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Cristian Dinescu
Cristian Dinescu
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April 6, 2012
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March 20
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Missed game after Drury
North might even open the hand with 11 HCP and in this case South will surely bid game. Signing off in 2H is too conservative and he was punished to act this way. What can South do after he confirmed a full-opening bid and his partner signs-off in 2H ?
Playing 7NT with so-so cards and distribution
Dealer S: Vuln: All; 1NT (upgrade)- 2 (transfer to )-2-4NT (quantitative)-6NT (final decision)-7NT! Not very disciplined, pushed bidding by both North and South...
Playing 7NT with so-so cards and distribution
For the record the play in diamond was based on a "table feeling" that the Q is with West. Sometimes you just have to trust your feelings! When this proved to be right, finessing in hearts too means you push your luck too much... In addition a squeeze to get ...
Playing 7NT with so-so cards and distribution
No, I'm just saying that getting six diamonds tricks is a guess. If you guss wrong you are already down. If you guess right, you aren't home yet...
Playing 7NT with so-so cards and distribution
Maybe! But you have too many losing options to execute a percentage play. And as cards lie the whole squeeze will fail since the Diamond Queen is with West, if you take this line of play.
What to rebid?
I agree with Gary! 3NT is out of discussion with a singleton heart so I will show my 4 diamonds support. If outside trumps break 4D is safe even with a lighter responder hand...
To make a joke borrow Dustin Hofmann like in "Rain man" ! He will be quicker and more accurate than a computer for sure. Seriously, keep practice. There is no other way.
In the Well: Brad Moss
Hi Brad, Can you share with us how do you approach a team's competition versus a pair's one ? How does your play and bidding strategy is modified ? Do you find easier to win a pair tournament or a team's tournament ? Thank you !
Your worst mistake
In the early days when together with three of my high school colleagues we discovered the wonders of bridge play, we arrived in a very thin 3NT contract. Before ending the auction the player who had the lead said: "I will get your contract down but I won't double ...
Scare Them Out
What do you think about making some kind of a multimedia e-book where you can actually use the bridgewinners format of the different hands and their analysis and just add some chaoters and additional colums that links these hands together and try to demonstrate something specific...And all you need ...

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