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Csaba Daday
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Jan. 15, 2015
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May 9, 2017
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The Price of Information
Nice idea. You should post the exact parameters for the math people among us, though. For a quick check of your results, you should run a trial with defenders assuming you always blast 3NT with any 4333/4M4m32. This is clearly more blasting than we would practically do, so if ...
Chess champion Emanuel Lasker
My bridge got a bit better when I restarted playing chess (I was playing a lot of chess between 7-14 but not very seriously, then made a 10-year break in the middle of which I took up bridge). Somehow the concept of "the threat is stronger than the execution/keep ...
Chess champion Emanuel Lasker
I did not forget the Wortels but as far as I know they both stopped playing chess. I was more talking about people who regularly attend both kinds of tournaments. Anyway, I was just surprised that it occurs so rarely. For top players it is obviously a problem to have ...
Chess champion Emanuel Lasker
Ha ha! Thanks:) I'm about 1700 in chess (although, like everyone, I am seriously underrated) and just good enough to be above average in average bridge clubs. I will say, though, that in the Netherlands (the last country I was an active player), it is very uncommon for anyone ...
K.Jassem's voice in Balicki-Żmudzinski case
I have no strong feelings about any of this but could we please stop capitalizing "You" in future posts? In some languages it is a sign of respect but in English it's just incorrect and tacky. Thanks!
In the Well: Justin Lall
What hands would you pass a responsive X with after something like 1M-x-3M-x or 2M-x-3M-x? You said bad players pass this out far too infrequently.
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