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Poll on the World Bridge Federation's involvement with the Olympic movement
Previous poll on the subject from Aug 2016. Will be interested to see who has changed their mind.
BW 2/1: Opener's Reverse
I did not see a decision from the previous poll, and agree the result there is relevant. (BWS choices did not always follow the majority vote, let alone plurality.) So I will vote consistently with my vote there. (Flannery is also relevant, of course, but it's a safe assumption ...
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
It doesn't surprise me that there's nearly a 50-50 split between the two main approaches, with good players on both sides. Good luck constructing your system.
Do Players Still Sort Their Cards in the UK?
Same in the US, but apparently even that is prohibited under Law 7C, which absolutely requires shuffling. Some Laws have an escape clause like "unless the Director designates otherwise", but not this one. Who knew?
English-German translations
For amusement, feed the German words above into a software translator.
ATB - High Level Decision
Besides that, it is not clear South will play West for unbid KQJxxx on this auction, so the ruff might not happen. Perhaps it is the defense that went awry? I can see West underleading in hearts to get a club ruff.
Showing the Queen of Spades
OK, this apparently needs some context. This style of double is not "Italian"; it was standard in the US for decades, and can be found in many older bridge books. Overcalls were limited to a fairly low number of points, and any hand stronger than that had to double. (I ...
Showing the Jack of Spades
I doubt Avon was naive enough to think he'd get to the end without somebody posting the source of the hands. I expect he's prepared for this likelihood.
What do you bid over 1 NT ?
Yes, if it's their hand in spades (or diamonds) 3 gives them a problem. If it's your hand in hearts 3 gives you a problem. It's not obvious which is more likely.
What do you bid over 1 NT ?
Indeed, getting higher than 2 has something to recommend it whatever you play.

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