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James Huntington's bidding problem: K84 AQJT743 6 K3
If you have those good methods (as I do), then an "auto-splinter" slam try would be even better. Over opener's 1NT rebid, we play that 4 and 4 are auto-splinters showing shortness in the bid minor, a good 6+ card suit and strength enough to have ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: K4 AQ764 9852 T5
This is a good example of difference between IMPs and matchpoints. At matchpoints, 2 ==> 2, then 2NT is the winner. But at IMPs, even NV, 2 ==> 2, then 3NT is better. To see this, look at just one part of some 5000 deal simulations I did ...
Martin Maasik's bidding problem: --- QT98543 T2 A543
If the s were :QJTxxxx, then 3. But with actual suit, I think pass is best. There's nothing worse than pre-empting and losing tricks to minor honors or spot cards in your trump suit.
(1M)-1NT-transfers to the M...
Playing 2 level suit advances as "natural" not only benefits in that it puts opener on lead (as you say), but also in that it allows contracts of 2 and 2 which would not be available with "Stayman and Jacoby transfers". The ability to play in 2 of ...
Tom Townsend's bidding problem: KQJ6 K94 T93 T32
Tom Right. As the (responding) hand gets stronger, the quality of "fit" in opener's help suit required to accept goes down. To some extent, this also depends on what other game tries opener has available. The more options he has, the more "ideal" his hand should be for any ...
Tom Townsend's bidding problem: KQJ6 K94 T93 T32
The idea is to try to bid light HCP games that depend on good fit. I believe that a comprehensive set of specialized game tries if used skillfully (i.e. on appropriate hands) will lead to bidding high percentage games that cannot be bid reliably with cruder methods (or no ...
Tom Townsend's bidding problem: KQJ6 K94 T93 T32
The OP clearly says "3 was a regular long suit game try". That means he is showing length and honor(s) in s and asking partner to evaluate his hand specifically w.r.t to whether he can offer help for the suit. It is true that OP ...
Tom Townsend's bidding problem: KQJ6 K94 T93 T32
Marshall, Assuming a good and flexible (game) try structure, I strongly disagree with your view. The whole point of specialized game tries is to get responder to look specifically at his holding(s) in the designated suit(s). Thus, if after 1-2, I make a "help suit" game ...
Tom Townsend's bidding problem: KQJ6 K94 T93 T32
I agree that now that partner has exposed a slam try, reasoning about possible GT hands is not relevent to current decision. However, his slam try is based on the assumption (supported by our 4 jump) that we have "help" in s. I'll admit it is difficult to ...
(1M)-1NT-transfers to the M...
The 2 level advances are natural (for play). The 4 level advances are Texas transfers.
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