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David MacRae's bidding problem: JT QJT74 Q3 A973
Who says 11-14 is "standard"? I think when the 1NT balance is over a major, particularly 1, the range is more like 12-16. With 15-16 you cannot afford to double and then bid 2NT over partner's 2X. Many play "range Stayman" after (1M)-P-(P)-1NT in an ...
How many spades?
Not sure why you'd want to be in slam facing "Kxxxx and out." You have a sure loser and likely loser (K probably off with RHO bidding s and s). Otherwise, I think your proposed agreements of 3 being 100% forcing and 100% denying 4 s ...
How many spades?
I would think that 3 would be the one bid that would most strongly suggest only 3 (usual that double followed by a cue-bid shows a strong hand without 4 card support). However, I can accept that 4 or 4, probably even 4, directly over ...
Max Schireson's bidding problem: AT J83 AKQ75 Q52
The proposed trump suit is :AKxxx opposite :Qxx. Try reading my post a little more carefully.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: T7 --- AKQJT86532 9
4 would only be a "lot better" if your partnership has a clear definition of what that bid shows and that is something resembling this hand. I can think of several other possible meanings for this unusual 4 jump in the context of a 2/1 GF system ...
Max Schireson's bidding problem: AT J83 AKQ75 Q52
Why isn't slam cold on a 3-2 break with my example (if partner happens to have T, slam is even better)? Don't we have 5 s, 5s, 1 and 1 trick?
Minimum for 2S
I think most would play that double here would show both minors, not four s. This might be affected by how you define 2NT. I think most would treat that as Lebensohl, but some might use that call to show both minors so that "double" could be s plus a ...
Max Schireson's bidding problem: AT J83 AKQ75 Q52
I would not have opened with my example hand. Since he is forcing to game, he can't have much less than this example (I would expect 10 HCPs minimum).
Very Unusual Notrump
It seems to me that showing aces at the 5 level over a quantitative 4NT when willing to accept is OK. Probably not going to be a big win often because (as someone noted) being off specifically two aces is not going to be anywhere near the most common reason ...
Please Rank your Top 3 Favorite systems played by you
Too bad about the requirement to only vote for systems I have actually played. Both "Polish " and Transfer Walsh have more appeal to me than "old fashioned Standard American", and I would gladly agree to try either as a basis in a new partnership. But as I have not ...
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