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Fit Non-Jump
This post says nothing about how many s or s responder holds. My comment, based on *this* post, is that from RHO's (3) bid and responder's own hand, he might well be able to tell that opener's suit is s, and hence want to compete with ...
Saving at MP?
The poll I referenced was based on a "2-suited pre-empt", in fact with the very same defintion for the 2 opening as in *this* post. Reference:
Saving at MP?
Does 4 promise a fit? In a different poll of the same auction start, the large majority view was that 4 did NOT promise any sort of a fit. I personally do not have a strong opinion as I don't play this type of 2 ...
Fit Non-Jump
I do not play OP 2 opening showing s and a minor, but from my position of ignorance I do not see why 4 here should be forcing. Presumably, responder can tell from the (3) overcall and his hand that opener's minor is s. Hence, a ...
A diffferent kind of play problem
I presented the problem as it was given to me--whatever "x"s are present were that way in the original. Also, the opening lead was specified just as a "low " ,and there was no info about the opponents' carding methods. The proposed "normal" line on a lead--T ...
Thibault Wolf's bidding problem: 84 KJT953 Q QJ86
I would not have bid 2 last round as I don't think this hand has enough HCPs for that. We play that 3 would have been a "fit jump", so that is out too for me. So my choice would have been a negative double, planning to ...
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: QT85 K96 T8 A963
But bidding 3 on this auction is a sign-off, not just giving partner some option. Still could be the winning decision, of course, but it strikes me as a trifle too conservative compared to 3NT (my choice) or even passing 2NT (which might beat 3 120 or 150 ...
A diffferent kind of play problem
If 2NT is the normal contract and a the normal lead, then if the stiff K is with West, the overtricks cost by starting s with the Q will indeed be meaningless. At other tables, with the same lead but no lead out of turn by RHO, declarer will ...
Thibault Wolf's bidding problem: J9 AQ8 AKQJ95 T9
Not on this deal.
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: KQT653 J872 8 74
I question whether this hand should bid game even if partner "super-accepts" a transfer. I looked at 1000 deals where partner had 14 HCPs and 4 or 5 s. This represents less than 4% of all deals where partner has an 11-14 HCP balanced hand, so surely even a ...
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