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June 28, 2012
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Jeff Ford's bidding problem: J42 95 Q AK97432
I'm too cowardly to bid 3C at this vulnerability, so 2C for me.
What kind of double is this?
The double is take-out and promises extra values. Of course, doubler heard the 1NT advance showing values and something in diamonds, so advancer can "convert" the double if he has a suitable hand (and doubler knows this).
how should I defend?
Because of my partner's (South's) hesitation before winning the HK, I knew immediatly with 100% certainty that (a) he had another heart, so they were playing a 4-3 (b) a spade return (low is best but any works) would defeat the contract. If he had played low in ...
Nell and Savchenko Win Mixed Pairs
Congratulations, Cristal.
After Openers Re-opening Double
I think it is essential that responder's 2NT be asking opener to pick a minor rather than being natural. Thus, if responder instead picks a minor himself (e.g. 3C in the example auction), he should be showing 5+. So if opener then removes to 3D, he should be ...
Competitive Response with 4-4 majors
It seems to me that since RHO's double suggests length (4) and strength in the majors, responder ought to have a pretty decent major if only 4 long to bid it. Hence, with, e.g. AQJx-xxxx-xxx-xx, I would surely respond 1S after 1C-(DBL) rather than 1H. But if ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: KQJT7654 --- QT5 K7
Must say that I agree with that. If the DQ were the DA, then this might be a UNFV VUL 4D opener.
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: T5 J6 AQJT42 QJ7
One deal proves nothing, of course. But on this one, our side is cold for 2D ..... but, their side can make 2S. Partner (north) held: KJ3-K9843-97-A93 But East held: Q642-AQT-53-KT42 so probably would have made balancing double over 2D opener, allowing them to reach 2S with West holding: A987-752-K86-865 This ...
Craig Zastera's lead problem: KJ865 J 872 KJ64
Well, sorry to see overwhelming vote for diamond lead (in our methods, low would be the choice if leading a diamond). Partner's hand was: Q9-AQx-AJ9x-T9xx while declarer held: Tx-KT9xxxx-KQx-A leaving dummy with: Axxx-xx-Txx-Qxxx As you can see, diamond lead is only one (other than CK) that allows declarer to ...
Transfer Advance into Partner's Suit: Limit or Constructive?
Playing transfer advances of overcalls, the transfer into overcaller's suit substitutes for the "cue-bid" playing natural advances, except that (with non-forcing natural new suit advances), the cue-bid occassionally shows a strong hand without support, whereas the transfer advance into overcaller's suit always shows a strong (limit raise plus ...
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