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What is 3D?
It is hard for me to imagine a hand that would need to create a force. Both partners have made nonforcing bids and there is no evidence of a fit.
ATB, or is bridge just too tough?
With the perfect hindsight conveyed by ATB problems, N should pass and S should also. Both these are reasonable actions, and IMO best, but I might not be able to get myself to do it in either case. Poll options don't allow blaming both; they should.
What's the thickest part of your system notes?
Defense against Multi for use in jurisdictions where you can look at it at the table. Since you don't have to memorize it this can be made insanely complicated.
You've seen this trump suit before
The TBW article is "The Deep Nine" by Edgar Kaplan, Oct 1973.
Responsive Doubles - What is "standard"?
Recently discussed at length
Ok. A stupid question on a Wednesday evening.
I once had an opponent play AJ10xxxx Kxxx (or so) by cashing the K (West showed out) and playing low to the J. But this was the sort of inexperienced player who is never going to get better, so perhaps that shouldn't count. South on the next one was ...
Help Needed
I'm too lazy to look up the issue it originally appeared in, but Jeff Rubens probably knows without looking it up. :)
Help Needed
Yes, I'm pretty sure this was originally in Test Your Play (TBW) when it was being written by Lukacs. It is reprinted in Test Your Play as Declarer, Lukacs and Rubens, 1977 (many of the hands in this book are from TYP). Version there differs in irrelevant spots from ...
Bidding philosophy
Passing doesn't look right. This has more defense than partner will expect for a preempt, so I prefer 1. 2 or P might work better on a given day.
How do you play this?
Marty, my experience is different. It's been decades since anybody psyched a 1M response at my table.

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