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Second Hand High- make it difficult for the defense.
When you lead from North, East might also be concerned West has singleton A.
Bridge in the Family
Also, more recent articles about Tara Summers often mention that her grandmother was a bridge champion, but I found none that says the same of her mother. Negative evidence is not conclusive, but it's evidence. Nona is quite an unusual name, at least in the US. Perhaps Nona Summers ...
ATB - Flannery
"It appears you don't have an agreement whether S pass of 5♣ is forcing. Hard to blame either partner if that is the case." That is why I gave N some blame, but possibly I shouldn't have. There's a good case that S should double anyway. Certainly ...
1m-1M (Minimum expected values) (1 of 2)
Well, somebody had to explain it; you wouldn't want anyone to miss it, would you? You're welcome.
1m-1M (Minimum expected values) (1 of 2)
Yes. Passing with shortness is losing strategy no matter what strength you need for a balanced hand response. Omitting this factor from the poll makes it pretty useless IMO.
1m-1M (Minimum expected values) (1 of 2)
Yes, that is particularly disappointing; most partners can be relied on to produce 13 cards.
Get That Overtrick
Players in 3NT matter if they make exactly 9 tricks. There are 2 obvious lines in 3NT at matchpoints: - Cash your 10 tricks (making 12 if Q is doubleton), - Take an early finesse, and another if that works (making 12 or <9 tricks) An intermediate line is to ...
Must be a record
The Duke of Cumberland can top that.
Are you forced to bid?
Given Kit's views of how the auction should go and what things mean (I agree), I'd describe his agreement as nonforcing. I see he's picked option 2 above.
Some help needed.
If they're going to play these, they should also discuss whether they apply after a 1 response. Opinions vary.

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