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Lebensohl or not?
Lebensohl does not apply when the doubler is a passed hand. It is not important whether or not the double is in balancing seat or not. So: (a) (2H)-P-(P)-DBL-(P)-2N/3m Lebensohl does apply here even though double is in balancing seat because doubler is not ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: AJ98 K6 Q42 A953
My partner held the given hand and raised to 3 (not invitational). I find that bid hard to justify as it can never find a game (as 2NT might do), nor is 3 necessarily safe. Further, the spade holding makes it unlikely that opponents can/will outbid us ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: AJ98 K6 Q42 A953
I don't think given hand is a super maximum. Just a normal near maximum (could have the HJ as well). That doesn't mean I'm advocating 2NT--just agreeing that it is possible for partner to have a good enough hand for game to be reasonable. It is also ...
setting trump or cue bid
I play both 3 and 4 as natural (promising 3+, not uncommonly 4) after 1-2-3. The difference is that the jump to 4 is a "picture bid" promising strong hearts and spades (now very often four) with no minor suit control, whereas 3 ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: AJ98 K6 Q42 A953
I'm not sure why you think 2nd hand weak 2 "should be relatively sound." I'd say it should be "relatively normal", meaning good suit intermediates, no voids, no side 5 card suit (or 4 card major). But I see no reason why it should be near maximum rather ...
1M open V.S. strong 1NT open with 5332 and 15-17
For me, there is a big difference between whether my 5 card major is hearts or spades. With spades, I rarely (but not never) open 1NT as I can handle all auctions without difficulty, since 2m over forcing 1NT on three cards is expected. With hearts, I much more often ...
Hand evaluation question
I think the old "saw" about who owns the 5 level applies to auctions where both sides are competing in their respective (big) suit fits. In such cases, the "saw" recommends letting the opponents play at the 5 level instead of competing further yourself. I do not think it is ...
Hand evaluation question
The fact that the odds for 6 improve significantly when opener has a "better" hand (more controls, more hearts, maybe good spots), even within the narrow HCP (and shape) range that he has already shown, argues for using the 5 level to sort out how good opener's and ...
Hand evaluation question
I did a quick (1000 random deal) simulation of this responding hand opposite random 20-21 HCP balanced hands with exactly 3 hearts. I found that 6H made on 466 of these deals. To me, that clearly indicates that this hand is worth a slam *try*. If partner has 3 hearts ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: 85 Q753 Q74 AJ83
I also would play that 2NT now would be "good/bad" so that responder can let opener know when he has perhaps unexpected values by bidding 3 of a minor now instead of 2NT G/B. But that is not my reason for eschewing 2NT here. I assumed it would ...
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