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Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
I don't think you're going to find a format that pleases everybody. Have to try a few things and see how people react. You might force the mentors to sit North and West. That way all the C players will have the same problems and discussing them may ...
ATB - Languished in 4 diamonds when slam was almost cold
"I think this is the take-away from this thread." Well, it's a good thing to take away, but it shouldn't be the only thing. If North thinks he isn't worth a game force, playing 4 forcing won't help; North will just make some other underbid ...
Why do these guys cheat?
If you really want to know, ask people who cheated, not people who didn't. I wouldn't consider their answers especially reliable, though.
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
" I think that it is time to create some thorough obnoxious stuff that is technically legal but will make everyone competing against it completely miserable. " That is a good idea, actually. People who are trying to get a good set of rules should look at this now. (People with more ...
Is Vulnerability An Issue
Kit is pretty good at avoiding insufficient bids.
Spades are the trumps - What is your ruling.
"My partner did absolutely the right thing. He stopped the shouting by giving the defence 3 tricks and started the last round." No, the right thing was to call the director and let him sort it out. Law 23 might be applicable, but I'd be be very skeptical if ...
The point of playing XX by advancer as penalty is to prevent overcaller from running to his second suit. As we see above, overcallers are willing to run, and XX isn't the only way they have to do that. This doesn't come up often, but neither does the ...
ATB - Missed minor game at matchpoints
To some extent it depends on N-S agreements about 4 of a minor bids. We play most 4 bids forcing, but not this one: the partnership has tried to reach 3NT but can't do without a spade stopper. (A direct raise of 3 to 4 would ...
After a Passed-Hand 2/1, III
We also use this principle, although the underlying assumptions of our system are different.
Whats best now
For an earlier discussion of this suit see here

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