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Cristian Dinescu
Cristian Dinescu
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April 6, 2012
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Grand slam in control. But should it be 7NT?
Bare in mind that as cards lie you can count 6+1+4+4=15 tricks. But imagine Partn has not the Q, or the Q. You are in jeopardy in 7NT but you can still make 7. How can you be sure both Queens ...
Grand slam in control. But should it be 7NT?
No methods to check after 3 NT if N is min or max.3 was a relay in order to find out more about North hand. My problem is related to North's long clubs. Since he didn't open 2 I couldn't imagine such a long ...
Grand slam in control. But should it be 7NT?
2 was GF. NT range 15...17 HCP, 1 does not have to be unbalanced, Opener can be as low as 11 HCP usually.
Which robot is more guilty?
Slam is lucky with two Kings well placed. But 5 is for sure a possible place to play. Maybe it makes and if not probably it is a good save against 4 made. I can't predict what actual human players will act at the table in a ...
What were my chances?
You deserve to be punished! First: you open 1NT with 5-4 in the majors. Second: your partner tries to steel the hand by forcing 3NT instead of a transfer to 3. Third: 3NT is doomed from the start on a diamond lead...
Transfers Or not ?
I would suggest the following answer: for highly professional's pairs it doesn't matter probably, but for the average pairs transfer is winning more boards than it is losing.
This is a bit labirintic for me
1C strong, 17+ HCP)-1H(8...11 HCP)-2H-2S-3C-4C-4NT(RKCB)-5H(2 KC w/o Q)-5NT(we have all KC)-6C (no new K)-7C
The price of pessimism
Better bidding system: 1NT (15...17)-3S (FG 3-1-5-4 or 3-1-4-5)-4D-4NT (RKCB)-5S(2A+DQ)-5NT-6C (CK)-7D
What is standard meaning here ?
My view is that over a weak bid of 2/2/2 a 16...19 HCP hand balanced is fine for 2NT intervention, but it is not OK over a 2 12...16 HCP opening. This leaves aprox 5-6 HCP in average to partner and you ...
What is standard meaning here ?
True. But what range is partner ? 15-18 HCP ? With 5 HCP it is easy to pass. What if you have 8-9-10 HCP ? Do you still pass ?

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