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March 19, 2012
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Great idea! Akin to the transponders that process our bridge tolls. However, seeing all those charges accumulated in one total might give one pause.
What does this double mean?
OTOH: You already have two ways to compete, bidding a suit at the three-level to keep from getting too high or getting the strain right by Q-bidding 4. If you add double as take-out, you unbalance your options by having no direct way to penalize.
What does this double mean?
Would your mind change if, as balancer, you held the stiff A? I am rather partial to the lovely seasonal visual.
What does this double mean?
So you don't think the jump rebid alters the scenario?
What does this double mean?
Consider: The club bidder will usually have good clubs and be well-prepared to be doubled, his partner having passed. Further, penalty is usually achieved by passing; if balancer has a good hand he can always re-open a second time with double.
After the Unusual vs. Unusual Double...
Anything other than natural and forcing is unplayable it seems to me. But the more interesting question in many of my partnerships is whether the initial double creates a force. It feels like it ought to be. But can't partner have a good hand but be waiting for you ...
Define 'Fragment'
I'm a big fan of explaining rather than merely naming, as it's often the case that a name has many variants. I think "fragment" means "less than biddable and more than shortness". Thus 2 or 3 cards, and I'd add that it's usually 3 cards. But ...
Your thought process?
I've seen other top players rearrange their hands as a declarers tool for working through various lines of play, or is it because they've been asked to keep their shoes on?
Your thought process?
Looking at it from both sides - what's out in the 'real' world (particularly now) and the endlessly interesting world of learning - school, in all its manifestations, is pretty darn comfy. Perhaps depending on who's paying.
Your thought process?
I remember an interview I once did with my mother, who was quite bright - won a gold slide rule for being a top chemistry student at UC Berkeley back when there were such things as slide rules, and later tutored everyone who needed help with calculus, but dropped out of ...
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