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Art Korth's bidding problem: Jx ATx Q AKQJxxx
But "shortness" is not particularly what South needs to know. What he primarily needs is a control. Surely methods which prevent agreeing responder's suit at a low level and then commencing cue-bidding are lacking something important.
Alert? Pre-alert? or no issue.
I suspect that the 1M-1N(F)-2m-2M sequence based on 3 card "M" support in a hand too weak for 1M-2M occurs more often than the "5%-10%" that you suggest. Of course, exact frequency depends on how much the partnership requires for the 1M-2M immediate raise with 3 card ...
Alert? Pre-alert? or no issue.
Peg, We also play "inverted" raises in s and, like you, that 1-3 is "really weak" (i.e. don't bid 3NT with 18-19 balanced). However, we also have a bid for 5+ card raises that are weaker than an inverted raise but too strong for the ...
Art Korth's bidding problem: Jx ATx Q AKQJxxx
This structure does not appeal to me. I think opener should have a low-level way to agree s trump and leave room for cue-bidding or other descriptive bids by responder. For example, perhaps 1-2-3. Over that, responder could cue-bid a new suit control. I'm not even ...
ATB - Who applies The Law
Mike, Your reasoning would be right if you think East's PASS of (3) is forcing. In that case, East would be asking West to choose between defending 3X and bidding on to 3. In that case, I would think the West hand with no (offensively) wasted ...
ATB - Who applies The Law
Well, on this deal we do have an excellent chance of setting them two. But an optional double doesn't have to mean only that. Sometimes, we can set them only 1 but we can't make 3 either. In that sad case, the opponents have apparently outbid us ...
ATB - Who applies The Law
I for one would not lead a from the East hand vs. (3X). Why would I? I would actually choose between T (partner's suit) and my 3rd best . It turns out either of those is fine (as would be a , but I wouldn't lead ...
ATB - Who applies The Law
(3X) can be beaten *2* tricks after any lead except a (or a honor).
ATB - Who applies The Law
Which is why West should re-open with an optional "double" rather than with a committal 3.
ATB - Who applies The Law
This is why I think re-opening "double" here is preferable to 3 (but 3 is *much* better than passing out (3)). Opener has an HCP maximum with reasonable defensive orientation, which is what I think a re-opening double suggests. Both E and W know about the 9 ...
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