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Cristian Dinescu
Cristian Dinescu
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April 6, 2012
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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2/1 GF
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Precision modified
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How to continue?
Now the facts: After considering a possible 3NT make or even 6 or 6 with Partn having A and singleton spade I took the safe Pass route. Finished bad when West had 7 spades to the KJT, three hearts and two clubs and a singleton diamond. -2 for ...
How to continue?
BBO scalability suggestion
Also reengineering the BBO site based on new micro-services architecture would bring much more flexibility, scalability and performance. This is an IT migration project in itself, for sure can be done and not in years but in months!
BBO scalability suggestion
Don't think that it is a technical problem to run BBO on a virtual machine, even a 32 bit Windows version! There are easy software solutions that can make avirtual copy of a physical server...
BBO scalability suggestion
This problem of peak workloads is common and well known in the IT industry. And has a very simple and reliable solution: use actual infrasructure for normal conditionand have setup to automaticaly expand in the cloud whenever workload increases over the capacity of the actual infrastructure. It's simple it ...
All well that ends well!
Yes I think this is the optimum playing line!
Another precision preemption
Our system approach: 1-1-1FA=relay-2(trsf to hearts)-2-2 (min 5-4 bicolor hearts+spades)-2FA(relay)-3= diamonds shortage (with 4-5-2-2 you bid 3FA). Simple, elegant, easy to remember!
Cristian Dinescu's lead problem: J7 K52 T42 T9842
Time to tell the story of the hand. At the other table declarer scored 12 easy tricks in NT, losing only my K when finessing. At our table they played only in 4 and I led 10 in the hope that when I got in with K I ...
How I missed to make an unmakeable 6!d slam
ty Kit! Under normal conditions I think squeeze plan is the best!
How I missed to make an unmakeable 6!d slam
Probably communicating through illegal channel otherwise I don't see any reason if you lead the A not to continue in the hope of a Partner ruff. That pair seemed to play poker not bridge at the table, never knew what exactly is happening...

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