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Cris Barrere
Cris Barrere
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March 19, 2012
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Feb. 21
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Lynn & Cris
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Another huge finish for 15-year old Finn Kolesnik
Yes indeed - very well done! Congratulations.
As many tricks in NT
Not that I am much of a mathematician. Analytics, simulations and so on, can be deceptive and must be taken with two grains of salt. 1) The assumptions in the 'build' don't have to be off by much to yield invalid results. 2) The typical double dummy evaluation process ...
As many tricks in NT
Hi Sathya, Thanks for the shout-out. I've just been teaching a play-of-the-hand series and this sort of position has been on my mind lately as part of pre-planning: Contract Evaluation. You have the bidding a tiny bit wrong, and it's part of the reason I played as I ...
USA juniors victorious in Croatia
Congratulations all! Solid play and definitely fun to watch.
How to top players feel about bracket-1 KO's being small vs. populated with those playing up?
Absolutely, let any teams who so choose play up. I distinctly remember returning to bridge after a 30 year absence only to learn that there were no longer simple open events and because of low mp totals being unable to compete against good players. Played about 20th bracket in first ...
Itabashi and Gelfand Win Silver Ribbons
Congratulations - very well done! I'm sure your next dinner will be great. Peter, you might consider getting a spokesperson for Mark. Lol.
(1M)-1NT-transfers to the M...
5431 mildly invitational w shortness in their suit and 3-c in other major - shows my whole hand right away and lets partner now set the contract. We further agree that after Stayman in these situations we won't show their major so as to be able to play diamonds when ...
Free Advice
Daniel is of course correct. Some would double first, and then bid clubs.
Cris Barrere's bidding problem: AQ85 AKQ82 2 Q96
The question in my mind was what 2 would gain. Almost certainly not a pursuit of playing that strain. The hand felt less than a good 2NT rebid and problematic in its shape. So I tried a get-by 2 bid, allowing more space and flexibility. This might have ...
What do you make of this?
Well, of course he passed. Hasn't he rather perfectly showed his values? Perhaps your relationship would have been improved if you'd have paid him a nice compliment on his thoughtful and accurate bidding? Your bad. That might have been my loose-lipped choice. The problem is with his partner ...
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