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What do you think?
"IMO always responding does not make the bid "forcing."" This is not a new idea, of course. In a YBTJ from the 70s which I am too lazy to look up, Edgar Kaplan reported that in 1950s/60s standard, there was a class of sequences that were "not forcing but ...
Withdrawn Invitation - Vivaldi & Rossano
Old news. Long thread here although few of the commenters seem to know anything.
Directors Ruling
I've been playing it for about 40 years, and strongly disagree. If you KNOW partner didn't forget you would think of other explanations.
Directors Ruling
I don't think I've ever heard a Flannery bidder rebid 3 over 2, but I'd certainly expect a 4-5-4-0 maximum. But then I am on very firm ground in knowing I play Flannery, and the "forgot" explanation would not occur to me. Apparently these players ...
What do you think?
Negative free bids are alertable solely because they are nonforcing. I'm not sure trying to extract general principles from ACBL alerting rules is a worthwhile exercise.
What do you think?
All your options assume there is something abnormal about 1NT. I don't accept that, so have no choice but to abstain.
The Worst Convention Ever
I don't understand why people get so excited about Flannery, both pro and con. It works pretty well but not perfectly; like everything else, there are good and bad hands for it. Here's a reason it can win, rarely seen IME: the spade fit does not get lost ...
The Worst Convention Ever
Thanks for digging that out; I remembered it but was too lazy to look it up. I missed Fishbein the first time around, probably because I've never played it or played against it. It clearly belongs on anybody's "worst" short list. I do have a year of Australian ...
STOP cards?
The subject has been discussed on here several times before. This might be the most recent (in which Adam Wildavsky, among others, makes the argument for what he wants): I haven't changed my mind since my comment there.
The worst card ever played(?) and two other smiles
Here's a worthy nomination, IMO. Declarer, in a 2-card ending, had AQ of trumps in hand, with the lead in dummy, which had no trumps. Declarer led a side suit from dummy, perforce, and after deep consideration ruffed with the A, playing for stiff K offside, as the explanation ...

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