT (or 3NT ...
Steve White's bidding problem: 82 AJ4 KJT9 AKT9
I base my evaluation on simulations. This hand is better than an average 16 point hand but not as good as even an average 17 point hand. To justify an “upgrade” out of the 15-17 hcp 1NT range, in my view, requires that a hand performs closer to an average ...
Is this call alertable?
Because even if partner "get another bid", how is he to know that opener doesn't have very long/strong s and want him to pass out 1X (almost?) regardless of his hand?? That is, just because 4th hand doubled the artificial 1, that does not mean that ...
Keith Connolly's bidding problem: K4 8 AKT654 A873
This is a somewhat tricky point. One must read Robson quite carefully I think in order to correctly discern his view on this auction because he uses the 2NT advance differently depending on what RHO has done (e.g. Pass vs. double vs. raise) and also (sometimes) depending on whether ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: T8xx KQ9xx xxx x
Without getting into the issue of whether or not OP hand is generally strong enough for a "fit-showing" 3 bid or not, I do not like that choice on OP hand because I think advancer has the wrong kind of suit given that his RHO has shown length ...
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