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June 28, 2012
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What is the best use for this bid?
You can never have enough to bid over 4 as you have made a limited, descriptive bid (to say nothing about your non-super accept of the transfer which further limits your hand), and partner's bidding does not suggest any slam interest whatsoever. But what you can do is ...
Can this sequence exist?
I probably would never bid this way. But if I did (or if partner did), the sequence simply must promise four spades, else it makes no sense at all. I agree that 2 was not forcing (but it is very strong). I would suppose some strong 4=6 majors ...
What is the best use for this bid?
An interesting general topic is when a "new suit" slam try should be cheapest cue-bid vs. when it should show a trick source (i.e. long suit). In many auctions, "up the line" cue-bidding of controls (in my view, 1st or 2nd round, high card or shortness) makes sense. Then ...
What is 2!S?
Likely to be an 18-19 HCP balanced or near balanced hand without a spade stopper.
What is minimum requirement for Maxi Unusual 2NT hand?
I play continuous range, and consider this hand very close between passing 3 and raising (invitational). Partner is supposed to bid 3 with any hand with game interest opposite an intermediate hand and he didn't do that. Is this hand more than intermediate? If it were only ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: 3 KQ875 6543 K92
Here's the real deal. Partner held this hand and raised only to 3. My hand was: AK965-JT43-2-QJT Seemed clear to pass 3, but 4 was an easy make. A 5000 deal simulation had 4 making (double dummy) on 3341 of them (66.82%). I suspect ...
New Suit Bid by Unpassed Advancer at Three-Level
A common alternative use for 2NT here (other than G/B) is to play that 2NT is a good raise of partner's (overcaller's) suit. This is a useful treatment whenever the auction is such that advancer no longer has a cue-bid (raise) available that does not go beyond ...
New Suit Bid by Unpassed Advancer at Three-Level
Richard, Without commenting specifically on whether I think 2NT should be "good/bad" on this particular sequence, I will say that your objection, i.e. that the suit being shown by the "bad" 2NT may (will) be lost if next opponent raises his side's suit is true in pretty ...
How many hearts does partner show?
Dave, Yes, you are right--with my example hand 1-2-2-3 splinter is the perfect sequence. Still, you could modify the hand slightly to produce one where 2 followed by 3 would be correct with responder's holding four hearts: Ax-Kxxx-AQJxx-xx making 6 good opposite ...
How many hearts does partner show?
I believe South can have more than three hearts. It is often important in potential slam auctions to show a trick source that will run with one fitting card before raising. Thus, with something like x-KQxx-AQJxx-xxx, bidding 2 before raising hearts might allow a good slam to be reached ...
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