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Rate North's bidding
A better solution is to lose the silly 2NT "raise" (which will likely get the partnership too high if opener really is "light") in favor of defining 2 as a Drury (strong) raise of opener's major (not appropriate for this hand, of course, since it lacks support ...
Steve Tyer's bidding problem: KQ96 A63 KQ53 T2
Since opener's hand is probably not good enough for 3 (that should show the strongest range) but rather should have rebid 3NT (intermediate range), yet 6 looks nearly cold, that would seem to argue pretty strongly that this responding hand should cue-bid rather than bidding a discouraging ...
Rate North's bidding
You have pretty close to a maximum for a passed hand. I suppose the original 1NT response is OK given that partner has opened 3rd seat, but you certainly are super-max for that call, even considering. But when (2) comes back around to you, you simply cannot pass it ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AQ75 Q96 KJ4 765
I too must confess lack of knowledge about the details of playing "wide ranging" 4 in a big system. But it seems to me that this responding hand is quite good/slammish as 4 responses go (particularly with our honors concentrated in partner's suits), so I ...
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: JT 5 AQT754 KQ84
I'm assuming 3 here was GF with s. That seems consistent with the OP hand and also happens to be the way I play (I would use 2 as game invitational with s and 2 as invitational+ with s). So now I can issue a forcing ...
Preferred methods after (1S) x (2S)
I used to play exactly as you say "you like." However, experience has convinced me that using 2NT as "good/bad" is more valuable, so I have adopted that and gone back to using double as "responsive", suggesting doubler pick a minor.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 9875 AJ84 A842 8
"Take the money" means accept the sure plus score from defending (5X) rather than risk a minus score by bidding on in hopes of finding a larger plus.
What is your plan
Describing a balanced hand with 12-14 HCPs when you actually have an unbalanced hand with 16 HCPs does not seem like a good way to maximize chances of reaching the right contract.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AJ5 Q86432 KT9 3
But 2 leaves more room for partner to describe and shows our values/stopper(s) in the suit.
Jenish Shah's bidding problem: 752 842 4 AKQ742
Having 6 only s is partial compensation for the unusually strong honor structure. But I'll admit that if partner has just the wrong hand (e.g. 3 aces and 2/3 small s), we might miss a good 3NT. I would also open 3 at this vulnerability (only ...
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