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Craig Zastera
Craig Zastera
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June 28, 2012
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Craig Zastera's bidding problem: Q AQJT6 7543 A94
My partner passed with this hand. The opponents duly reached 4 as expected. I was on lead with: 95-K52-T8-T86532 and could not find the heart lead necessary to hold them to 4 (I led T instead) Declarer's hand was: AKJ873-87-J96-Q7 Leaving dummy with: T642-943-AKQ2-KJ Sure, I might have ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: K73 32 KT86532 K
Thanks for the votes. My partner's actual hand was: Qx-AKJxx-QJx-Axx Diamonds were 3-0 on my left. LHO also had the SA. Over pard's 3H, I raised to 4H. In retrospect, perhaps 3NT would have been better (I don't care for 3S). 4H was -1 as my RHO ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 86 AQ98654 A6 A8
Must abstain as this hand seems to me to be clearly worth a 3 jump rebid.
Should this Q-bid be Natural?
I voted for "other" because I think this shows a good hand with values (i.e. stopper(s)) in clubs but not necessarily club length. This follows general rule that when our side has two unbid suits (regardless of whether opponents have bid none, one, or both), a bid in ...
What does this 4NT bid mean?
My preference would be for *4D* to be Kickback for clubs. I don't think looking for a new trump suit (diamonds) at the 4 level is often going to be necessary. But it is important to be able to ask for keycards with clubs agreed, and it is now ...
Crawling, Garbage, Something else
A treatment I play which works well on this hand type (and others) is a variation of "2-level Smolen": After 1N-2C-2D: 2H is a relay to 2S. Opener must bid 2S So responder can bid this way with 5=4 majors and a weak hand--if opener bids 2H or 2S ...
Barry Rogoff's bidding problem: AKxx x x J9xxxxx
Is it possible that passing (1H) but then balancing with 4S over LHO's jump to 4H should show exactly *4* spades with a (very) long minor? The logic is that any hand with 5+ spades that could possibly balance with 4S would surely have taken some action directly over ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: J42 95 Q AK97432
I'm too cowardly to bid 3C at this vulnerability, so 2C for me.
What kind of double is this?
The double is take-out and promises extra values. Of course, doubler heard the 1NT advance showing values and something in diamonds, so advancer can "convert" the double if he has a suitable hand (and doubler knows this).
how should I defend?
Because of my partner's (South's) hesitation before winning the HK, I knew immediatly with 100% certainty that (a) he had another heart, so they were playing a 4-3 (b) a spade return (low is best but any works) would defeat the contract. If he had played low in ...
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