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Csaba Czimer
Csaba Czimer
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 22, 2013
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April 25
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Bridge Player
about me

A system geek, even played strong pass (Regres) when it was allowed.

Of course have my own relay-Precision, which is of course the best one in efficiency / memory load ratio Smile

Graduated as a mathematician, work as a software developer.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making a small slam in a 5-4 fit after finding QJxx on the wrong side. And some succesful falsecards. I forget them easily, thus I write them on my homepage sometimes.
Bridge Accomplishments
4 national titles in Hungary, some 3rd places with partners who are not in the top 50, some cups from Pula Festival
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival (Croatia, each September)
Favorite Conventions
bids showing or asking shortness
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Who Goofed
no need to discuss in advance, simply keep the 2 to play it in round 4 and partner will hopefully get it right
Attention: all fans and opponents to Polish Club!
I know that Polish 1 is mostly not strong, but still... As we know, it is often an effective strategy to enter the bidding against strong club openings do disrupt their bidding. If you don't do this against polish clubbers, then they can enjoy an undisturbed bidding with ...
Which one is the catch all bid?
3 is nothing special, a strong 5-carder is OK for 3 and a strong 4-carder is OK for 3
So Cool ... And Kind of Mean
Great story
Spade switch
(deleted, it was about the 10)
Cue bid after double - Game forcing or not
@Dave: white underscores, google for bbcode, unfortunately not all of them are supported here
Cue bid after double - Game forcing or not
[color=white]______[/color] xxx [color=white]______[/color] xxx [color=white]______[/color] xxx [color=white]______[/color] xxx xxx[color=white]______[/color] xxx xxx[color=white]______[/color] xxx xxx[color=white]______[/color] xxx xxx ...
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
I doubt that a 1 overcall or response on 3 cards is natural. OK, as a response it may not be unusual, but it does not make it natural. (same as Stayman: usual but not natural)
David Gold's bidding problem: 9 T3 KQ864 T8632
Unfortunately when we bid, there will be some cases where we have 11 tricks in a minor, but partner will bid the slam.
What is the bridge system that has most impressed you?
[b]Playing:[/b] Regres (relay version) by Łukasz Sławiński (and Stanisław Rumiński) PASS: 13+ any 1: 8-12 with any shortness (0-1 cards) 1: 0-7, any 1...2 are all 8-12 HCP without shortness: 1M: 3-4 cards 1N: 5+ M 2m: 5+ suit, no 4-card major (good ...

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