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Whats a Balanced Opener?
I answered "just 4", and, for me, even that one is marginal (because of the weak C:Jx). If the jack were in one of the pointed suits instead, then I'd be totally comfortable with 1.
I think this is an excellent question and a well chosen example hand. My only problem in answering is that I think you use a somewhat lighter opening style than I do (I definitely do *not* open most 11s). In my style, I think this hand is in the 6-7 ...
Gordon Rainsford's bidding problem: 62 AQT765 AJ543 ---
I'm making a move towards (but not committing to) slam. Whether this should be 5 or 5 depends on partnership style. In my style, bidding 5 would suggest lack of a club control--not the message I want to send. Hence, 5. I don't play ...
Philly Slam Poll 3 of 3: Responses to Queen Ask
5 = SQ + HK (could have a minor K too) 5 = no SQ 5N = SQ + no side king(s) 6 = SQ + CK (no HK) 6 = SQ + DK (no HK, no CK) 6 = SQ + trick source to support 7 if all keys are held
Do you pass
Over 2 showing both majors, we adapt the defense we use when 2 or 2 (or double) shows both majors by making one adjustment: * use the double of 2 as two way, either: (a) GF with clubs (i.e. "stolen bid" as 2 over their ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: x AQJxx Qxxx Qxx
quick trick deficiency pushes me towards passing this borderline hand.
What will keep you coming back to NABCs?
Overall cost is by far most important consideration. This largely means room rates. Choosing locations with cheaper accomodations and easier access also helps. I think having nationals in expensive, remote locales (like Hawaii) is ridiculous.
2NT over a cue bid raise
Natural and definitely not forcing playing standard methods. I could understand having an agreement to play this forcing, but would never presume that without a specific agreement to that effect. Otherwise, why would this be different from e.g. 1-2 (inverted)-2NT which I think most play as ...
How many spades?
Voted "other" because none of your choices quite capture my opinion. I think advancer has to have four spades. He therefore has to have more than four clubs--5 or 6 possible. I therefore think his spades are weakish, his clubs strong and his 8-11 "points" might lean heavily on distribution ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: 93 T652 JT932 52
Well, I voted for 2 like (almost) everyone else, but I am still surprised to see the tallies. I consider both 2 and 2 to be "logical alternatives" (to 2), but neither of those choices has received any votes at all as of this posting!
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