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Matchpoint Pariah Contract
Well, the OP bought it for 3...
Lead my suit. This is not the same as option 3 because leader won't always be short, or might have two equal shortnesses.
Advise the Tournament Chair: When a BAM movement gets whammed ...
Easy. Don't sober up.
What to do
Directors are skeptical of people who claim to have that agreement in a hesitation situation, and rightly so. If you're going to have it, it should be written down so there's no question (we do, and it is).
Delicate Probe
What do you suggest? If a defender plays at random, he'll be playing the correct count card half the time. Always falsecarding gives away the same info as always truecarding (assuming declarer figures it out, which usually isn't hard). Always playing bottom-up can give away information too.
Find The Human
Even bots must bid accurately sometimes. Monkeys and typewriters, you know.
Find The Human
Love the format. For future reference, I'd find it interesting to see how people used to playing against robots (you don't really play with them, do you?) do compared to people who aren't.
What Is Partner Saying to You?
That agreement is fairly common against weak NT, not strong. Would be nice if the OP had specified the range.
Is this system bad or illegal? (EDIT)
As others have said, this will introduce problems with constructive bidding. Against that, you will get some gains because opponents don't know what they're doing against your methods (as long as you DO). This isn't quantifiable, and won't last forever if your methods catch on.
For those of a certain age
And don't forget -700 against 710/720 at matchpoints; I had that a few times. (Typically these were slams that weren't a good idea to bid on two hands, e.g. three finesses worked or something like that.)

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