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How light are preempts these days? CLUB GAME PABC MATCHPOINT SCORING
Other. I don't play weak 2.
Am I Old Fashioned?
A writeup (#52) from The Best Of Bridge, Victor Mollo & Eric Jannersten, 1973. 1 1 2NT 3 3NT "Clearly, South was one of those bidding acrobats who regard a sign off as encouraging. North had heard him bid 2NT and could have raised to 3NT without further ...
Fast Spingold
I'm not sure I understand the proposal. Do you mean 6 minutes per board or 90 minutes per 15 boards?
Dale Johannesen's bidding problem: --- A985 QT95 T8632
147 views and 46 votes. Come on you lurkers, it's not that hard a problem. When I saw this go by it looked like a 3 bid, a reasonably obvious one at that. So why is it here? Because one player who held it passed, and the other ...
The Takeout-Penalty Spectrum
There was an article in TBW suggesting a scale of "penality"(sic) for doubles, which I think is the same thing the OP is suggesting. Sorry, don't remember the author; I think it was about 10 years ago or a bit more. IIRC the TBW terminology quoted above by ...
What does this 3!d bid mean?
Other. Both majors and stopper-ask are fairly common; accordingly, there is no standard.
ACBL Legal playing Open+ Chart?
That may well be true, but do you really want them describing bids that haven't happened yet, so they can remind each other? I don't.
Strategy for Winning NABC Pair Event
If I knew the answer to this I'd be winning these things. A factor nobody has mentioned is system. People in NA predominantly play strong NT and 2/1; less so in these events than in the club game, but this is still predominant. If you play something else ...
Up or down, Charlie Brown?
I recommend finding partners who will lead your suit.
Your Agreement
The theory's been around for a while. I hadn't heard it attributed to Lowenthal but that seems plausible. Of course if responder is aware his LHO adheres to this theory he can psyche a pass...

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