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June 28, 2012
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Barry Rigal's bidding problem: AQJ4 86 75 AK642
This hand is *plenty* strong for 3. I actually consider it close to a 4 bid. 1 shows (usually) a minimum with just three s. 2 shows a minimum with four s 3 is invitational (with four s) 4 is enough to be willing ...
It seems clear from the tone and content of OPer's remarks that he is suggesting that opening 1 with this East hand under the given conditions might be good "tactics" *NOT* just a very rare and totally unexpected "pscyh." He explicitly mentions how West might use "inference" to ...
What would you do?
There is no "not playing that" in this case as the meaning of 2NT on this auction is simply "bridge logic", not a conventional agreement. One could hardly have passed twice already (as in given auction) and suddenly discover one holds a natural 2NT bid. Nor is "good/bad" relevent ...
Ray Yuenger's bidding problem: K T96 Q73 JT9765
Why does it appear that "you don't have that tool"? What else could 2NT possibly mean on this auction?
What would you do?
Passing this out in (2) under stated conditions is completely out of the question. UI does not change this. The only issue is whether to balance with 3 or 2NT. Here, 2NT would be "choice of minors" (not good/bad). But I think with a *3* card length ...
a lead is not required to defeat 4N.
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: A94 Qx KQT9542 A
What I can tell you is that a series of 1000 deal simulations with this hand opposite random 1NT openers gave the following results: opener: 15-17 HCP balanced hands 6 by 1NT opener: made on 941 deals 6N: made on 882 deals opener: exactly 15 HCPs balanced hands 6 ...
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Yes, I know there is a check box on the ACBL convention card that says "minimum off-shape take-out doubles." I'm presuming that our partnership does not check that box.
(1!D) precision can be 2+, 3!D and 3NT overcall
2 is natural, values & suit for a 2 level overcall. 2 is limited Michaels (Majors) 3 is both majors, very strong Double is TO of s (could be a very strong 1 suiter)
Style Poll
Patrick, Perhaps you should take a poll: You are VUL, They are NOT LHO opens 1 in 1st chair and partner DOUBLES What is the probability that partner holds 4 or more s ?? I am quite confident that the answer will be above 50%, justifying "usually."
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