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Csaba Czimer
Csaba Czimer
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March 22, 2013
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3 hours ago
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about me

A system geek, even played strong pass (Regres) when it was allowed.

Of course have my own relay-Precision, which is of course the best one in efficiency / memory load ratio Smile

Graduated as a mathematician, work as a software developer.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making a small slam in a 5-4 fit after finding QJxx on the wrong side. And some succesful falsecards. I forget them easily, thus I write them on my homepage sometimes.
Bridge Accomplishments
5 national titles in Hungary, some cups from Pula Festival
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival (Croatia, each September)
Favorite Conventions
bids showing or asking shortness
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What a Bunch!
In the first one East should duck the heart twice, then should play back the fourth round after winning the third one, forcing a premature discard from dummy. Then you probably go down unless you guess diamonds, don't you? Note, that you don't yet know spades then. In ...
You Suspect a Psyche
A simple 4 is just enough - partner is a passed hand and even on her second turn could have shown more strength. (I estimate 5-8 now, with 9-11 (s)he could have jumped or cue bid or doubled depending on our agreements. And my hand is balanced, so strong ...
Limit raise of major in 2!C? (2/1 GF)
I think it is a good idea. We played it this way: - 2: all the weak hands and nothing else (2M: limit raise, the rest is NAT and GF) - 2...3: Nat GF (2M is 6+) - 3...3N: GF with side suit
How do you play the second double?
Sorry, I misread the position, I thought it was 1-X-1-X-...
How do you play the second double?
I guess from the 2 bid that 1-X was not a penalty double. As we (and many others) play it penalty, first I have to ask what it is in your system. Or between any random 2 experts nowadays. Or between any random 2 players nowadays.
"Under strength" 2!C opening bid - ruling?
Clear 4 losers (3 using the modified version). What is the problem? All you need is xxx xxx xxxx Qxx.
How frequent/useful is 1M--3m (nat inv) ? Im looking for hands where responder got INV and a long minor.
We play it in precision. Much simpler than in a wide range system. It occures rarely, but then we are in good shape. But its main advantage when it does not occur, i.e. 1M-1N and later 3m shows a less than inviting hand.
How to play 1 minor 1 heart 1 spade?
I chose other. My favourite method is flexibility: with a balanced hand opener my choose to bid spades or NT depending on honour structure, stoppers, controls, 4333? etc. In other words: if your hand looks like notrumpish, bid 1NT, otherwise bid your spades.
Open anything you want but ALERT if you frequently open with less than 10 points.
Rate North's bidding
Thank you, that is a way it should be handled. Actually I was pretty sure that you do the right thing. There was nothing like that in our case. From North's bidding I guess it should have been.

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