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Dale Johannesen
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Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
@Paul: also attributed to Mark Twain, but probably neither.
Caplan upsets Strul - a tale from an underdog.
The members of the Strul team can be easily found on the ACBL website. Knowing them somewhat, I have a good guess about who this pair is, but I'm not going to say so here since I'm not sure.
RR6 Board 23
Dorothy was the wife of Hal, yes. But an interesting person in her own right. According to the story, she was trying to spell "psychological" and didn't do very well. (She did not invent the tactic, only the terminology.)
RR6 Board 23
The Laws give all three as variants, but use "psychic" throughout when talking about them. That's probably as authoritative as anything. The term was coined by Dorothy Rice Sims, who allegedly spelled it "sycic". TBW has generally used "psych" IIRC. Take your pick.
To abstract a bit further: If the interference is 1 or 2 steps above the ask, there is room to make all the same responses you were going to make anyway, assuming you're willing to assign Double and Pass to that purpose. This is true regardless of what the ...
Why the uproar about Cell Phones? Are they really THE problem?
The ACBL is hardly obsessed with cell phones; on the contrary, violations of the rules routinely go unpunished. I may have been overly harsh here. I agree that noise and discussion of previous hands is a problem, although not so much at high levels, and may post more on this ...
Why the uproar about Cell Phones? Are they really THE problem?
The fact that there are other problems doesn't mean cell phones aren't a problem.
Cell Phone Penalty
I mean the director should confiscate it, in case that wasn't clear.
Cell Phone Penalty
Confiscate the phone for the remainder of the session.
Original Bridge Event Formats
I don't see most bridge players as runners, but some of them can play other sedentary games well. A Mind Sports Bisitathon might work. I'll back Irina Levitina in bridge-chess, and Kit in bridge-backgammon. Probably some of the good Chinese bridge players can also play Go? If you ...

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