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Csaba Czimer
Csaba Czimer
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March 22, 2013
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Sept. 24
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Bridge Player
about me

A system geek, even played strong pass (Regres) when it was allowed.

Of course have my own relay-Precision, which is of course the best one in efficiency / memory load ratio Smile

Graduated as a mathematician, work as a software developer.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making a small slam in a 5-4 fit after finding QJxx on the wrong side. And some succesful falsecards. I forget them easily, thus I write them on my homepage sometimes.
Bridge Accomplishments
5 national titles in Hungary, some cups from Pula Festival
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival (Croatia, each September)
Favorite Conventions
bids showing or asking shortness
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Rate North's bidding
Thank you, that is a way it should be handled. Actually I was pretty sure that you do the right thing. There was nothing like that in our case. From North's bidding I guess it should have been.
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Yu, does your regular partner know that you like to open light 3rd NV? Does (s)he alert them? Do your opponents know it? Do your opponents entitled to have the same information as your partner?
Rate North's bidding
"percentage"? See the simulation results down there.
Rate North's bidding
N-S played wide range (2/1 like) 5-card majors system with strong NT A popular convention is to play 2NT as an offensive raise with 4+ support and 2 as mostly 3-card support or perhaps 4 in a defensive hand. I guess they played this one.
Rate North's bidding
My partner opened too. This thing happened against our teammates.
Rate North's bidding
Opener had 64 KJ765 972 J87. This was pair of professional junior players. Neither group is famous for timid bidding. They have been playing together for a long time, and no, they did not alert that 1 is often weak or something like that.
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On board 1 you doubled them in a 4-3 fit partscore with 5 trumps for -1, a probable +5 IMP, board 2-6 were bid and make games, nothing special, on board 7 you went down in 6 on 25 HCP and a 5-4 fit, it had about 10 % chance ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
An addition to page 7: takeout doubles. 35 years ago we played Roman Club. The system notes had a defensive system part which included this double. But it was not a takeout one (in today's sense), rather a strength double: it simply showed 12-16 HCPs (2-suiters excluded). Responder bid ...
1m - 2M your choice.
I used to play Soloway jump shifts, reverse flannery and play weak jump shifts (0 - 5 in 2/1, 0 - 9 in precision). My experience is: Soloway's were rare. Even when you had such a hand half the time you forgot to jump. Reverse flannery is useful sometimes (painful ...
Why do I need a convention card?
A well filled (WBF style) convention card can cover about 5% of a system, and about 0.001% of possible competitive situations. Standard ACBL cc's can contain the tenth of that. Thus even against the most conscientious pair of the world there will be many situations which are not ...

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