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Csaba Czimer
Csaba Czimer
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 22, 2013
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Dec. 13
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Bridge Player
about me

A system geek, even played strong pass (Regres) when it was allowed.

Of course have my own relay-Precision, which is of course the best one in efficiency / memory load ratio Smile

Graduated as a mathematician, work as a software developer.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making a small slam in a 5-4 fit after finding QJxx on the wrong side. And some succesful falsecards. I forget them easily, thus I write them on my homepage sometimes.
Bridge Accomplishments
4 national titles in Hungary, some 3rd places with partners who are not in the top 50, some cups from Pula Festival
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival (Croatia, each September)
Favorite Conventions
bids showing or asking shortness
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Who shows the 4CM?
Our 2 response denies 4-card majors, thus not interested in majors (when playing standard). Many pairs in Hungary plays this way. Im my relay precision 2 is natural, 5+ suit, nonforcing (cca 9-12) and denies majors too.
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
I seriously doubt that the AI self-experimenting learning came up with a system where some opening bids are not used. The opening bids table is very suspicious for me (I guess some human involvement), and can't imagine, that it is optimal (those 1 and 1N openings smell). Maybe ...
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
"I found this article because I was looking for some kind of app where I can enter our system" Jim, I wrote a small (~ 4000 lines) JavaSript code that you (or your partner) can practice bidding with. And yes, it can play your system. Well, if you write it first ...
Testing the Field in BBO Robot Tournaments
I knew this version: - What is the difference between uninformed and apathetic? - I don't ...
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
@Steve: yes, exactly. No method can solve everything. I opted for improving the bidding of the gameforcing and slam try hands instead of the weak ones, more IMPs can be won or lost here.
Péter Talyigás's bidding problem: QJ764 A --- AKJ8532
Let's make it clear: it is a normally dealt board (at least not intentionally crazy).
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
My favourite method is puppet to 2 with (a) 5-4+, weak (will pass) (b) 5, inv (2N next), not 5-5m, not very pure 5-4m (c)* GF with a minor, short int the other minor (3m next) (d) GF with 4441 or 5m-440 with both minors (3M ...
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
With a slam try we have CONFI, without that Stayman then 3N
ATB - Another Missed Game
(I voted mostly South) If you pass with 14 points and a 5-card spade suit in 4th seat, then I suppose you also pass with a similar 15 HCP hand in direct seat. This way you may have 29 points and let the opponents play undoubled (non vulnerable to make ...
Martian Standard Defense to Big Club
We felt the same and thus tried double as a strong (16+) hand. It was the worst convention I ever played in terms of IMPs per occurance.

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